Productive Saturday…

Yes Saturday is here and it’s nothing but lazy… let’s see my husband painted the bathroom a new color All morning then checked the tractor and moved our cars for our plow guy if needed. As I did what laundry needed to be done and made a big pot of chicken and rice soup and baked a cake for desert . House is clean . Phones are charged and generator is ready if needed as well. I believe we are ready for the storm. Now just sitting enjoying a cup of tea . And listening to the weather channel…. and thinking of doing some reading . Since I’m now cozy under a blanket and it feels like a thing to do . I’ll check in later most likely with some before and after pics of the snow.

Ahhh Sunshine..

it’s been a quiet but productive start to the day had to run back out and grab more eggs as I see the empty carton on the counter …my son letting me know we where out. This boy of mine can eat …being a runner he burns a lot of calories and he can eat, all good things he is on his strict diet . He usually has a cheat day after a meet which was on Tues but Saturday his track team have a big meet so he is staying on track . I didn’t mind running out the sun is out and it’s just the right temps so it was a nice drive into town. Now back home and finishing up the laundry and prepping supper to cook in the crockpot will be next…so yes the house is quiet Miss Abigail sleeping away on the couch . I think she is happy someone’s home now, when I walked into the house there she sat in the middle of the kitchen floor which is becoming her new thing when people leave .

The blue bird is back peeking into my living room window and tapping on the screen this has been going on for about two weeks now off and on . Can’t figure it out . I know it makes Miss Abigail a bit unsettled . I really just do not know why . I’m afraid if we open my living room door it will come flying in and I’m just going to say I will be the one then outside (hahaha) I am not getting stuck in a house with a bird . Well the washer just stopped so time to finish that and start supper . Hoping for a beautiful sunset later to capture , it’s been a bit since I posted one . Love them so much.🙂

A productive day…

Hello! so first time I have been on all day 3:00 in the afternoon here and supper is cooking It’s a night before my Sons Track meet so it’s a pasta night he likes pasta the night before so it’s baked Stuff shells and and spinach Ravioli  I did some house decluttering and now I am sitting for a bit before everyone comes home for supper so I must say this day went pretty fast for a rainy one usually rainy days just drag on .Miss Abigail is sleeping it away, a life of a cat.  a nice productive day. The house looks good well right now until everyone gets home 🙂 I feel like I am just rambling so I guess I will get off here for now and check my supper .have a good day everyone.