I have been MIA..

It’s only been 3 days since I have posted but it seems so much longer than that but when your feeling under the weather the last 3 days it feels like a lifetime. I have been fighting or trying to fight what was coming on for about a week now. And Thursday night I had no choice but to surrender. , I have been off and on the couch through the day then by 4 in the afternoon, I spiral down and then Tylenol, tea Chromebook, and the couch become my best friends oh I can’t forget my country music softly playing in the background. It’s been relaxing falling to sleep to it. It occupies my mind from the discomfort of body aches I chuckle when I’m laying here in the dark falling asleep to it because it brings back a youthful moment in life when I was a teenager back home in my bedroom in the dark with my stereo playing love songs or rock music and feeling less weight on my shoulders life was simple no worries no thoughts running endlessly through my mind making my shoulders feel the weight they feel on them now. So even feeling under the weather I believe it’s given me a mental break of reflecting back to some moments that were comforting and no answers to look for. Just music and drifting off into a deep dream sleep. January is a hard month even though it’s been 24 yrs that my dad passed I still remember that dreadful time and day he said goodbye to me. You do not forget something like that. And with all the changes my life, myself have been going through I wish he was here to give me the answers to the questions I have. So these moments of youthfulness just listening to music while I sleep is so soothing.

Now for this sickness it’s been miserable . I am not one to be down . Tonight though feeling a bit more like myself enjoying some London Fog at first I thought it may keep me up but I do not believe it will at the moment with the tea and music I’m feeling very relaxed . Will see.


Relaxing is not a word I use or do often. But I have been wanting to finish the series on Hulu. Looking for Alaska. Originally a book by John Green that I have read twice and honestly could read again because I love it so much. I must say the directors did a perfect job finding the right people to portray the characters that I see clearly in my mind when I read the book. So Chromebook on lap show playing and a nice cup of London Fog in my hands. And yes relaxing. Shocking I must admit.

And Iโ€™m back…

It’s 10:00 at night I’m comfy on my couch wrapped in a cozy blanket in the darken living room have the tv playing country music .. yes I like country music. I like all kinds of music as long as it speaks to me. And country does. As I sit here listening to it . I’m thinking wishing I was still at the beach . Two days was not enough but then again how much would have been .. I literally had to be dragged by my friend out of the hotel. ๐Ÿ˜‚ at least I went. Even though it was a rainy day there I still thought the ocean looked beautiful .But oh it was hard to leave .. it was just so relaxing and we just couldn’t get enough of the sound and the sight and smell of it . Laying in the sun on Saturday with the sun warming us and just letting the sound of the waves take us away in our own thoughts was just such a comforting sound. I’m already missing it. We didn’t do no shopping we had it planned that it would be just soaking up the sun and take in the ocean and enjoying some meals out. And that is what we did . Yes I did have my coffee as well ( haha) a need . I haven’t been relaxed like I was in a very long time. And going with just my bestie I have never done . We always went with our families. So going with just her was really strange at first . I believe when we arrived in Maine I was numb . I just couldn’t believe I was there at the ocean and all I had to worry about was me. Oh what a freeing experience . I have never felt in such a long time actually if ever . All about finding me. And learning there is life after your kids grow up and start their life.well I must cut this short I believe the country music is making my eyes heavy so I’m going to close my eyes and relax and listen to the music. Who know I may just drift off to sleep…This was what we saw from our room and the chairs we spent our Saturday in.

A beautiful day ..

This afternoon my daughter and I ventured out when we left the house it was down pouring. But knowing we were headed for our coffee and lattes it was perfect weather. Yes that’s what we do …we love our lattes. Starbucks had their pumpkin spice flavor out so we enjoyed them while we chatted in the parking lot where we were going to shop ,but coffee first always a given with us . And Starbucks pumpkin spice is the best! After we realized it was a holiday and all the college kids would be shopping. We managed to get through the crowded store and get the things we were looking for. The store was pretty much turned upside down by the college students. All in all it was a nice day spent with my daughter and when we walked out of the store the rain had stopped and the sun peaked out from the clouds . It was so beautiful to see. It’s a quiet rainy night now , yes the rain has decided to make its presence known again. The sound of the rain is calming though and I’m feeling happier ,chatted with my son earlier and he’s happy settling in with a routine. He has one more day until classes starts and is happily keeping himself busy. Now it’s my turn . As of tomorrow I will start my routine . And on the top of my list is spend more time with friends ! Get out more , and yes take care of me . ๐Ÿ™‚

Laid back Tues…

Woke feeling a bit under the weather I laid in bed for a bit. Eventually I found myself to a quick shower and a cup of coffee. I decided to call the Dr . And went in into see her. While filling a prescription for an antibiotic I did a few small errands as well and headed home . I had a UTI so I was told to take the medication and relax no activities . Not being able to focus on a book I turned on my laptop got comfortable in the recliner and caught up on tv shows I have been wanting to do for awhile. And with Sept being the time the new seasons begin with shows I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Family had to offend for themself for supper . I did what I was told sat back and relaxed and caught up. Such a nice feeling. I caught up on A million little things . Love this show but time had gotten away from me so I kept missing all the episodes. Im happy to say I just finished and ready for the new season to come back. Wow such a cliff hanger . Now I remember why I love this show so much. My next episodes to catch up on will start tomorrow . Orange is a new black . This one could take awhile. Now I’m sitting here in the darkness with just the sound of the crickets echoing from the open door. Everyone is in bed already my daughter tho is out with her boyfriend . The house is quiet except yes the sound of the crickets . It’s a peaceful feeling. I could almost just drift off to sleep . Soon I will head to bed but for now I’m thinking of just taking this moment for myself and enjoy… why not..

Ahh Coffee .. mornings

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning the sun is shining the sky is so blue not a cloud in sight…the slight breeze keeps it cool a perfect morning enjoying my coffee outside . The birds are happily making their way from one tree to another.

My hubby and I enjoyed dinner out last night. Since my son was working and asked if we were going into town because at first we were thinking of just grabbing a pizza, we brought him his food he had made then just decided to stay and eat . Happy we did….We both ordered the baked Macaroni and cheese Mine had barque pulled pork on top and my hubby had the honey mustard chicken on top of his . We could not finish it the portion was such a good size and it was filling at that. I have come to like it there because you can sit in a booth or table or at the bar which in my case I cannot because being that I’m 4’11 the bar stools are so high I am not climbing up on them I would look like a little kid at an ice cream shop climbing up on one (hahaha) yes my kids agree. Any way we can sit at the booth as long as we want my hubby enjoying his beer and I a lemonade . I’m not much of a drinker anymore . Coffee is my poison๐Ÿ™‚ we can chat watch tv since there is many all around . Just enjoy. On our way home my hubby wanted a coffee so we went thru the drive- thru and grabbed coffee it was 6:30 way past my time of having a coffee that I knew would keep me up I figured why not it’s the weekend. So we enjoyed . Once home we settled and watched tv until my daughter arrived home from her day at work and left with her boyfriend , my son worked till 10:30 and arriving home at 11 to tell us as we now were settled in bed yes my hubby with the tv on and I grabbing my neglected book . Was letting us know a friend was in town so a bunch of them were going to get together for a bit . When I put my book down at 12:30 he was still out . I woke at 7 to this beautiful day . Amazed even with that coffee I had I fell asleep pretty easy and did get through a lot of my book. My son came home couldn’t say what time as when we woke at 7 he had just headed out the door to take a long run with a friend . And then work for him this afternoon. My daughter is still down in her place Miss Abigail must be sleeping with her . Since she has disappeared once again after coming up for her treat .. she could hear me getting my coffee, this cat doesn’t miss a thing. I guess it’s time to finish my coffee and get off the deck so my hubby can start working on painting them . I will eventually settle under a tree in the shade with my book๐Ÿ™‚.

Taking in the sounds..

It’s late afternoon everyone at work just sitting out on the deck enjoying the sounds of this peaceful day. while the rain holds off. The clouds are moving in so soon the rain will come down once again . The breeze is cool but pleasant . It’s nice . It’s getting darker out and the breeze is picking up. I think I just felt a rain drop fall on my head . I guess it’s time to go inside. It was pleasant while it lasted. ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy the sounds I posted.