Photo Monday !

Hi Everyone ! Hope your having a nice Monday  a little later in the day of posting for my Monday Photo but here it is and your probably thinking what is that,( hahaha) well it was a quick take as My son was heading out to practice. Thier running shoes . My runner is back! and happy to say that. If you had read my past post my son who is a avid runner he does cross country in the Fall and track and field and indoor track for his Highschool and I had stated that the numbers where very low for cross country as well as other sports our school is having a shortage of kids sadly ..and he didn’t think they would have a team well they do he is the only Senior out of 3seventh graders and a junior well him and his junior buddy will be the one getting the points for the team they may not win but possible but it’s just a lot of training when the younger ones are not into it as much … so he tried football and I’m happy he didn’t like it ,it didn’t feel right even though he has done youth football . Running is just his passion he holds it dear to his heart and decided win or no win he would do his last year . Happy my son finishes what he starts  yes he sways but in the end he lets his heart tell him what to do and I think he made a good decision . If he got injured which you do in any sport and seriously injured he would not have this passion for running when he is done with school . Running is a great release for him from stress life’s pressures and his amount of energy he has. So running it is!


Photo Monday ….

I’m late for posting my photo , it’s been a day of cleaning up after a long weekend of July Birthday celebrations for my son and I . Beautiful cakes and a beautiful sunset as well can’t beat that I wish I had taken a photo of the cake my daughter had gave me it had pink roses on it and was so yummy. We had a bonfire in our pit that went for two days and lots of chatting and laughter . Oh and the the adults and kids played cornhole ever heard of it ?a lot of fun and challenging. So I hope you enjoy our cakes my daughters Birthday is next . August and yes she will have a cake too …have to make  her Birthday wish blowing out the candles. 

Photo Monday!

Good  Morning  yes it’s Monday already sad how fast weekends fly by. So your probably thinking this is an odd photo …. well it’s is hahahaha well for me the odd ness of it is it’s 57 out in my part of the globe which is actually cold to us after so many days of extreme heat and humidity . Oh I’m actually welcoming it . But sadly it brings a rainy day as well. So enjoying my morning coffee on the couch and listening to the rain. As Miss Abigail sleeps away. 

Photo Monday! 

Hello! This my photo , Summer …simple country living … this is where I have been enjoying my morning coffee on my front deck lately. Sometimes visited by the wild turkeys and thier babies. Sometimes just the sound of the birds or the ruffling sounds in the grass from a hungry Squirrel any how it’s peaceful and pleasant. My life.

Photo Monday!

Good Morning this is my Photo Monday. I took this during the weekend its my quiet day ..My husband was working, my kids off doing their thing so I did this. I went and grabbed my pick me up butter pecan ice coffee so good from Dunkin Doughnuts very popular coffee doughnut shop in my part of the globe.Hit the spot doing one of my favorite things and  love that I am getting back into  it reading , I go through that  from time to time. I think we all do with something or another. I am finding that I am having more  time for this kind of day now , it’s nice. I may not do this today the temps are in there 90’s and humid and my deck will be about a 100 because no shade hits it until 3 in the afternoon. So it’s an indoor air conditioner or store kind of day. what I mean about a store I mean errands need to be run. Okay going to finish my coffee and start this day …have a great day everyone. 20170608_141634