Just happens 🙂

When you just happen to look out your kitchen window while your treating yourself to some hot chocolate and you see a beautiful sight in your back yard… a beautiful buck and you know your husband is outside and the buck has his eyes on him but doesn’t mind. Sadly I didn’t get a photo because I was just so happy to see it . It’s always the same way when I happen to just look out . When I look for them there is nothing.but I guess that’s what makes the moment so special . Such a beautiful creature and I am so happy we have the privilege to see them and they know their safe here..The simple things in life❤️


We need more love is this world to wash out the hatred that is so upon us. We need to stop all this hatred life is too precious …why I ask do we hurt each other ? Why is it easier to hate then love !… I look up at the beautiful  blue sky and I ask how is it so beautiful when down here where I’m standing is so ugly . Why do we feel the need to destroy  one another in so many different ways  , ? we are all in this world together let us come together and conquer this evil that so badly wants to destroy us.


Women are a amazing creation, they love endlessly , they are stronger then they will ever know . women can carry a life in them for 9months and not think twice about doing it all over again.women think beyond  their minds but think with their hearts. They can see both sides of a situation and then decide… Women have this built in alarm called there gut instinct that never is in  question if something is wrong or right.women, women may fall from life’s  mishaps but get right back up.women  care deeply and honestly . A  women is one of Gods most precious gift