Rolling my eyes at myself…

So tonight my hubby and I are searching through the TV channels for something to watch ..we come upon the movie The Nun. I knew I should of listen to my hubby when he said your not going to like this it’s a horror movie . I kind of new this , my son had told me about it and I knew it was just wrong in general to watch . Being religious and this movie was just so wrong in many ways . Sadly my curiosity got the best of me and it was half way In to the movie and okay let’s just say I have scared myself several times tonight . Just awful this movie was and I regret watching what little I did. I wonder why things are they are in so many sad ways . My hubby turned it. But not soon enough. I guess that will teach me.

I went outside onto the deck to take in the fresh night air and to focus on something peaceful .I went to look up at the stars and well I striked out again . The clouds have moved in no stars …But I took in the stillness of our darken woods. The sound of the peepers out past the swamp. Occasionally the distant sound of a dog barking. Peaceful it was . At one moment I thought maybe I saw something run across the yard .. maybe a fox or my mind once again playing tricks on me. Yes still regretting .. 🙄 the other night as I laid in bed I could hear the train and it’s whistle from the nearby train tracks but not tonight . Well not yet at least. I let you listen . It’s beautiful.



Settled in on this very cold night cozy under the blankets on my couch watching The Notebook…..LOVE … this is one of my favorite movies and all time favorite romance .It explains life ,endless love devotion what  this couple had to conquer to be able to be together till the end of life… I’m amazed how many marriages do not last anymore how people give up to easily   how we forget love till death do us part. I am not saying all marriages are meant to be together people change circumstances happen but we just do not try like we should, love should be fought for Instead we let it go to easily we let life get to busy with thinking about ourselves and forget about an us.  this why I love this movie it gives you something to still believe is possible even if it’s a movie….If you haven’t watch it you need to,you wont be disappointed it’s pure joy.Screenshot_2016-02-11-21-15-44-1