Holiday Weekend..Photo Monday!

Good Morning ! Enjoying my coffee a bit later slept in this morning , It’s been a long Labor Day weekend afternoons spent taking a ride checking out the leaves that have been changing already ,then late nights spent with good food, drinks , bonfires , family and a lot of laughs today will be a calmer day and once again very warm . I think I will spend some part of it getting back into my book .I couldn’t finish Sharp Objects it’s too much when just finishing I believe the finale of the mini series on TV. I’m now reading the novel Bittersweet by Miranda Beverley -Whittemore so far I am enjoying it. Much of a calmer read. The house is quiet my kids still asleep my hubby outside puttering he can never relax. But that’s fine it gives me a moment to myself and to be able to write. I do not know how he will do with this winter he cannot relax .even kids always say I do not know how you two got together your such opposites. … yes we are I can’t deny that. It’s not always been easy (hahaha) but it works , I’m the one who has to push on the brakes at times . ๐Ÿ™„ well that’s for another day. Time to finish my coffee get a few little things done then some reading on my swing for as long as I can tolerate he heat. Have a good day everyone.


Photo Monday!

Hi everyone it’s Photo Monday almost forgot . Hubby’s off this week so we took a pleasant ride and then grabbed lunch out it was nice . Now home and my hubby was outside and found this ,this one is perfect ! As you see the leaves are changing already. I love the reds . Hope you enjoy..

Photo Monday!

imageA bit late but was waiting for a good photo for Photo Monday! I was getting doubtful as the day went on not finding a worthy photo ,Then this happened this full moon came out . It’s so bright ! I wonder if it will bring the boys out howling tonight (coyotes) I think it may keep me awake…that’s okay because I do not have to worry about getting up and making sure my son is up on time for school , house sitting tonight with a friend then going to school from there . So bring on the howling boys ๐Ÿ˜€ I just love how this photo came out love the bright shadow around it the amazing thing when it came out around 5 it was still light out it wasn’t looking like ย it was going to be a fall moon. So I am so happy that it is so I could keep up with my photo Monday hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Monday Photo

Good Morning …it’s a Monday oh the dread the morning came way to fast. Watched the Super Bowl then my daughter and I stayed up passed midnight to watch A show that we had been waiting for .Now it’s Monday and staying up so late seems like it was a bad choice now ..yawn …too late now. Oh to be a cat Miss Abigail is enjoying her Monday looks comfy well coffee has been drank and happily enjoyed and breakfast is done ,now time to get moving and get this house cleaned up and need to think about what to do for supper I think I may need to take a cat nap ๐Ÿ™‚after have a great day everyone .