Quiet times..

The wind is roaring once again. Even tho the sun is peeking out between the clouds it’s still cold and January ugh.. yes not my month. The house is clean no rumbling of the washing machine going . A quiet afternoon . That being said I helped myself to an afternoon cup of coffee and going to enjoy my day time shows . My letters are sent out especially one for my son. Hopefully it gets to him sooner then the last ones.

This new year I’m trying to make it as a time for more peace of mind .. letting go of my kids more as a disciplinary parent but a parent of two adult kid’s and being someone they can come to if they need advice and no judgement just letting them lead the life they choose . And I’m thinking this will make us even closer if that makes sense ? So Im going to try to relax my mind that can think way too much and let go of the status of what everyone else is doing not matter to me. I go onto Facebook and I’m seeing how this person and that person is doing this and that and then feel like I should be doing things also yes I know Facebook is so good for that. but sadly it’s not what I want to do . I want to spend more time doing things that put my mind at peace and do for me and my family, I feel like I need to stop being a people pleaser to those who really do not care . Let me just say this is going to be a very hard habit to break. But I Hope journaling ..blogging will help this. And to stop feeling guilty when I say no to something . It’s a funny thing my son has this trait of mine as well ,making everyone happy but then after realizes he made the wrong people happy then the ones he should of ,even tho he doesn’t need to make people happy but the point is he always looks back and feels the guilt creep up on him like I do. He’s young he has time to learn. I’ve been doing this too long and so now I’m deciding that it’s time for me to do this for myself. and that will make for a happier me and my family. Life’s funny they say our life is our own but why do we for the most part want or do or be what everyone is. A question I ask myself often. I am simple and I live simple I like to just spend time with my family my close friends , read, write , enjoy my coffee , shows adult coloring, long rides with my husband, making my house what I want, laughing over silly things,late night conversations with daughter . Goofing with my son. That’s what I want and need. So again why do I ask myself the question I just stated.?