Just plain silly ness!

The night started off with reading my book . But then my phone kept going off …. I know I should of turned it off . Sadly these days it’s on a lot especially at night when my son is out , because sometimes he will text if he is staying over at a friend house.Tonight a notification popped up and then before I knew it I was going through my photos on my phone . I came upon one that I must say is of my daughter and I playing around with her Snapchat filter . If she only knew I was posting it on here ..Shhh …we won’t tell (hahaha) …. but I love it because it just shows how our relationship is just plain silly and fun at times compared to my son who would never ever be silly with me . I’m his mom and that’s that 🙄 so here is my daughter and I I’m the one in the back well yeah you will be able to tell I look older (hahaha) we are Doe”s how fitting since I have been posting pics of them in our yard this week. (Hahaha)