Easy day…

Its rained all day and it’s been a cool one couldn’t get enough hot cups of coffee or tea in my hands to warm them up . Happy I was out the day before getting everything done that needed to be . Then I could just worry about things around the house. An easy day ,laundry was all set ,house was not bad and supper was breakfast for supper …hot and delicious comport food ! So that being send after catching up on a tv show I recorded I started going through my books deciding on what to keep and what to send to the local church tag sale. There is only so much space to keep my favorites.. before looking like a book hoarder ( hahaha) I really need to renew my library card . I have books at the moment but do have a list of books I want so I will then get them at the library it’s cheaper too. Plus you can rent movies there as well. My hubby and I can enjoy some movies on the weekends cold winter nights . When football isn’t playing ..

I will say I love the DVR that works so great ! Used it finally today so yes the show I caught up on today was the first time I used this feature since we updated our tv dish . Love it . My daughter has just texted me to say she is on her way home soon from work so I could make some pancakes for her with the home fries I made earlier and saved for her and my son. I think my son will be all set he’s out with friends and they always grab food out and one never knows when he will be home . In a week I will know where he is every night . Even though he will be away in another State I will know he will be in one place every night ..bed sleeping 🙂 that part is comforting , right now it feels like he’s just wondering …during the day he’s working out staying in shape at night he’s out well not every night but it’s a guessing game and it’s hard to get sleep when my mind starts to wonder where he is . I know I’m such a mom(hahaha) after I make my daughters food I will settle in with the hubby’s and watch the new tv show FBI , it’s really interesting. Well she will be home soon so I guess it’s time to get off here for the night.


Newest Read…

Last night feeling a bit under the weather I started the book I had bought back while ago at the book store with my son. I must say its a bit sad , talks about a dark time in history about the Holocaust . The book is written beautiful and with sensitivity . I love Danielle Steele she is such a beautiful author . I could of read well after midnight but stopped myself to settle into some sleep at a decent time. Today feeling still under the weather and it being a rainy dark cool day I still needed to run errands that included stopping at our local convenient store and getting their lg cup of delicious hot chocolate.. so chocolaty and creamy for only .99 cents with my daughter. to help along being out in the cold ,then it was time to get home and get somethings done around the house… hoping to settle soon and read some more. I’m due to have some of this rainy day to relax.. And that being said I think I will start now. So have a good night everyone while I go and enjoy my book.

Ahh relaxing night..

Good Morning! After a day of coming down from the graduation cloud .. my phone calmed down with friends texting me about the day . I was able to relax and read my book. My hubby was sleeping so no interruptions (hahaha) when we are relaxing and he is watching TV and I am reading he does this “look did you see that , wasn’t that funny” so I look over my book or at him and like hmm (hahahs) he hasn’t got the message yet that hmm means I don’t care I’m reading. He means well a habit always… so him sleeping was good , both kids where out so I was comfortable and read a chapter and then fell asleep 🙄 I woke with the book to my side the light on and noticing my son was home . looking at the clock it was 1 in the morning . I guess I needed sleep after all the late nights so moved my book , turned the light off and fell back to sleep . Woke to another cold rainy morning , coffee taste so good on this kind of day …well coffee taste good on any day. 🙂 watching the news my phone isn’t buzzing like it was yesterday everyone I’m thinking have calmed down now.

Today will be cleaning out my back spare room that has become a laundry /junk room .. I want to make it into a reading or just another place to go if you want some time to yourself , hoping to find a cheap desktop computer to put in there . But first it needs to be cleaned out . Coffee is almost finished I guess I will get this day going .