imageGood Morning ! The 1st day of March so unbelievable…. and a possible Nor”eastern on its way in … Better run to the grocery store !  Not this  lady  ,did my run yesterday 🙂 I figured the day before the advisories, the warnings would go   up on the TV ,beeped in on our phones I knew everyone would be out getting thier food you know ..eggs milk bread  oh believe me I’m not making fun I picked those extras up especially the bread and milk because if power goes out we can eat pb & j  we do have a generator but you can’t or we don’t run everything on it  Any how happy I ran the day before now to just wait and see what comes … House is quiet just Miss Abigail and I home..always the case . I’m  enjoying my coffee and news  and enjoying the sun we have right now.

Quiet Morning

Quiet Morning , my Son is off to his 1st day of  his Senior yr of Highschool so bittersweet … he and I are ready for his last yr  he is ready to  graduate but where did the time go?  My youngest so it’s just so unbelievable how fast this time  has went. Does it always seem faster  then your oldest child? So I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee and the news and Miss Abigail is sleeping away she looks so comfy and content,  to be a cat hahaha  I Think how I Kaye’s in bed last night thinking I would dread this morning tear up but I didn’tinstead I was to busy  Fighting my way to just get a photo of him and yes I won 🙂 my son does not like his picture taken well especially if it’s his mother because he was saying oh now you will post it on Facebook and say all this sappy stuff ahh no I didn’t well yes I posted it but did not get all sappy so he will be surprised. Now other mothers did when they posted their kid’s  so I think struggling to get a photo helped with not being tesary eye . Well going to enjoy my coffee and start this day .

Just because!!!!

I was only going to post photos on Monday but I just couldn’t wait on this one. it’s a snowy morning and thankfully my son, husband and daughter made it to school and work safely. I had just finished my coffee and caught up on some news and decided it was time to get some things done around the house ,when I walked by my couch I noticed  my couch pillows all piled up on the corner of my couch …as I took a closer look I found this …hahahah it made my morning.  My pups I think he does not like the snow.20160210_083447