Rainy Sunday..

It’s a cold rainy Sunday. Not complaining better then the ice and snow they first predicted. So just having a very lazy day , slept in then dragged myself to the shower and finally made it to the kitchen for my morning coffee.. at this point I think I need several to get me out of this blah feeling . My joints hurt which is always the case when it rains ..so it’s not a myth. Maybe do some things around here or not.. 🙄 need to order some gifts online then I may just Adult color or read. Hoping my son calls today . He did state on Thanksgiving he may have one more phone call left before Basic Training Graduation . I hope so .. I wrote a letter the weekend after Thanksgiving I’m thinking he may have just received it . No letters from him because he will be so busy but he did state keep the letters coming . Sadly with how it takes so long for him to get them I keep holding back to send one more out . It will be graduation by the time he gets it , if he even gets it I did send my congrats in the last letter since I will not be able to fly out to see him graduate my hubby will be there . He understands . I will stay back and with the help of my daughter in between her work schedule she will help me wash his bedding again to freshen it up . Dust his room . And help me stock up for food that he likes plus Christmas Eve and Christmas Day food. That will keep my mind busy well maybe…. I know I ll be thinking of him constantly that day with a tear in my eye one for not being there with him and second because I am so proud of him. I do miss writing to him . Love writing it felt good. Hopefully when he goes back for his next training it’s letters only instead of cellphones even though being only a text away would be nicer .I’m afraid he will get wrapped up with his friends and use his texting time on his friends….. he is only 18 . Friends are so important at that age , even though his letters he’s been so humble . Will see. Hubby’s snoozing on the couch while waiting for his team to play .. Sunday Football . My daughters with her boyfriend then work this afternoon. Late but short shift. Miss Abigail is sleeping away in our bean bag chair oh to be a cat ,she makes sleeping look so nice. Well time to do a few things so I can sit back down and color or read .


Friday rainy day nothings…

Rainy day . ..a calm quiet day , temps are cool, things are done around the house just supper has to be made but that’s in a bit . Enjoying some hot chocolate while talking with my daughter. My son left at 6 this morning and arrived home around 2 he has showered and is laying down now . He took a hike up on Mt Greylock an elevation of 3,491 I dislike when he does this hiking alone but he prefers it then he can go at his own pace . The day before I started on another adult coloring page. It’s coming along pretty good. After supper is made and cleaned up and the evening turns into night I think I will work on some more of the page . I guess it’s time to get supper going

Rainy Start..

Good Morning , a late one at that I woke up to the sound of rain hitting against the window . I dragged myself to the shower and then out to the kitchen not wanting to look towards the sink…. knowing my son left his after workout meal dishes….. so I focus my attention on the coffee pot and went to lookout the window to see that for a moment the rain stopped and it brightened up a bit that’s when I saw that my beautiful visitors were back , the two Doe”s they were running around in our front yard in a playful kind of way . Happy I was up later or I would have missed them walking around doing some house work.

The rain is back I’m guessing it will be that kind of day.. any ways my late morning was due to chatting until sometime after midnight with a friend on line . As we are messaging back and forth I had to hold my laughter back to not wake my hubby so thats was a bit hard . It was a fun chat so waking late was worth it. Now it is time to get this day started my coffee is finished .

Rainy day..

it’s a Rainy Spring day , It wasn’t a lazy one Tho , cleaning up had to be done as usual , errands had to be run . Then I had time to do what I really wanted to do. I do like rainy days compared to snow days . I’m not wanting to complain but the warm weather brought allergies . So the rain helped to ease them for a day. Happy to see our wild turkeys are back doing their walk around our property . It’s so funny when your sitting out on your deck and they just walk by we do not even phase them . There was a moment last summer that I had remembered ,my daughter had just came home from work and was still sitting in her car .. most likely checking her messages on her phone because she was looking down I had walked out to the deck and I’m watching the turkeys surrounding her car just looking at her .. Hahahaha she hadn’t a clue until she looked up her expression said it all she spotted me on the deck and rolled her window down yelling help ….in a silly way . I couldn’t help but laugh well the turkeys hearing us ran giving her the room to open her door she ran herself up to our deck . They would not have hurt you I told her she did end up laughing and said well last thing you expect to be surrounded by is a bunch of turkeys in your driveway. True was all I could say but this is the country so expect to see anything at this. Point .

When we first moved in I had just came home from picking the kids up from school my son was in kindergarten my daughter 4th well he pointed straight ahead a little ways from our car sitting under a tree sat a bobcat as content as can be My sons eyes got so big he was like what is that I told him , my daughter thought it was pretty I told the kids to just go straight in to the house leave him be it will run away soon , my son was like no shaking his head staring at it ..hahaha I was like on the count of three will do it together so we did my son ran ran my daughter taking her time wanting to see it as long as she could before it ran off. Oh if only I had a phone back then . That was fun to see so yes can expect anything around here. Well time to clean up supper clutter before my son comes home from the gym to make his 2nd supper .,

Rainy day … Thinking

It’s a rainy Spring day and it was easy to get things done around the house that really needed to be done then rushing around so I could sit out on the deck in the sun or take a drive and get a coffee …believe not a bad thing but so hard to do house work then. Supper is cooking in the crock pot the delicious smell of chicken cooking fills the house.and dusting is done laundry is going now relaxing and thinking about what a friend going to call her that she is one of my followers on my blog and she has one herself and she gave great advice on my last post. on changes and so I am sitting here and thinking about what she said and making my list. I hope she reads this and knows how i am taking her advice. It’s hard though because the person I was before my kids is a bit different or maybe I just lost who i was and its covered under the surface of being the person i am now and I just have to bring that person back to the surface…does that make since ? if you read my last post you will hopefully understand . So I know one thing hahaha I did get a little bit more serious over the years and uptight more which I think I could let go a bit… and I need to let go of feeling guilty for wanting to have more time for what I enjoy when the only one holding me back is me. I think my  kids want that because yes the string needs to be cut a bit . and there the ones cutting it and I am trying to hold on to . So hard this will take sometime maybe baby steps?  ….yes that could work. I  will get back to you on this.

Back to the normal..

The decorations are packed  up put away the tree is stripped of its decorations and now sadly is outside , beautiful tree it was my Son did well picking it It was the easiest tree to put up and believe me that is a surprising thing for us we have had many that have fallen over hopefully the birds and the squirrels will fine refuge in it from the weather and get to enjoy it.  The house is back to normal less cluttered back in order and yes now back to the norm of course it’s raining …the house is clean supper is cooking and the quietness is almost eerie the the kitty Miss Abigail is cozy and sleeping soundly on the couch my Son is back to school with sleepy eyes I know the feeling, the early morning was a hard one. My Husband and Daughter are working so here I sit now and write my day time show is back on schedule so that has been watched . I like this feeling after Christmas I am always ready relieved when its over and feels new. how about you how do you feel when Christmas is over and the New Year has come. let me know.


Just another rainy day…

Another rainy day , what can you do I do Thank Mother Nature because we need this rain , It’s nice to see the rivers back up to where they should be . I do not like the fog and it was foggy driving to school today but my Son did very well driving.  I must say he is an excellent driver I am just a bit worried when he gets on is own with a license he will get to daring . so until that time comes in Feb I will be very strict with him. I have already laid  out the rules and if he breaks them he looses the car privileges whether its my car or his he thought that part was unfair loosing his car but my my husband and I both agree that he is only 16 and we are helping him to save getting his own car or truck . This is when its not easy being a parent.

On another note I was so happy to actually get some good solid sleep wow what a difference it makes . I have been having a hard time this last week with getting good sleep I believe to much thinking before bed does not help… so one it was great my two favorite shows where on and two I have decided I just need to let certain things go sometimes things will fall where they may and I am not going to let this get to me yes…..Christmas is not helping ,my kids are set my husband and I agree we will do something for one another after Christmas but the rest of the family oh my can I just say I surrender hahaha  with so many things due bill wise for instance my Son and driving classes a new truck that my husband was in desperate need of yeah just cannot go crazy this year. So doing the best I can and it is what is. Do you think Christmas is getting to materialistic? let me know I would love to know what you think. so for now I must go have to run some errands . have a great day everyone.