Just plain silly ness!

The night started off with reading my book . But then my phone kept going off …. I know I should of turned it off . Sadly these days it’s on a lot especially at night when my son is out , because sometimes he will text if he is staying over at a friend house.Tonight a notification popped up and then before I knew it I was going through my photos on my phone . I came upon one that I must say is of my daughter and I playing around with her Snapchat filter . If she only knew I was posting it on here ..Shhh …we won’t tell (hahaha) …. but I love it because it just shows how our relationship is just plain silly and fun at times compared to my son who would never ever be silly with me . I’m his mom and that’s that ๐Ÿ™„ so here is my daughter and I I’m the one in the back well yeah you will be able to tell I look older (hahaha) we are Doe”s how fitting since I have been posting pics of them in our yard this week. (Hahaha)


Morning Visitor

Good Morning ! My son looked outside and said oh she’s back .. I am like what , who ?he says the snapping turtle. I couldn’t believe it it’s been about 3 yrs since we have seen her in the last 12 yrs we have seen her twice and now this makes three times… okay I can’t say it’s the same one and I keep calling it a she but when they show up it’s usually here to lay or check her eggs. It’s amazing how far she travels ,at night she heads back to the swamp which is about 200 meters away for a turtle walking at the slow place they do is far. We let her do her thing you do not want to bother a snapping turtle. Credits to my son for the photo who didn’t hesitate to get close enough to take some photos . He has always been fascinated by them when he was about 8 we had the first sight of one and he kneeled next to it for a photo to bring in to show his class๐Ÿ™‚. It was fun to see his face light up like he was that little boy again while taking this photo. ๐Ÿ’•

Evening sky..

This evening I was able to sit outside on our deck with both my kids for a bit . This is a very rare moment. Never do I have both in the same place especially outside . The evening sky looked peaceful as the clouds move by fast. The air seem to cool down after being muggy through out the day . So enjoyed the moments while they lasted. I guess I will just take what I can get. ..


woke to a thunking sound and I just laid in bed trying to ignore it haha my daughter who was up early getting ready for work came in to my bedroom to tell me that the bluebird was back again hitting against our living room window and clinging to the screen ….yes again over the weekend it was doing this and it was so creepy it wouldn’t stop .Miss Abigail was going crazy jumping in the window and making cat noises it finally stopped and went away when I pounded on the window . There is a bird house below the deck railing so it could have babies in it she’s protecting …..I hope hahaha you can see it in the photo peeping in as well as the crazy squirrel that has been hanging from the feeder since I finally rolled out of bed and dragged myself to the kitchen for coffee. Their it was just hanging there . Crazy morning out my window . The bird is gone once again but Miss Abigail is still unsettled she is hiding . Well my coffee is finished and now time to get some things done around the house. I hope everyone has a great day .

Itโ€™s gone ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s gone all the snow from this morning ..if you read my last post you would see how we woke to the ground covered I n snow. The sun came out and it melted away as fast as it came and then we had a beautiful sunset that sadly I didn’t catch in time. This weather is crazy . Now instead of worrying about if my sons meet will be cancelled because of snow now it’s thunderstorms and a lot of rain that could cancel it. . I guess we will see. Oh Mother Nature. Spring is coming eventually ๐Ÿ™‚