Another rainy Saturday…

It was long cold day of nothing… well if you want to call it that. I did go food shopping. So that got done but after that it was just Miss Abigail and I . Watching endless movies on HBO as the rain and wind echoed from the outside hitting against the living room window having Miss Abigail And I to look outside. time and time again.And for some reason on this gloomy day HBO seemed to play a lot of heartfelt movies well the ones that I happened to come upon. My husband went to an old childhood friends 50th birthday . I didn’t want to go let’s say the crowd his friend and wife connect with are not ones I want or would connect with .. easily stab you in the back figure of speech , and just can spend the whole day drinking .. okay my day day wasn’t anything special but I didn’t feel like sitting there for 7 hours and just drinking.. My husband came home fine said there was a lot of drinking and he just couldn’t had a few but that was about it.

Now he’s fast asleep and I’m laying here in the dark once again alone with my thoughts…. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong ? I question it. Because there were so many people there drinking having a good time . And I stayed home and yes after awhile I was bored and angry that my husband was having a good time or thinking he was .. but when he came home he said their was just so much drinking and people he couldn’t believe were actually his friends friends because his friend mostly stuck by my husband and two others the whole time. While his wife entertained them basically so I don’t know. I just do not like a crowed especially if I do not connect with them. My friend I talked to while my husband was gone for so long wasn’t thrilled that he was gone the amount of time . Said he should stay home all day and evening and see how it feels. See this is type ofmy friend group people who think that way .. so I don’t know. Maybe I’ve changed now that I’m older and drinking a hole day away is not in me. Hmm I just can’t figure out all this new way of being. Now tomorrow I’ll be home because my son should be able to finally call us from Basic . That I will not want to miss. . If I say he is given that chance . You never know with the Army. Or my son… I guess since it’s going on midnight I should try to get some sleep . Good night everyone.


Opinions ..

As I did things around the house ..the little bit of laundry I decided I should do , start the dishwasher , my daughter asked if I would like to go with her and grab Starbucks as I stated in my post this morning. Her car had its oil change it needed and then we enjoyed Starbuck lattes a perfect crisp cold fall day for a pumpkin spiced latte and some special time spent with my daughter it was nice hadn’t done this in awhile with her. Even though my daughter lives at home in the furnished basement she has her life to live too . So spending time with her ,moments I take advantage of whenever possible. So about the title of this post .. Opinions well I posted it on Facebook I haven’t been posting much on there lately plus I usually only post when something new or a special .. or a serious moment .. I posted about my son heading off to Basic Training if you read my recent posts .. I wrote about it on my blog , so I posted how my daughter and I enjoyed our day and enjoyed Starbucks and fine people have their opinions and Everyday people voice them whether on Facebook or many other social networks but for sometime I have had issues with Facebook friends … followers whatever you want to call them, I say it this way because I can’t say FB followers are all my friends I’ve had moments of some not nice opinions stated on my posts ” opinions “🙄 if you want to call it that I believe just plain rude people who are not happy with their own lives so they like to state rude sarcastic remarks . Call it freedom of speech if you may.. but I call it just plain immature and mean I said I posted about Starbucks with my daughter and this follower had to comment something mean and sarcastic because they didn’t like Starbucks but why not just keep your opinion to yourself if you didn’t like it ..ignore it move on read something else .. no couldn’t do that . I could of commented back but knew this would only give this person what they wanted start something I’m going to just delete their comment and eventually delete them. Tired of people who are just mean, I know the world is made up of all kinds of people .. sadly … but doesn’t mean we have to listen to them. Deal with them .I wonder why our younger generation has become what they have when the adults in their life are acting like rude despiteful animals. What have we become ? I believe it getting worse everyday the hate in this so unbelievable. I will not let anyone stop me from posting things that I find and know respectful and cherish moments with my family I will just delete them . To me it’s not about how many followers . It’s about writing .. writing about what is important to me . And the people that respect me and follow me and those who do not like what I write or post respect me enough not to like my posts or comment rude remarks I respect . Not everyone has to like or agree what all of us do on social media but we can be mature and respectful . I do not think that is too much to ask. Sad a beautiful moment post with my daughter had to be tarnished by a rude comment for everyone to see .

First day of Fall!

Today is the first day of Fall and it feels it . As Winnie The Pooh would say it’s a blustery day… the temps cool and crisp clean air coming through the open windows, making a hot cup of morning coffee taste so good. Not much to report the usual.Tomorrow I think we may go for a ride towards Vermont and see how the leaves are changing there .It was a food shopping day so my husband and I tackled the distaste task as quickly as possible. (Hahaha) yes that bad.. people in grocery stores are not one to mess with …people want their food. (hahaha) we went towards the middle of the day so my husband could work on the barn some more trying to get electricity out there. By the time we arrived home it was supper time . So that’s all done and cleaned up and it has just hit 7:00 in the evening and it’s just about dark outside. last week it was 7:30 . Soon it will be 5:30 , Also a cool night. My daughter is home down in her place resting with some hot tea nursing a cold . My sons out at a football game with a friend my husband is watching the baseball game . I think I will try finishing the book I’ve been reading on the last two chapters . Then I can start the book I bought when I was with my son. So time to put on the kettle for some hot water and make some tea and enjoy my book . Have a goodnight everyone.

Give me strength …

it’s night time once again … happy that this week will soon be over and then April vacation begins on Monday for my son , yay!!!! He needs a break from all the drama at school and needs a break from people he thought was his friend best friend but sadly my son found out the hard way … my son holds trust and loyalty so high and now this kid who broke his trust will never see my son as a friend again . My son won’t let that happen.. why do people have no guilt in hurting others ? Life can be cruel in so many ways but I’m hoping in less then two months when he graduate he will see life in a different light . Yes not always easy but so worth looking to another day , new beginnings hopefully he will see a happier road in front of him . I pray that he will .

Yes being a teenager has its drama but it’s so different these days . The times have changed people not all but a lot are out for them self’s . I try I’ve taught my kids to be good people , but in this world like the saying goes … “nice guys finish last ” but just maybe being last isn’t so bad maybe its a good thing if your last then your not up there where all the hurtful disloyal people are ., yes… I try to find a silver lining out of everything .. one of my many faults ,hmm maybe but it keeps me hopeful that silver lining .. when I pray at night I always tell god it’s so hard down here why ? I wish he would answer maybe then I could find the answer the would be able to see that smile on my sons face more often , Or hear my daughter come home from work and tell me one time how nice a customer was to her then to hear how they complained over her not having something that they so needed that they had to be so hurtful about🙄 Really is this right? No ! Karma I want to say but with that make me any better then them … just hard being a parent hurt me I can take it but do not hurt my kids. Well on that note I will try to settle my mind down and let this humming of the fan hahaha yes gotta love this fan 🙂 drift me off to sleep . Maybe hubby is snoring could be a long night 😂


Hi Everyone I hope all of you had a good weekend and Monday.I did until this evening just warning you this could be a long post beware 😭… I alway thought I was a people person actually I don’t know now I guess it depends on the person so maybe not .I looked up the definition and it states people that are good with dealing with people okay well yes and no then . A person I have known since my son and her daughter went to preschool and now graduating together I could take her but would need a break because she could become over bearing with a lot of un called forbragging and know it all …but this past last week we have done well chatting through text well the Facebook app and it’s actually been pleasant .Tonight she stepped over the line over something yes important but not important enough to be hurtful .. My son didn’t participate at the fundraiser for his class he went to sports practice and then came home and did homework and my hubby and I where not going to go then and we respected his option to op out he told them no it was a dinner .. one he wasn’t the only one who didn’t participate but that’s is not the point.. I know any how it’s a bit late I told him what’s it for we have paid for a yearbook they where not suppose to , will be paying for his graduation gown so where is the money going ? My son said I believe for our first class reunion my hubby and I where like what…. that’s 5 yrs away … and this lady had been on me all day leaving messages on oh how her daughter was running everywhere doing all the work and it just kept going … now she can stretch the truth a bit and her daughter can over do herself to try to look like the best once again not the point …and remind you I was still ok was not letting her get to me. My son has had a hard time lately with classmates he’s ready he needs to graduate soon he does not do drama and well he told me I would regret chatting with her and my daughter warned me as well he and she where so right she rubbed people in my face this evening because my son and hubby and I where not going to let her push us to go … if anyone knows me you do not do that.. then I’m done …. and she hit hard with that and all I have ever done was mind my own business take care of my family , teach my kids to be good and be polite we have done what we needed to do. This yr so anyways we taught our kids never let anyone ever belittle you well .. hmm I guess doing this I’ve shown people you can walk all over me .. oh mo I’m not that easy so now I am done. People do not know me .

I try to be a nice person to everyone . I do not get in other peoples business . I honestly think my blogger friends oh and my family and closes friends know me the best. I can be myself when I write ..right now yes I’m venting … just so angry, hurt if I could of stomped around earlier I would of but I can’t because that would only hurt my hip 😂. I’ve only shown kindness to this person but then to throw people in my face especially the people who’s kids hurt my sons feelings and trust so much and this lady knows it is a low blow. Why? These parents are as bad as their kids with drama …. why are people so hurtful life is so short and people worry and hurt others over the simplest things. My kids say I worry too much about making people happy that I should worry about myself is that the right thing? Is that what we are suppose to do ? I really do not know anymore.. of course for starters my son said Facebook should go hahaha true….getting there . Yes I am just trying to figure things out …

The things you see…

Today my daughter and I went to the store to order my hubby’s birthday cake . The parking lot is always such chaos, my daughter and I know it all too well she works there and I shop there .we pulled into a parking space and sat there waiting for a friend of my daughters to come meet us , as we sat there we just watched … it was very interesting just sitting there taking in the world around us just from a parking lot hahaha people drove in drove out my daughter and I cringing at how some parked almost hitting the other car next to them by inches with their doors and not seeming too concern . One lady pulled in and pulled so close this poor guy did not have much room to get into his car . Oh and then these two women if you want to call them that flying through the parking lot and If they where not going has fast as they were would not had to slam on their brakes and yelling out their window at the lady and calling the person a moron because of the car in front of them who was doing nothing wrong just pulling in front of them at a normal speed . My daughter and I shouldn’t have been surprised it’s the way of the world lately .. but just watching it from this view it was remarkable what you noticed. People walking in with expressions of distaste I’m not judging just observing I know we do not know their story but what’s the story of the women yelling moron 🙄

Inside the store it only got worse hahaha oh people why are we all so angry …. my daughter and I and her friend just did what we needed to do and yes that came with glares because oh no we didn’t move fast enough out of their way …. patience people oh my …. or say excuse me if you want me to get out of your way quicker … yes this world can be so pleasant at times but watching it from the parking lot put it in a new perspective … people just stop 🙂 smile be polite or not…

Saturday’s ….

This day is going by fast … woke to the sound of the wind doing havoc outside to the trees . It’s making for a cold day. So good day for food shopping and grabbing a coffee . Happy that is done nothing I hate more is food shopping. People are so rude in a grocery store have you ever notice that? I guess it’s probably because they hate it as much as I do 🙂 but I am nice until you hit my carriage … yes this has happened many times. People trying to get around you and you do not notice so instead of saying excuse me they hit my carriage with theirs . Hmm then that’s when I’m done and I want out of there .

Thankfully Home until I walk into complete kitchen mayhem ..I know I had clean when my hubby and I left… dishes everywhere . My son can cook and cook good but lacks the ambition to cleanup after ughh . My daughter just sitting at the table on her phone just getting up .. oh my what have we created🙄 kitchen”s clean groceries put away and now enjoying my coffee, hubby laying down feeling a bit under the weather. So it’s most likely going to be a quiet day ,my son is at the gym and happy for the moment we are so confused ..the friend my hubby and daughter and i thought was dating his ex was over last night hanging with several other boys that where hanging with my son . And my son was getting along great with him … Teenagers …. sadly I can’t ask because my resource comes from a mother of a girl my son is good friends with and I only talk to her on Facebook . So when we are talking Facebook ughh it’s the drama I so try to stay clear of you know the warning signs when the chat starts with so I heard .. yeah that’s when you know it’s time you write back saying oh someone’s at my door gotta go. No I got suckered in heard all these things then she ends it with don’t say anything to your son I’m not sure if he knows or if that’s going on… why! Social media sometimes can be so troubling and now we are all trying to figure it out by the way he acts or what he says this should not be like a puzzle but at the same time I can’t ask him by going off of hear say. Thanks social media . My gut instinct says do not ask so I’m going to go with that , it’s usually is right , I will keep an eye on him. If my instinct tells me to ask then I will…parenting…. well time to get some other things done and hope for a quiet happy day and no tree’s coming down from this wind. 🙂