Sunsets and coffee!

having a vetch for Sunsets. Yes along with my coffee is something I have had for awhile ,tonight driving home with my daughter after spending the day with her as she ran some errands at our big chain store and then a ride through the Starbucks drive thru enjoying a white mocha with raspberry latte we headed home ,the sun setting a bit later as each day goes by is so nice and the sunsets have been gorgeous . I captured several but this one is my favorite . So orange the sky started out pink then it came to this. Breath taking!. I took so many pics had to delete some ..crowding my phone…but this one was such a keeper. A very nice ending to the day with my daughter.


Beautiful Fall day

I woke late which has not happen for a bit but then again I didn’t fall asleep until well after 1:30 in the morning that has not happen in a bit as well. I dragged myself out of bed ran a brush through my hair since showering the night before and then headed straight for the coffee . Which on this very cold morning tasted so good. After chatting with both of my kids changed for the the day and hubby and I tackled food shopping grabbed the house groceries then the things we needed for my sons family going away gathering.after going home and putting groceries away . We were off for mum shopping and that consist of backroad driving . Nothing like a ride in the country on beautiful quiet back roads with the leaves changing . Yes there as been better foliage years but here and there we were able to find some pretty sites. Arriving at the place we love to buy our Fall mums at was booming with people . Their mums are gorgeous and a good price. We purchased 6 big ones nice and full and their color is so vibrate their beautiful. Next weekend maybe some pumpkins, right now their a bit pricey. As we arrived home and was parking the truck their in our yard looking straight at us was the cutest baby fox we stayed in the truck for a moment to reassure it that it was fine. That it wouldn’t be harmed. After a moment it headed back into the woods. As I write this the boys (coyotes) are around we could hear them yipping and the crunching of the leaves outside our bedroom window so yes very close. Now that’s not good. This is when I wish so much we still had our pups to scare them away . He did such a great job making them know they needed to leave. It’s been a nice relaxing fun busy day . …and very active night with our wildlife . I guess now it’s time to call it a night and get some sleep going to be busy and emotionally exhausting next three days tomorrow family over for food and see you later not goodbye and then tying up the last few details and packing things and getting him to where he will leave from for Basic Training in Missouri . So Night everyone. I’ll keep you posted.

Out our window…

This Evening this boy came to visit once again . He has been showing up every other night one of the boys( coyote) Miss Abigail was walking around uneasy I believe she sensed him . Thankfully she is an indoor cat. The sad part the Fox was in the yard as well it puffed up a bit we thought there would be a fight but the Fox decided to not challenge the boy and ran away . I’m hoping this guy doesn’t over due his welcome and keeps the Fox away because as beautiful as this guy is I would rather have the foxes around instead. the photo is a bit blurry this boy hears everything so no way of getting a clearer pic without him running away.

My World..

It’s a cloudy Saturday ,storms will be arriving later this afternoon . Enjoying my coffee on our deck before they come . This is just some pics of what I call home, my world. Country ..simple living ,comfort, quiet, yes very peaceful. Even on a cloudy day. Everyday day we are visited by turkeys and their little ones also I believe two fox’s maybe three. Yes nature as well oh we can’t forget the many squirrels and birds that run around . On occasion we have our two does that appear for a bit. I haven’t seen a moose yet , my husband has

while he was here when we were building the house .

My son had told us while up at his girlfriends house this past week that is about 30 minutes away they decided to star gaze in this open field across from her house so they walked out there and my son could hear this huffing sound and it kept getting closer he told his girlfriend to walk back to the house don’t run just walk but go ..she didn’t hesitate did what he said , it was just getting dark so you could see a bit away in front of you he saw a moose he said it must of had calf’s around because it was not happy in its protecting mode staring right in our direction and regardless they love to make a run towards you. So he made loud noises and it backed away as he slowly walked away keeping his eyes on it . It did walk away and he made it back to her house she said what was it he told her a huge moose . He said you should of saw her eyes. He admitted it scared him because he knows how mean they can get So yes there are moose around as well🙂I guess I’m okay if I do not see I sit here there is a cool breeze that is picking up I’m thinking air conditioners could take a break and open windows up and let some fresh air in always look forward to windows open.

Country life…

It’s mid afternoon everything around the house is done , errands are done I gad to laugh to myself when I was driving into our driveway , when you explain to someone that’s never been out this way that our driveway looks like a old country road it really does and yes there is a house out beyond the trees and stretch of dirt you need to drive. Some people get so thrown off coming out here but once they are they remark how beautiful and open it is ,So I took a picture . I guess it was a good day for pictures because just as I unlocked the back door put everything down and proceeded to open our slider and our front door to let the fresh air in I saw the most beautiful sight .. well one of them out my many (hahaha) by the bird feeder eating with the birds was a beautiful Doe , I did my best to capture a decent photo of her without her hearing me . I didn’t realize until my son with his bad timing drove in , there was another Doe off to the edge of the woods that went running with her .

Some days it’s just too quiet and feels so out of touch living here . My son wants to get out of here even though this is such his element hiking running biking , fishing shall I go on or do you get the picture🙂 now my daughter I believe who loves her shopping ,restaurants Starbucks seems more to the liking of the city but one problem she has road rage (hahaha) well she could walk yes it’s a girl thing but she can be extreme with all the shopping and I believe it’s boring here to her. . Any how yes it’s quiet but at the same time it’s a blessing ..simple when you want to socialize then go into town . When you do not then this is the perfect place to sit out read a book , watch the stars at night even camp in our woods, yes privacy is really a nice thing plus it’s cooler our way then in the next Towns and cities . As I write this the clouds have moved in the wind is swaying the trees back and forth and the temps that are suppose to be going up seem to have gone down. . .. signs of a storm coming. That being said I guess it’s time to grab my book and go inside ,enjoy my pictures, 🙂

Country living..

This weekend my hubby and I went for a ride .. let’s say we where bored….the house was quiet we didn’t feel like doing much around the house , so yes the laundry /junk room didn’t get decluttered .. 🙄 we decided to pickup an order that came in at our local store it was towers (shelf’s ) that went along with our TVs entertainment center . I used gift cards my mother in-law had given me for a gift. Then we just took a ride through the back roads and farm lands on our way home. I hope you enjoy the photos of a peak into a part of my world.


Now that everything has calmed down , The high school days have come to an end. Graduation has come been celebrated and enjoyed … BUT now I have all those photos of football games ,track meets ,color day dress up day graduation ,so on so on .. filling up my phone . Now it’s. time for some projects I believe will or should keep me busy for awhile … taking the photos off my phone printing them organizing them in categories in a memory photo book for my son . Hopefully I will be able to finish it before I do one for a National Guard album , that one will be sm I will not be able to fill with much , at least I can capture some things for him for a keepsake.

Then I’ve discovered the interest of creating a Fairy garden for my own project . My mother in-law has one and I found it interesting so I thought I would try creating one , bought a few pieces so far now to do this as well, then there is my house needs we are thinking of giving the kitchen a makeover ..well over due I guess I have enough to keep me busy .. and my phone will be happy to have all the photos off as well I will keep some on it so I can enjoy . Hmmm I may need a lot of coffee while I’m doing all this., I would say wine but then nothing will get done .. wine for me is for just plain relaxing next to a bonfire or on a cold cozy day inside , coffee will keep me focused🙂 I will post when I get things started and done , this will take a bit but a happy good kind if busy .