Photo Monday… one more picture.

Couldn’t resist ! Love the evening skies❤️

Photo Monday!

It’s Monday already and already mid day. It’s a sunny and in the middle 40’s not bad. It feels nice coming through the windows. Had a nice weekend . A fun Saturday evening out to eat for my nieces 16th Birthday. We went to The Texas Roadhouse a lot of fun . Country music playing in the distance a lot of food! And the waitresses and waiters line dance off and on ,if it’s your birthday they bring out a horse saddle on wheels and the birthday person sits on it and the one waiting on your table yells out today is this ones birthday can you give out a big yahoo! And let’s say we hit a Birthday night a lot of yahoo’s😂 so my photos are from over the weekend . I hope you enjoy. And yes the weekend ended with a beautiful sunset.

Photo Monday!

Once again it’s Monday… Monday’s come so fast . The temps in the mid 40’sand the sun shining nice and bright was a nice start to the week. Today my photos are about the day out you will get the idea of what I mean when I say our driveway is like a road . With the warm temps it’s a mud bath thought we would get stuck ..I went with my daughter. to get an oil change for her car and to keep her company. Our favorite place!The care washand now into the evening..a beautiful sunset. Simple day with my girl❤️

Photo Monday!

It’s Monday already! Hope everyone had a nice weekend . My weekend was even more low key with resting my sciatic pain and wondering what the weather was going to do. We thought by 8 last night and no snow had arrived we were good hmm.. woke to 8 inches …but being March it’s melting fast and the sun is out now . And temps are rising. Can’t complain. Okay here is my weekend in photos a bit of everything to even my hubby starting the kitchen… prepping it to be painted, our boarder after all these yrs gone and waiting for time for some coffee and catch up on the news .

Photo Monday!s

Good morning Monday already, the 3 day weekend going by quickly.. woke to some snow not as much as they predicted but it’s fine with me.My photos are of my weekend and moments of it and what my life represents to me . enjoy!

our long driveway to our home .now you see how simple our home is but it’s perfect

ohMiss Abigail!time spent with these two and my hubby who doesn’t like pics of him on here 🙄whether it was chatting over coffee and text ..spent the weekend with them ❤️ that sums my world and weekend up!

Photo Monday !

Hi everyone did this in the past .. Photo Monday . I’m thinking of doing this up again ..because I know I’m putting up an abundance of photos up lol All week . Now I’ll just put up several every Monday . I hope you enjoy .And hope you do not get sick of my sunsets , I just have a obsession for them and the rays of the sun. I seem to be able to capture . I will try not to overwhelm you with them. Here are several this Monday .

Holiday Weekend..Photo Monday!

Good Morning ! Enjoying my coffee a bit later slept in this morning , It’s been a long Labor Day weekend afternoons spent taking a ride checking out the leaves that have been changing already ,then late nights spent with good food, drinks , bonfires , family and a lot of laughs today will be a calmer day and once again very warm . I think I will spend some part of it getting back into my book .I couldn’t finish Sharp Objects it’s too much when just finishing I believe the finale of the mini series on TV. I’m now reading the novel Bittersweet by Miranda Beverley -Whittemore so far I am enjoying it. Much of a calmer read. The house is quiet my kids still asleep my hubby outside puttering he can never relax. But that’s fine it gives me a moment to myself and to be able to write. I do not know how he will do with this winter he cannot relax .even kids always say I do not know how you two got together your such opposites. … yes we are I can’t deny that. It’s not always been easy (hahaha) but it works , I’m the one who has to push on the brakes at times . 🙄 well that’s for another day. Time to finish my coffee get a few little things done then some reading on my swing for as long as I can tolerate he heat. Have a good day everyone.