Photo Monday!

Good Morning! This is how the weekend 1st looked like in my backyard then as the weekend went on this it what my back yard looks like . After today with the temps going up and rain coming it will look bare again. This is what we are coming into for weather until Spring arrives. .. such crazy weather …


Monday Photo

Good Morning …it’s a Monday oh the dread the morning came way to fast. Watched the Super Bowl then my daughter and I stayed up passed midnight to watch A show that we had been waiting for .Now it’s Monday and staying up so late seems like it was a bad choice now ..yawn …too late now. Oh to be a cat Miss Abigail is enjoying her Monday looks comfy well coffee has been drank and happily enjoyed and breakfast is done ,now time to get moving and get this house cleaned up and need to think about what to do for supper I think I may need to take a cat nap 🙂after have a great day everyone .

This was the sky on Saturday evening . You know how I love my Sunsets . So it’s a perfect photo to start back up on my Photo Monday ,that for some reason let it get away from me . I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and happy to sayI I love how the days are getting longer so it’s okay if I had to wait a bit longer for the sun to set.🙂

Photo Monday!

Yes I’ am obsessed with sunsets! Caught this one while I was in the car with my daughter , yes she was driving … we where grabbing a coffee and chatting and yes we are coffee freaks hahaha lets see what did we get… oh yes a peppermint mocha latte so delicious and then capturing this was a win win! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Photo Monday!

Good Morning , nothing like a sunset. I took this  over the weekend ..Saturday the sun was setting quickly  noticing how the house was getting a bit darker and it was kind of depressing seeing the sun set so soon I decided to  check on supper that was cooking , while I walk by my hubby who fell asleep on the couch watching T.V. and therei it was ! Amazing how bright and beautiful it was good thing I captured it because seconds later it was gone .