The quietness …

It’s 10:30 at night and laying here in bed in the darkness taking in the stillness.. the quietness of my house. It’s been this way for several months now no sound of music or tv in the next rooms or the sound of laughter echoing in the house. Throughout the night Just quietness . Something I’m adjusting to . Not a bad thing actually for the moment comforting because this quietness is not a worry feeling but a reassuring one kids are doing what they should be doing their making a life . Their not running all over town doing god knows what or where. I say this because in our Town three young adults in their 20’s were in a terrible car accident the night before and it took the life of one of the three ..leaving the other two in serious condition in the hospital. I feel for this family and the girl who’s life was cut short. Do not know all the details no one really knows at this point still figuring it out . But one thing is speed was a factor and these young adults all they do is run and so on . So I take this quietness and am grateful that I’m not wondering where my kids are . I just pray when my son comes home he stays on the foundation he is building …of course I cannot wait for some noise it will be welcoming and there will be since he is leaving 12 days later for more training so friends will be here to see him. but knowing that he is growing and maturing will be a nice feeling too , and I hope his humbleness he has lately being away stays with him. I will always pray for them to be safe and well and happy . But knowing their starting to settle into a life of their own . The quietness will not be a sign of emptiness or sadness but of a new journey my husband and I will be happy to live with. For months now we have taken this quietness as sadness when all along we should have embraced it as a start of good things our family is where they should be. We did good and now to keep praying for all this and keep the faith they stay on the right path. So as I drift off to sleep with the stillness of our house I will pray for peace and yes for the families of this terrible tragedy ..


Quietness …

Quietness surrounds me and Miss Abigail this morning. Okay except for the humming of the washing machine .. nothing new. The skies are giving away to clouds coming in But the sun is getting through it’s nice having the windows open today . Ahh kitchen is even clean thankfully, everyone’s out and I can just be for awhile. Miss Abigail sleeping away in her chair. As I wait for the washer to finish thankfully a small load , I sit and enjoy my coffee and catch up on the morning news. Cannot believe it’s Wed already the week is flying by. I guess running around at the beginning of the week so much can do that . I keep saying I need to find a new routine but as I sit here I think , I have 🙄 I wake in the morning shower throw a load of wash in clean the kitchen up from the morning breakfast chaos in which case hasn’t been too bad lately then grab my coffee enjoy it while catching up on the morning news ..write in my blog and check out my blog friends posts . Then after start my errands if needed in town and so on . Not much when you are a stay at home mom with kids that now are adults and one living at home but in her own place downstairs and works has her friends ..boyfriend and on occasion we go out for coffee and chat . My son leaving next week for Basic for 6months . Leaves me with time to catch up with friends . Read blog , write, weekends spend with the hubby doing more things out , which usually lessens during the winter so it will be takeout and movie night at home . So I guess I found my routine . But why do I feel like something is missing or it’s not enough …. why has been my question since my son graduated in June . My need to take care of him is not needed. I’ve connected with old friends again gone out a bit more found the love of books again . Spending time with hubby has not change we are alway connected. Hmm just don’t know. See same questions I keep rolling around in my head. It’s not that I don’t feel content I do . Hmm anyone have an answer? Would love to hear it . 🙂 let me know . For now it’s grab sm load out of washer .

Back to business ..

Hubby and daughter back to work . Son back to his daily routine of gym , running , and for myself taking a break while the humming of the washing machine is doing its thing. Then there’s Miss Abigail sleeping the afternoon away in the old rocking chair she has seemed to take over . Anyone who sits in it while she isn’t she will walk around you until you get up. Today is a good day for her to be lazy since the temps are in the 90’s and humid you wouldn’t believe it was September …. so supper will be bacon burgers and chips nice and simple and it will keep the house cool not having to run the oven. It was a nice three day weekend sitting around the bonfire , laughing with family nice way to finish the summer days off . Now the town seems quieter as well as my son with all his friends gone off to college close and far he is having some quieter days that he is not use to. Soon enough he will be away to Basic Training so the quiet time is a good thing for now . The humming of the washer has stopped so that is my cue to throw it in the dryer …. once again busy with something.

Where did the day go..

This day flew by as fast as the evening did it’s 10:00 at night as I write this . I was going to read but then got sidetracked on here so reading my book may wait another day. Nothing like getting on your phone to search something and before you know it your on everything else. Sitting in the living room with Miss Abigail country awards is blaring from the TV really not watching just listening to the bands as my hubby is asleep in bed .the kids are out as usual .. times have change no more curfews for my youngest now that he’s 18 my oldest has her own entrance into the house whenever she gets home. Now to say I do not worry a bit when their out would be a joke.. moms always worry . Trying though to be better about it . I know it’s only 10 , I could read but I know that will bring me to 2in the morning. I guess I will call it a night and settled into bed with my sleeping hubby and air conditioner. Good night everyone.


Good Morning ,it’s been some quiet mornings this week just Miss Abigail and I she’s roaming around in the house as I sit outside enjoying my coffee . Another beautiful day suns shining the air is a bit cooler then the other mornings but feels refreshing. I have been trying to get use to these moments of quietness … as each day passes it’s one day closer to a quieter house. No more doors opening and closing continuously , no houseful of kids ransacking our cupboards for food. No loud music playing unless it’s my hubby or I (hahaha) I think that actually will be me playing more music to drown out the quietness.. no more sport meets to run too that will be the hardest for my hubby to adjust to.. My children will still live at home for a bit ..but now they will both be adults and living their life doing their thing . My daughter working getting closer to her new boyfriend spending more time away from the house, my son ,college / National Guards and spending also more time away as well. . Time sure does fly by and I’m still / trying to adapt to a new journey myself . I will be spending more time now with friends then taking care of this house. I’m hoping my hubby can adapt easily he is thinking a lot about things too … I know I need to go back to my motto ..take it one day at a time . Hmmm so hard taking your own advise. Oh but I will. 🙂

Quiet …

Ahh so happy there is really no snow coming our way, I want the schools track to stay clear . 3rd day of track and field practice for my son. I believe he’s enjoying it. I’m happy to see him content at the moment . The evenings here and my hubby and I have finished our dinner and cleaned up the kitchen now we are just relaxing in the quietness of our house watching the evening news and it’s 6:30 here and still light out which is a plus. My daughter is still working but heading back out later with a friend., my son arrived home from practice with a couple of his buddies and have gone out can’t complain he’s been home the past three nights , that’s a record for him hahaha.. after the news I think I will settle and read the book my daughter lended me . It feels nice to be reading again. . I think we will have company though when my daughter goes out later Miss Abigail will be laying with my hubby and I ❤️


Hi Everyone it’s Monday night this day went by as fast as the weekend. It was a nice morning sitting at our kitchen table enjoying my coffee with both my kids . Chatting about whatever came up. It was a nice moment then my son left for school and my daughter and I went about the house cleaning what needed to be attend too. Then we got ready to go to the garage to see about some tires for her car and after she treated me to a coffee . We sat and chatted for awhile in a place some people may find uncomfortable , unusual , we have always found it peaceful quiet most defiantly quiet unless it’s a windy day and you can hear the wind blowing the trees overhead or if it’s warm and the car windows are down you feel the slight breeze touch your face gently or feel the warmth of the sun with the beautiful sky above . Okay I will say where it is the cemetery .. yes I said the cemetery there’s no one to judge you , no traffic .. and our love ones are there so we go there and check on things but stay and chat ,laugh which I think our love ones would not have a problem with. . Like I said no one to judge you there. Yes there are other places we have but this is just one of them and where we went today. It’s peaceful . Do you have an unusual place you find peaceful?