Proud Mom!

imageThe photo is blurry taking from far away …the guy in the middle is my son. Very proud of him , he won all his running events  at Friday Nights Meet And he beat his own score from last yr. so proud of him . He loves track it’s one of his passions and stress release. I hope he can do this in college if not there is always a track around to run on. He has worked so hard building himself up he’s has a good built on him for a runner (the picture doesn’t show it )  but he is a fast runner still. He was tired when he came home around 11 the meet went until 9:30 but  grabbing their gear and loading the bus then riding back to the school for their cars in the nasty fog we had  it took a bit and then unloading  the bus it was yes 11 by the time he walked through the door. Then was up at 6 this morning to head to MtMonadnock one of our highest mt around to hike it with two of his buddies . They made it to the top and said all they could see was fog being so high up but it was a great work out. Always up for a challenge those boys.Oh to be 17 again, the endless energy the world felt like we owned it, the feeling of anything was possible oh that feeling .Do I feel old😂  Well what can we do … Well it’s time for the football game going to enjoy it with my hubby ❤️

So Proud….

ts night time and from my open window I can hear the peepers thier especially vocal tonight must be because of such a warm day. I sit here proud  if you read this  afternoons  post my son had his 1st spring track meet and he did exceptually  well he came in first in all his events believe me I’m not bragging and he is not bragging about it he works so hard does this  for himself andhis team he has  just alwasy had the drive  he was a late walker and lets say when he learned he ran everyone always had to tell him walking feet.well no more.. running it is hahaha and I couldn’t be prouder .Great start to the season.

The season begins

Today Spring track season begins .My Sons first meet sadly I will be missing this one where the track is located it’s to  much walking for this hip to bare …I will catch the next one that will be at his school. So proud of him he has worked so hard he is such a great runner sadly he puts so much into it that its not a pleasant evening  for about 2hrs after it because   his body and mind. Need to relax ,he is so spent after these meets but it’s a  adrenaline rush before them….such a  vicious cycle . I will have food ready for him when he is done . then it will be homework and bed . life of a teenage athlete.


Hello everyone hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday after noon. today the temps have dipped down to 38 from 60’s on Saturday that’s  when my daughter I spent the day taking a ride getting Starbucks a cold one and having silly conversations oh yes silly.. people would not understand 🙂 So the Starbucks drink we enjoyed  was a salted caramel brule  latte really good especially if your a caramel lover. Today I am enjoying a dark chocolate hot chocolate as my Husband and I wait for the football game to come on the TV and  enjoy a quiet day except for the sound of the wind blowing which bothers my pups so much it makes him shake and pace around  ,thank goodness he is finally settled down and is sleeping … as well as my husband and Son ..tired guys.

My Son made it to States in X Country for his team with one other teammate on the boys side  the whole girls team made it . So they where thrilled my son didn’t make it past States to go to Nationals but he was okay with that because its his first State in X Country so he gave it his all and now is tired and ready for a break . I am a proud Mom … no matter if he wins or looses he always gives it his all so now he has a  week off  then indoor track starts were he does hurdles. I am already tired for him just thinking about it. It was  a busy weekend so today is a lazy refuel Sunday  well my family is needing me a mothers job never ends  Okay everyone enjoy your Sunday as I will.


What a week it was..

it’s been 4 days since I was last on here which seem like forever. last week was very busy  challenging  and a moment of change. My daughter finally found herself a car she has been sharing my car for two years yes two years , I do not drive that often so it worked out especially in the winters because I worried about slipping  on ice with my hip.Summer was a little more challenging with my son being out of school for summer vacation and needing to be places . Its funny how after doing something for so long you adapt and knowing that this is so great for my daughter and her independency . It was a moment of change and reality that my daughter is an adult … yes I did realize this but this was  just  an awakening for me .   I know this will make things easier for me  that when I do need to do something or just want to go somewhere I can I can just do it , tell you a little secret sometimes it was nice if my daughter needed the car for work then I could stall doing what I needed  to do. yes I know not good but sometimes just staying home is not so bad . well now I have no choice. very happy though  for my daughter .It was time. Also during this pass week my Son had his first outdoor track meet for this yr. His team won!! and my son was amazing he came  in 2nd in the Javelin 2nd in triple jump and 1st in both of his hurdle races I am so proud of him I am happy I can write it on my blog my son does not like me writing it on my facebook or posting pictures he doesn’t want it to look like I am bragging. I am not just so proud and want to share that is it. I am so proud of his whole team they all were so amazing .. Sad part I did have to watch it from my car it was on Friday and it was so cold snowing or sleeting off and on and windy and my hip and legs would not do well sitting there so I stayed in the car my husband walked around and watched . Sadly on Saturday he woke up sore and at first we thought because he worked so hard and the cold had stiffened his muscles but as  the day when on it came apparent he had come down with what was going around at his school and in our town so he has been in bed off and on sleeping with a fever and body aches . poor guy. so like I said it’s been quite a week and a cold one for April it’s unbelievable this weather everyone around us has something. so that sums it up of my busy week …and another milestone . Do not blink because life changes so fast and kids grow up way to fast.


Good Morning Everyone. It’s Friday the sun is shining and no snow coming to my area, a plus because I do not enjoy the snow, for my Son I would take it so he could snowboard ….I believe this season he has only snowboarded twice. I am a proud mom he is on his way to making it to the the state championships in his indoor track Team at school I am proud of all the kids they have worked so hard . Tonight he has a meet my husband will go it’s a late one so it will be busy and really no place to sit so with not being able  to be on my feet for 3hrs I will be with him in thought and he knows this. I laugh because he tells me it is just fine I get nervous when you and dad are there .so when my husband goes he is out of sight. …just got to love him this boy is so independent and his drive to  do things makes my head spin. I never imagined when I had my kids how time would just fly by one day  I am changing diapers and sleepless nights to graduations jobs drivers licenses and still sleepless nights waiting for their safe return home. I will take it. everyday is a new moment a new challenge a new memory. my life feels like a beginning to a new chapter.