Photo Monday!

Good Morning , nothing like a sunset. I took this  over the weekend ..Saturday the sun was setting quickly  noticing how the house was getting a bit darker and it was kind of depressing seeing the sun set so soon I decided to  check on supper that was cooking , while I walk by my hubby who fell asleep on the couch watching T.V. and therei it was ! Amazing how bright and beautiful it was good thing I captured it because seconds later it was gone .


Monday Photo

Writing this with a heavy heart after the shooting in Las Vegas the world feels a bit more off kilt today adding in all the other mass shootings around the world and the weather disasters . Just all so unbelievable .. before this sad news I was going to post this for my photo because I love Winnie The Pooh quotes and thinking of my kids and what I want them to remember as they grow. 

Photo Monday !

Hi Everyone ! Hope your having a nice Monday  a little later in the day of posting for my Monday Photo but here it is and your probably thinking what is that,( hahaha) well it was a quick take as My son was heading out to practice. Thier running shoes . My runner is back! and happy to say that. If you had read my past post my son who is a avid runner he does cross country in the Fall and track and field and indoor track for his Highschool and I had stated that the numbers where very low for cross country as well as other sports our school is having a shortage of kids sadly ..and he didn’t think they would have a team well they do he is the only Senior out of 3seventh graders and a junior well him and his junior buddy will be the one getting the points for the team they may not win but possible but it’s just a lot of training when the younger ones are not into it as much … so he tried football and I’m happy he didn’t like it ,it didn’t feel right even though he has done youth football . Running is just his passion he holds it dear to his heart and decided win or no win he would do his last year . Happy my son finishes what he starts  yes he sways but in the end he lets his heart tell him what to do and I think he made a good decision . If he got injured which you do in any sport and seriously injured he would not have this passion for running when he is done with school . Running is a great release for him from stress life’s pressures and his amount of energy he has. So running it is!

Photo Monday ….

I’m late for posting my photo , it’s been a day of cleaning up after a long weekend of July Birthday celebrations for my son and I . Beautiful cakes and a beautiful sunset as well can’t beat that I wish I had taken a photo of the cake my daughter had gave me it had pink roses on it and was so yummy. We had a bonfire in our pit that went for two days and lots of chatting and laughter . Oh and the the adults and kids played cornhole ever heard of it ?a lot of fun and challenging. So I hope you enjoy our cakes my daughters Birthday is next . August and yes she will have a cake too …have to make  her Birthday wish blowing out the candles.