Laying here now in bed and remembering  .. just went through old photographs  of my Son when he was little trying to pick some out for his senior congratutory page in his high school yearbook . Never thought this would be so hard, so many photos I want and I have to choose from but yes it’s only a page🙂  and looking  back just reminds me how fast time does go  by… sad actually seems like yesterday I was just rocking him to sleep with his little head laying on my chest and always one hand holding on to  my hair that hung down . I never knew why he did that but I will always remember that . Now I look at him it’s remarkable how much his appearance has change well of course it has hahaha  but when he was little his hair was as white as snow and his face his longer then oval now tNothig like the photos that stared back at me some hours ago .  . My daughter still has some features from when she was little so people can  still tell it’s her . No one recognizes my son if they haven’t seen him in awhile it’s so unbelievable . I think I have some resemblence when I was a kid . It’s strange how it goes . So just laying here and amazed and slowly drifting off to sleep . Monday will be hear before we know it So I guess it’s time to get some sleep. Good Night …


Snow Day.. Blizzard 2017

20170314_151518-1            Today at 6 Am  Stella the Blizzard arrived and it covered the bare ground remarkably fast. and now you can see we have snow and at 8:40 pm it’s still snowing and the wind is still blowing and Spring is about two days away but does not seem possible. My poor husband is outside at this moment plowing our road of a driveway with our tractor so he will be ready to jump in the hot shower then bed . This winter cannot end fast enough. It’s been a long one for everyone I know. I hope if any of you had stella as a visitor all of you are safe and warm. well a short post tonight but hmy daughter and I are going to watch the season finale of This is Us goodnight everyone lets hope for some sun in the morning and melting.IMG_20170314_135804_887-1



Photo Monday…


So this is my photo for my photo Monday. It’s pretty   isn’t it? well I think so and my daughter thought so as well. As we sat in her car and the water went swooshing  I believe that’s a word well will go with it because that’s how it sound as it went around us and the scent of bumble gum was in the air and the water just kept hitting every side of her car and the the lighted sign lite up telling us the car now was going to get wax sprayed on it  and this is what formed on the windshield yes we are in a car wash hahaha and the wax was rainbow color . pretty amazing ….well we thought so if you haven’t figured it out yet ,well let me say it doesn’t take much to impress us and take  a picture of it …yes we are crazy we where snapping away pics of this. If people could of  seen us they would of thought we had some serious issues but sadly never saw colored wax. so I thought this would be perfect to post because it was just so different then my other photos I have posted. I hope you enjoy as much as we did.



Finally back on here..after a week of  total chaos and hopefully now some normalcy . In the past 5months I have felt this sense of peacefulness contentment. I finally threw  caution to the wind and said I need to let go of trying to be a perfect mother and let them grow  with guidence Son is independent loves being with his friends playing his sport and he knows his priorities and when he sways from that path I pull him in and my Daughter she is an adult and her and I are in a good place   she has here friends making new ones and her work . My husband and I are learning to be just us again before kids and I think I am handling it better then him. he is so use to us all constantly together or around lets say he hates change so the kids doing their own  thing and I more into things I enjoy doing again is throwing him …I thought it would be harder for me but I am more open minded and I do not have parents telling me like he has how things should be …ughh and after my last blog if you read he got hurt at work thank  god he is fine and doing a lot better and back to work . His parents thinking I am not doing enough getting back in our business my aurora of my peacefulness has vanished and been place with self doubt angry and I thought I got past this years ago. So now I am trying to get back to this peacefulness and contentment and not listening to them ….not very easy . It’s hard when people judge you just because you do not follow their ways or agree. I am thankful for this week being back to normal my daughter and I went out to a nice relaxing lunch at our favorite place, Panera Bread the best . and then we enjoyed a s’mores frappuccino from Starbucks  so delicious we figured we had a light lunch we would enjoy this.  Then we headed to my son ‘s school to watch his meet such a nice ending to the day. oh and yes they won!  my  son came in 2nd place in the hurdles and 2nd in 2nd race. So proud of him.

Monday Photo!!!


What a beautiful 3 day weekend. My Monday Photo reflects my weekend. beautiful weather and night so we broke out the fire pit and had a fire and enjoyed out first taste of s,mores for the 2016 spring /summer season and enjoyed every bite . I personally love the roasted marshmallows . My daughter saw a fallen star. and made a wish have to make a wish. the moon was out and amazingly bright casting shadows through out our yard helping my pups as you see to keep  a loyal watchful eye out for the night critters  in which he did spot and we had to stop him,  love when he lays his eyes on something and does the pointing position. We do not know what he saw we just saw the shadow of something run off probably just a fox. they come around at this time. We stayed out till midnight  the sound of the crackling of the fire and the sound of the peepers in the distance towards the swamp near our home was relaxing. This is the best time of the year in my book.