Hmm…. Eye Opener

It;s been a long week and its only Tues, so hate that feeling ..  My Son gad a track meet against their rivalry team and someone had to loose unfortunately it was my Son’s team. The team took it really hard , I feel so bad for them. I want to say to him it’s only a game but to them it’s so much more. it’s their life who they are okay they think it is ..I think that there is to much pressures of  all kinds. on kids now  and I not saying we put to much pressure as parents  I am talking about other kids society  sports them trying to prove themselves  to others , wanting to be in as I quote . If you read my last post I had wrote about the controversy over the new show based on the book 13 Reasons Why on Netflix about teenage suicide. Its such an eye opener I am on episode 9 and I am amazed how I can relate some of the things that I have seen in my kids school its so unreal.  Yes I know we where all teenagers once we had good days bad days we had breakups bad friends all that but in this new world of technology I think its out of control  what kids can do with it and  sadly really push someone to the point of suicide  Just by one press of a button on their cell phones,,.we know bullying is out of hand , kids do not care there mind are so wrapped up in material things okay sorry not all but a good amount of kids and this show/book I believe scares people because this is a real fear and people are afraid to see this .I do agree if your child has depression  they should not watch this or watch with an adult because it does not in my eye glamorize suicide maybe in a teenagers so watch talk about it . I know one thing keep the communication open with your kids no matter if they push away just keep it open.


Memories….(80’s my time)

I was laying in bed and thinking back to my era I grew up in ..80’s when life seemed less complicated the digital world wasn’t ruling our lives we studied  shorthand and typing in school. we had sewing class cooking babysitting electives .  at night on the weekends we looked forward to Delilah request love songs on the radio to someone . Delilah still does this but it’s not the same  When would be in class and we had a moment ot not for ourselves  we would write notes to our friends then pass them to the friend in the hallway between class and they would write back during their class such things we looked forward to. I had this one friend she was one of my besties and we took the note writing  a little farther , it was my friends idea to write in a notebook  and we could scribble and design it any away we wanted to and she named it do not mind my language but it was called BullshI**t Book 1 yes that is what it was called we would write any thing we wanted how things were going..our crushes.. our feelings just anything from serious to silliness subjects. we would each have the book for 3 days and just write draw pictures etc . it was such a fun Idea at the time that we ended up with a 2nd book. I think we did this for a yr until it started to get known and everyone wanted to read it and it was then just hard keeping it between us I laugh now because when I think back we thought this was such a big thing and know the whole drama thing so we decided ok lets stop so my friend burned them in her fireplace and that was that and it stayed our thing and private today nothing is private and that is so scary to me in this digital social media world. I m glad I had the opportunity to enjoy my teenage yrs before all the texting FB snapchat was discovered I wish my kids could have experienced the simple parts of the 80’s era being a teenager now is so much harder and complicated and I would not want to be a teenager at this time, so much more drama, dangers tempting our kids …much more peer pressure. and it’s really hard to be your own individual in a world that people feel they should or have to follow or you do not fit in . You really have to have tough skin to be your own person.