It’s night time .. hubby’s sleeping sons sleeping , my daughter and Miss Abigail are settled down in their place. I’m awake at the moment . Was strolling through my blog followers reading your posts and enjoying them . I like doing this at night when it’s quiet and the TV is off so I can focus my full attention on them . It’s hard when my hubby is awake and has a show on and he’s saying oh look at that or did you see that ? Yeah he means well. But it’s hard to concentrate . I really need to get him to read a book but then you can’t get someone to do something they do not like . He has never been a reader well the local newspaper yes .

My world is reading , writing and yes my shows and news. But at night is more peaceful to write with the soft sound of the fan humming or the distant whistle of the trains going by , some nights when the windows are open you can hear an owl , you wouldn’t think the sound is creepy but it is 🙂 I love nights it’s my comfort zone .. well I read my posts and time for some sleep , let the humming of the fan drift me off to sleep.


Quiet …

Ahh so happy there is really no snow coming our way, I want the schools track to stay clear . 3rd day of track and field practice for my son. I believe he’s enjoying it. I’m happy to see him content at the moment . The evenings here and my hubby and I have finished our dinner and cleaned up the kitchen now we are just relaxing in the quietness of our house watching the evening news and it’s 6:30 here and still light out which is a plus. My daughter is still working but heading back out later with a friend., my son arrived home from practice with a couple of his buddies and have gone out can’t complain he’s been home the past three nights , that’s a record for him hahaha.. after the news I think I will settle and read the book my daughter lended me . It feels nice to be reading again. . I think we will have company though when my daughter goes out later Miss Abigail will be laying with my hubby and I ❤️

Occupying the mind..

I’m settled in bed my daughter lend me a book she was given for Christmas to read . She wasn’t sure if it was something she would like and has others to read . I’ve started it probably will not get to far into it tonight I m feeling like I could go to sleep at any moment. It’s good so far and will keep me busy being that it’s 460 pages long . I will keep you posted how I do with it and when I finish . It’s nice to have a book especially a thick one to get into . Well going to read a bit more then off to bed goodnight everyone.

Poems …

My daughter was reading this book that a friend let her borrow she’s been into these poems ,poetry stories and so she asked if I would like to read it before she gave It back to her friend, well I decided why not a little out of what I usually read but I’ll give it a try it is something different . I must say I really enjoyed it and liked some of the poems, I found myself even relating to some of them .I posted a couple of them that I thought was so fitting and true to my heart at the moment and what my blog has been about and that I’m trying to embrace in my blog.

Can we just stay home……

Ahh finished …and I like how it looks. Simple one but fun . With this flu epidemic I’m okay with staying home . I can Color away and feel no guilt hahaha . I hate how we have this flu going around so bad this yr and everyone cannot just stay home. I understand if you have work and School but after can we all just wash our hands and occupy ourselves at home ? That’s why it was take out on the weekend my hubby said let’s eat out I was like let’s not will order it out and we can watch a movie at home. You know sometimes it’s just has to be …. can we please just put our running around aside .. in trying to stress this to my kids and no they are not listening ughhh … I’ll keep trying . For now it’s reading coloring Movies at home.

Age ….

The Grammy Awards are on tonight and I must say I’m feeling my age music these days are just so not what works for my me .Hahaha well When the Country music performs then I can happily relate while I’m waiting you see my book is out and I am reading🙂 not trying to offend anyone I’m just showing and actually feeling my age .well back to my book .