Today it’s been a year since our Pups left us to go play over the rainbow bridgeūüė• I miss this little boy everyday , he was always by my side, he followed me throughout the house as I cleaned. laid by my side on the couch while watching TV , reading ,coloring or just snuggling next to me on a quiet cold winter day . He was my protector when my hubby and the kids where out and my sleeping buddy when my hubby worked nights I miss those big brown eyes that would greet me at the front door every time I arrived home . I will forever hold him in my heart ‚̧ԳŹ



It’s a beautiful ¬†warm Spring Sunday ¬†Sitting outside absorbing in the Sun’s energy. The trees are budding ¬†the grass is awakening with green. Miss Abigail sits at the open window with her big green eyes taking in the sounds of the wild life and the fresh clean scentof the air. Yes Spring is here but one thing that is missing is you and that my faithful friend makes this all feels a bit off ¬†kilt. So another new thing to adapt to another new thing to except. I will close my eyes and listen to the ¬†breeze and feel it brush my face feel the warmth of the sun on my face and know you are not gone but all that ¬†all surrounds me you are the sun and the wind. …

Changes …why…

This Spring season is so different then last year usually the beginning of Spring makes me feel refresh excited to set my decks up with all the outside furniture. ..This year It’s just so unbelievably different I am doing the what I miss thing believe me I do feel very blessed and I am so blessed.. but change is not an easy thing for me and this Spring is what I call a Spring of change . Let’s see I miss my faithful Pups who loved when this season came we got outside on the deck and embraced¬† together the suns warmth¬† and he has now passed over the winter, I write with¬† a tear in my eye. I miss my Son not having his drivers license he is always out and about which he got this winter. So I am always doing the where are you text’s and worries.¬† I miss outings with my daughter now its very rare if we go out and spend time together, since she found new friends this winter .. ughhh so much change this winter that now has made¬† this Spring a very big change to adjust to.¬† I know I have occupied myself around my family for so long¬† which felt like the thing to¬† do when we had started a family and no one told me that this time would come this quick and I now feel I have lost myself I need to find myself again¬† does anyone have any ideas for me ? How to do this? To make anew .¬† To take the bad the difference and make it good. Would love some advice.


Hello everyone hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday after noon. today the temps have dipped down to 38 from 60’s on Saturday that’s¬† when my daughter I spent the day taking a ride getting Starbucks a cold one and having silly conversations oh yes silly.. people would not understand ūüôā So the Starbucks drink we enjoyed¬† was a salted caramel brule¬† latte really good especially if your a caramel lover. Today I am enjoying a dark chocolate hot chocolate as my Husband and I wait for the football game to come on the TV and¬† enjoy a quiet day except for the sound of the wind blowing which bothers my pups so much it makes him shake and pace around¬† ,thank goodness he is finally settled down and is sleeping … as well as my husband and Son ..tired guys.

My Son made it to States in X Country for his team with one other teammate on the boys side¬† the whole girls team made it . So they where thrilled my son didn’t make it past States to go to Nationals but he was okay with that because its his first State in X Country so he gave it his all and now is tired and ready for a break . I am a proud Mom … no matter if he wins or looses he always gives it his all so now he has a¬† week off¬† then indoor track starts were he does hurdles. I am already tired for him just thinking about it. It was¬† a busy weekend so today is a lazy refuel Sunday¬† well my family is needing me a mothers job never ends¬† Okay everyone enjoy your Sunday as I will.


A New Day!!

I woke to a new day¬† sun shining big¬† blue sky and saw this simple beautiful rose out side my front door and¬† I just looked at it so bright and peaceful soaking in the sun not bad for¬† a November cold morning ..it was¬† just being and I sighed thinking now if this world could be as content as this rose taking in each day as it comes blossoming with not a care in the world just being …sometimes just being is such a beautiful feeling.. so I stood there admiring it as long as possible as¬† the world around me was¬† in total chaos over our new elected President , rioting in the streets in the cities and on the media¬† and people in my town voicing their opinions again and not being very nice I just turned off the sites and started on with my day with a thank you to this rose for showing me¬† that life is still beautiful and life still goes on and we have the choice to watch or not , to shut everything off and make it into a beautiful positive day . Positive was the direction I went, okay I will warn you¬† nothing exciting but I enjoyed a peaceful quiet cup of coffee and then did things around my house with my pups by my side happily carrying his toy in his mouth¬† once things were in there right place I¬† settled down to watch¬† my favorite soap opera with a cup of hot chocolate and watched the drama unroll through my show, now this drama I can handle.¬† Soon the quietness will be replaced with¬† dinner plates clanging my family chatting about their day and for me I will sit and listen laugh and smile as contentment sets in and that my friends is a good day.



As I sat outside on my porch swing¬† and enjoyed my morning coffee. I am amazed at how every Spring and summer seem to feel just a little bit more different.let me elaborate,it’s just when the kids were little and Spring and summer¬† arrived I felt renewed alive…time to pull out all the outdoor items and set the yard up for endless summer days and fun.So this meant kiddie pools and tiny tyke picnic table and swinging and looking for fireflies. then once again life stepped in like it should and I held on tighter. ūüôā so school yrs began and that came with friends camp outs in the back yard movie nights with friends slip and slides then eating watermelon and seeing who could spit the seeds the farthest remember those days ? then the back yard got smaller to them and the endless days at the public town pool was the new place so as the kids swam and ate treats from the snack bars and played kickball on the premises then back in the pool us parents sat by the pool and absorbed the sun and socialized with one another.life once again slowed down life was great Then the train of life rolled again and middle school was here and the pool was no longer the happening place then the summer jobs and and more friends and you know the rest. they grew up. even though my son is 16 he still needs me and my daughter go out to lunch together and shop and have beautiful long talks ..but its so much more different my sons¬† world is his¬† friends and running with them and the occasional loud sound of his music¬† that rocks my house but not enough of those moments more looking at my phone checking for him to tell me he needs to be picked up or that he is sleeping over I believe I look at my phone more then his baby blue eyes. I know how it is suppose to be and I thought I was ready I did everything a mom does and I let go a bit like I should but no one tells you how hard it can be.it’s just a lot more quieter. yes I¬† believe I am going through the mommy blues hahaha I do still¬† take out the kiddie pool for my pups hahaha he loves his pool so I guess some things do not change hahaha.

Relaxing…. sad..

So second day not feeling well . My couch and pups was my best friend today.I hate when you want to sleep but you just can’t get comfortable. …just awful¬† I tossed and turn then decided to color in my¬† adult coloring book and watch my¬† my day time show¬† after that I decided to go outside since we hit the mid 50’s ¬† and sitting on my deck felt like 60′ that’s when I saw this guy. He was looking up at me at first but I couldn’t¬† get the picture in time, I was shocked how he looked at me then sat there for a bit not giving me a time a day he was concentrating on my bird feeder.I can’t believe I didn’t freak out. My son and I do not not have a good relationship with squirrels hahaha When we first built our house one got in our house after many tries I guess they were curious to the smell of¬† food cooking …the land had been their playground for years until we bought it and built so they kept coming up to our decks and our kitchen window by jumping from our deck .creepy seeing a squirrel stuck to your window screen looking at you, so like I said one manage to get in by chewing the screen and my son and I were home at the time. well we both screamed and the squirrel was just as scared as us he started running everywhere we freaked when he came near us and¬† we ran out the door not thinking hmmm we are out here but the squirrel is in our house well we had that wrong .Eventually we got him out fixed the screen. and now they know we are here and are not to much of a bother but what a time that was ..so when I saw this little guy had to post.Screenshot_2016-04-14-17-08-02