Laid back Tues…

Woke feeling a bit under the weather I laid in bed for a bit. Eventually I found myself to a quick shower and a cup of coffee. I decided to call the Dr . And went in into see her. While filling a prescription for an antibiotic I did a few small errands as well and headed home . I had a UTI so I was told to take the medication and relax no activities . Not being able to focus on a book I turned on my laptop got comfortable in the recliner and caught up on tv shows I have been wanting to do for awhile. And with Sept being the time the new seasons begin with shows I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Family had to offend for themself for supper . I did what I was told sat back and relaxed and caught up. Such a nice feeling. I caught up on A million little things . Love this show but time had gotten away from me so I kept missing all the episodes. Im happy to say I just finished and ready for the new season to come back. Wow such a cliff hanger . Now I remember why I love this show so much. My next episodes to catch up on will start tomorrow . Orange is a new black . This one could take awhile. Now I’m sitting here in the darkness with just the sound of the crickets echoing from the open door. Everyone is in bed already my daughter tho is out with her boyfriend . The house is quiet except yes the sound of the crickets . It’s a peaceful feeling. I could almost just drift off to sleep . Soon I will head to bed but for now I’m thinking of just taking this moment for myself and enjoy… why not..


Summer night scenes..

Starting to feel like summer. Night time is my favorite I know it sounds a bit odd but I’m such a night person, so of course summer nights are the best. Here is the second night photos of this summer. The deck is a work in progress the white on the railings and the deck floor is all treated with paint remover . It was so hot my hubby had to stop so little by little getting rid of the old paint to had the new. Other then that I think the yard looks peaceful with the solar lights illuminating the yard . The sky is a very dark blue, clouds slowly moving in. I was hoping to catch some eyes glowing in the pics through the woods .. but nothing , it’s all calm in the woods tonight . The boys (coyotes) are probably settled in or hunting elsewhere .Sometime tonight I should hear the trains whistle echo through the darkness . Or the dog barking at the nearby house . All such a comforting sound as I lay in the darkness of our bedroom saying my nightly prayers as I’m slowly drifting off to sleep . With that said I guess it’s time to do that . Back to the work week for my hubby and son and for me back to getting the house in order and errands to run as well as my daughter on her day off. Good night everyone.

Rolling my eyes at myself…

So tonight my hubby and I are searching through the TV channels for something to watch ..we come upon the movie The Nun. I knew I should of listen to my hubby when he said your not going to like this it’s a horror movie . I kind of new this , my son had told me about it and I knew it was just wrong in general to watch . Being religious and this movie was just so wrong in many ways . Sadly my curiosity got the best of me and it was half way In to the movie and okay let’s just say I have scared myself several times tonight . Just awful this movie was and I regret watching what little I did. I wonder why things are they are in so many sad ways . My hubby turned it. But not soon enough. I guess that will teach me.

I went outside onto the deck to take in the fresh night air and to focus on something peaceful .I went to look up at the stars and well I striked out again . The clouds have moved in no stars …But I took in the stillness of our darken woods. The sound of the peepers out past the swamp. Occasionally the distant sound of a dog barking. Peaceful it was . At one moment I thought maybe I saw something run across the yard .. maybe a fox or my mind once again playing tricks on me. Yes still regretting .. 🙄 the other night as I laid in bed I could hear the train and it’s whistle from the nearby train tracks but not tonight . Well not yet at least. I let you listen . It’s beautiful.


One night ago I was thinking about how my daughter and I would take a ride to get a coffee and then sit at a cemetery … yes a cemetery . Odd hmm ..not to us ,especially if we have love ones their. She has been busy with work and friends ,boyfriend , so I would take any moment with her and be happy with that . Thinking maybe that sitting in a cemetery was not something she was comfortable with anymore had crossed my mind as well. Then today she said let’s go grab a coffee I said okay and off we went chatting away as she drove. We grabbed our ice coffees and she said I think I will drive up to the cemetery it’s been so busy haven’t been up there yet this season ( my father in-law is at the one we went to. My mind was blown .. I couldn’t believe how I just thought about this. Sometimes we are so in tune with one another it scares the both of us … So as we drove in a couple pushing a baby carriage were walking around . The sun was out and it was warm . Two beautiful bushes in full bloom of pink flowers greeted us that sat around a sign of the name of the cemetery .The grass was luscious and green the birds were all around you could hear them . We parked and sat There in the car talking , laughing enjoying our coffee . Letting the sun warm down into the car warming us . All respectful this was . There is something about a cemetery whether you drive through , walk through, or just sit and talk ,and reflect and you will find no judgement , no argument , no rush, just stillness peacefulness , a serene feeling. A moment to shut out the world hear nothing but the birds the sound of feet of people passing by with a smile on their face . Feel a slight breeze on your neck or the warmth of the sun . As you sit and talked just as my daughter and I did . I really can’t say how long we sat their , we didn’t look at the time . It didn’t matter. 🙂

Long week of nothings..

It’s Friday … been a long week of nothings. The weather doing its back and forth to warm to cold , to sun to rain to cloudy, and for myself feel good one min then next not.. oh this allergy season is going to be a long one… any who the weekend is soon here , its Friday evening both kids at work , hubby and and I watching the news as the rain falls on this cold dreary evening as well. Miss Abigail is roaming the quiet house . Last night my daughter and I stayed up chatting in the living room after 10 at night while my hubby went to get some sleep. Yes not late but the latest her and I have stayed up chatting in awhile . I only need moments to make me happy but we spent more then moments chatting so even better. My son came home around that time from work and in his tired non talkative mood.. so we let him be while he enjoyed the plate of food I saved for him . My daughter kept saying she heard a loud noise like a vehicle in the driveway none of us expecting anyone . I looked out and good thing because the interior light was on in the car. I told my daughter I was going out to shut it off , she went to the door with me that’s when we were heard the sound more clearly… the rumbling sound of a train out in the distance . I went out shut the light off and just stood there looking up at the sky …the sky was blanketed in stars . What a sight. . Shining down upon me i just admired it . In the distance towards the swamp I could hear the peepers . I just stood there a bit longer breathing in the cool fresh air absorbing the moment. Not wanting to go in to just absorb the night energy . … Until I heard my daughter yell out the door “mom are you still out there ?” Then yes the moment ended (hahaha) I told her yes and said I was coming . Once in I looked at my kitchen and smiled I haven’t really took notice to what my kitchen looked and felt like to come home or into after at night since we painted it red ,and moved things around , and now put in a breakfast bar and soon stools . Need to finish .. a second coat of paint in hallway is needed . It was a cozy homey ..nice feeling. And then soon we will start with the outside and repaint decks and put our furniture out . At least our solar lights are out and around our little pond and flower gardens . Those are beautiful to see illuminating the outside. But until then when the weather decides to cooperate will be outside. Enjoying the stars .

The Darkness..

It’s 10:30 at night and as I lay here in the darkness of my room it’s amazing how peaceful it is . My house is quiet but yet it’s not .I can hear my husband next to me softly sleeping , And then the sound of my son and his friends quietly talking and laughing down the hall. Occasionally hearing the door to the refrigerator opening and closing. ..Boys always hungry. Off in the distance I can hear a train on the tracks rumbling along through the night ,surprisingly over the sound of the fan my husband cannot sleep without and now I have now grown accustomed too, off and on I hear the furnace turn on and occasionally the sound of Miss Abigail jumping around downstairs hopefully not keeping my daughter awake . Playing with something she found. Soon we will hear the coyotes has they make their way through our woods at night and the cry of an owl going after it’s prey . The night some times so quiet and peaceful yet active and alive. As I drift off to sleep I am content . And feel blessed of this simple life my husband and I have made.