Movie night…

It was another quiet Saturday . My hubby not feeling good and I did not want to food shop without him , we just let it go and ordered a pizza for supper with fries . And then after found a movie to watch . We settled with Deadpool 2 … okay that was interesting… the dreams I may have tonight. It was comical but strange at the same time , I wouldn’t say it’s at the top of my movie list. I hadn’t heard from my son for most of the day since he had some down time there this weekend so I sent him a quick text . He replied back saying he was ..has been sleeping trying to recover . That he felt horrible. I feel so bad he’s many miles away and if he has what my daughter and I had I wish I was able to take care of him. I tried to tell him to go to the base infirmary to get checked out and get some Advil or Tylenol because I believe he may be running a fever . When I asked if he was he said probably .. do you think he responded ? No he didn’t. I hope his roommates can get him to go. He is so stubborn. I spent sometime coloring , got a bit more done on the page I have been working on. Tomorrow with out fail I will need to food shop. Oh the task that I hate to do. Now watching movies are done for the night and I think I will try to get some sleep . Goodnight everyone.


Birthday Saturday !

My daughters birthday was a success ! I’m so happy she had a nice day . The last several yrs her Birthdays were tearful … this was because of her Ex . This yr she has a new guy a happier outlook and her day was how she wanted it simple and pleasant. And her cake came out perfect! The day cleared after the gifts were open and the cake and ice cream was eaten. With some pizza after all ordered .. she decided we needed something a bit more besides cake .Then the younger kids well teenagers (cousins ) wanted to start a bonfire so my hubby and his brother went out and started one we sat around it except for my daughter and her boyfriend and friend they stayed inside where it was cooler and watched one of their favorite shows Ghost hunters…new episodes. My son stayed awhile then had to go to his. Track coach from high school who now is a friend . His Army retirement party at his and his wife’s house. My son a bit nervous because there would be a lot of the coaches army buddies there and the coach was anxious to show him off to the his buddies. . The party has ended bonfire put out everything pretty much cleaned up ,everyone went home my daughter and her boyfriend went down to her place . I think she had a good day. Now it’s 9:30 already doesn’t seem possible … my hubby is watching the baseball game and I’m going to read . Goodnight everyone.

Cold cloudy Spring Saturday…

Once again we are blessed with a  cold cloudy day at least the rain as stopped.  a quiet late afternoon now after the hustling and bustling of my Son getting home from work and getting ready to go over to a friends house to do some vacation school homework then go to the movies tonight to enjoy the last of this very strange April vacation week .  My daughter  was busy doing laundry  all morning and now off to work and myself done with things around the house and now enjoying a Dunkin Ice coffee butter pecan. So yummy. .. yes I know it’s cold but In New England we drink Dunkin  Doughnut Ice coffee all year round . In our town alone there is 3 Dunkins …..crazy I know but cannot say much I support it. 🙂 My husband is outside keeping busy cleaning out our shed so Miss Abigail the kitty is keeping me company well I guess I should say I am keeping her company while she is nice and cozy on the couch sleeping this cold day away. Supper will be an easy one pizza yeah I know not very exciting but weekends are pretty much a whatever because there is really no one around to cook much for so its simple. wasn’t always this way back in the day I made nice weekend meal and desserts but with most of the time just being my husband and I here it’s to much for us so its simple home food or we go out, well I guess I will see how my husband is doing hope everyone has a great afternoon.