Beautiful Mother’s Day weekend ❤️

It was such a beautiful weekend . Saturday we were in the70s and it was just a simple day enjoyed the outdoors spending time on the deck and chatting with my hubby while he did things around the yard. Then after he finished we went for a ride and treated ourselves to coffee. Went on the back country roads and just took in the leisurely day. After we arrived home to throw some pizzas in the oven for supper and relaxed on the couch watching tv. On Sunday woke to a cold rainy Mother’s Day. I dragged myself into the shower just as I heard my daughter shutting the door to head out for work . She had a long day at the floral shop . A bit later I got a text from her saying Happy Mother’s Day sorry she missed me but loved me and would see me later. I smiled as I headed out to the kitchen for coffee . My hubby told me she left me a card and she wanted me to open it. .. so I did very sweet and a Amazon gift card was also with it. I was telling her how I wanted to order some books there so this was perfect. My son woke and came out with a sappy face and said Happy Mother’s Day and said he still needed to grab me something he had worked late the night before and didn’t get a chance. I told him it was fine he then said go get ready I’ll take you out for breakfast . My hubby loved the idea and said yes let him do this . So the three of us finished getting ready and headed out . We went to a local orchard that has the cutest little restaurant . It was so nice and comfortable laid back. I do not like stuffy restaurants . I like to be comfortable and I love comfy food not fancy. So absolutely perfect I ordered blueberry pancakes and corn beef hash , my son said only order one pancake it’s huge it covers the whole plate it’s so filling . Well he was right oh my I couldn’t finish it. And a plateful of hash and endless refills of coffee. So there we sat stuffing our faces (hahaha) and chatting and laughing. It was nice do not do this often with my son. After we took a ride as he drove . Then once home my son left for a run with a friend … how he did that after eating I do not know🙂My hubby and I headed over to his moms to give her the plant we got her and sat and enjoyed coffee with her for awhile . Once home still full from breakfast we ate light my son came home from running and settled in as my hubby and I did . My daughter came home with a big hug for me and said she hoped I enjoyed my day . Then we all relaxed . A very simple content day . Oh and my hubby also got me a plant as well my daughter helped him pick it out . I hope all you moms out there enjoyed your day!


With all this rain this week it’s been a bit helpful to get some indoor projects done . One of them was my sons old room ,when my daughter moved downstairs , my son took over her old bedroom that was so much bigger … so the room ended up as a spare with so many ideas for it to become something useful , well…. it ended up before we knew it a junk /laundry room . Everything just ended up being thrown in there plus our laundry ended up in there as well but this week my son took the intuitive and cleaned it all out he had me say what to throw what to keep , then we reorganized other parts of our house to fit what we kept that was useful … yes useful (hahaha) and did a lot of throwing out .Now it’s a room that is useful he took his desktop out of his room because one he doesn’t use it as much and wanted the space for something else , he can still use his computer when he wants and it’s a plus for me because now I can use it too . It will be nice to sit at a desk top and write for a change and in privacy . He’s looking online for a tv to mount on the wall so he can hook his game system up watch movies especially when friends come over he has his mini fridge in there as well and his old futon couch. So I must say it’s nice and he now as he puts it as his bedroom as a bedroom and then an entertainment /his own living room to mellow in . I like it because it’s actually another room to relax in when I want to read or write late at night without waking my other half . I have a pic of what it looks like , wish I had a before didn’t think to take one but believe me it was a junk room and piled high with really unnecessary things .