The night darker then usual the moon is covered in clouds ,no shadow upon my walls instead a very darken room filled with nothing but quietness ..and my thoughts that seem to occupy my mind. Endless thoughts with no place to escape . What to do if only I knew the answers….


Friday !

Its Friday ! bills are paid house is clean laundry’s done and put away and stuff shells baking for dinner..a well productive day and I even fit in an hr to watch my favorite soap opera. Now I just relax and wait for whoever comes home for dinner oh I know my husband will it’s my kids that I’m thinking of, our  front door swings open so many times a day now with their comings and goings I stop counting.  Ahh the life with grown kids.   I think being a Friday  night it will be a quiet one for my husband and I  no sitting out under the stars the rain came in has they predicted so I think will settle in and watch a movie , movies we have that we have been wanting to watch. Okay everyone have a great  rest of the day in my part of the globe.

Photo Monday!

Good Morning this is my Photo Monday. I took this during the weekend its my quiet day ..My husband was working, my kids off doing their thing so I did this. I went and grabbed my pick me up butter pecan ice coffee so good from Dunkin Doughnuts very popular coffee doughnut shop in my part of the globe.Hit the spot doing one of my favorite things and  love that I am getting back into  it reading , I go through that  from time to time. I think we all do with something or another. I am finding that I am having more  time for this kind of day now , it’s nice. I may not do this today the temps are in there 90’s and humid and my deck will be about a 100 because no shade hits it until 3 in the afternoon. So it’s an indoor air conditioner or store kind of day. what I mean about a store I mean errands need to be run. Okay going to finish my coffee and start this day …have a great day everyone. 20170608_141634


Free time… what to do?

So another quiet weekend ..yes this is probably now going to be the new norm. I should be enjoying it , okay I was but now with each passing weekend even some week days it’s sadly out of my comfort zone. Yes I said that. I am just so use to doors slamming shut music blasting through walls running around cleaning up after everyone and now the house is always clean doors and walls quiet just the sound of the house creaking or my husband snoring hahaha well with the cold temps at the moments movies have been our new thing snuggle under the warm blankets in the comfort of our bedroom , going  for rides again for a coffee or just riding I know ….why am I finding issue with this? a lot of people would love this free time.  I’m just such a take care of someone or something kind of person. It’s just what I do . but now I need to rewire my brain hahaha and try to get use to this so I am going to get back into reading books again I use to love reading but it took me forever to get through one . I am thinking of summer with my husband at the drive in movies and sites to check out that my hip will allow. More summer evening at our favorite eatery sitting on their patio. Okay I can do this hahaha can anyone give me some suggestions like good reads , movies,  activities? would love some ideas .


Back to the normal..

The decorations are packed  up put away the tree is stripped of its decorations and now sadly is outside , beautiful tree it was my Son did well picking it It was the easiest tree to put up and believe me that is a surprising thing for us we have had many that have fallen over hopefully the birds and the squirrels will fine refuge in it from the weather and get to enjoy it.  The house is back to normal less cluttered back in order and yes now back to the norm of course it’s raining …the house is clean supper is cooking and the quietness is almost eerie the the kitty Miss Abigail is cozy and sleeping soundly on the couch my Son is back to school with sleepy eyes I know the feeling, the early morning was a hard one. My Husband and Daughter are working so here I sit now and write my day time show is back on schedule so that has been watched . I like this feeling after Christmas I am always ready relieved when its over and feels new. how about you how do you feel when Christmas is over and the New Year has come. let me know.


Photo Monday!!!

This library is in walking distance of my home a beautiful walk at that through my beautiful woods. It was built in 1918 and all build from boulders it’s a very serene little place that is a two room space of shelves of laughter, history romance, sadness sad stories, informational. Adults and children love this little library and I myself. enjoy my Monday photo.20160306_145315