Outside my window..

Woke to this , this morning.. outside my window . More then they predicted but it’s doable . The first snow of the season is beautiful .. after that I’ve had enough of it (hahaha) enjoy my photos .. need to grab one more cup of coffee to be able to get this day going.

More snow coming😥

More snow coming their predicting 6to 9 inches plus a mix of freezing rain . Schools are already cancelled for tomorrow , my son is at a friends house in town so he is closer to school because he still has track practice ,I know it’s Championships Friday but really they know what they need to do , he needs a break. My daughter will or I should say may be home because work will be slow so she is going in on Friday which would of been her day off. The photo I posted was this evenings sky it defiantly looks like a storm is coming ,I thought it was pretty so I captured it before it got dark. I love the evening skies . ..any chance I can get a photo I do . Well it’s getting late I guess I will settle and try to get some sleep early for a change . My daughter is down in her place with Miss Abigail for the night hubby’s sleeping away . So I will say my prayers and whisper a good night to my son hope he feels the vibe hahaha I could text him but you never know how he will feel about that if his mom is texting to say good night with his friends around😂 teenagers❤️

Photo Monday!


I would like to introduce you to Miss Abigail this pretty girl is my Daughters kitty . I have mentioned her in a lot of my posts when my daughter is at work or out with friends my hubby and I settle in with her I would say we watch her but that would not be true, She is a very independent girl . except for at at night when my daughter has to work late and my hubby and I like to settle in bed she joins us so she isn’t alone at the other end of the house. She is an indoor cat so  as  you see she stays in but loves to watch out the windows or slider …believe me she does not like the outdoors only from from the inside out view,. and we are all thankful for that because we live in the woods and there are many places and things that could cause her harm. So when I say something about Miss Abigail this is who I am talking about this pretty little girl.

Adult Coloring ,more then just coloring.

Adult Coloring is so much more then just sitting there and coloring a page. To me it’s a stress reliever it stops me from  thinking, worrying over things I cannot control . I usually do more coloring when the days get colder and shorter.. during the day when my family is off at school and work and I have done what I need to do. I curl up in a comfy chair and a hot cup of of my favorite tea and just color away . It’s also great when your feeling under the weather and not much is on the television,  so it’s    not just a stress reliever but so enjoyable and helps time go by. I highly recommend it ,there is so many  great coloring books to choose from wildlife patterns to city living patterns flowers , shapes quotes I could just go on but you have the idea. so try it and enjoy.  Happy coloring.