Sunday Drive!

My hubby knew I was feeling under the weather but asked if I wanted to take a ride and see how much snow had accumulated I’n the towns around us . I said yes that would be relaxing so we went it was nice we chatted as we looked at all the snow that was out in the woods in those towns ,then we went further and by the time we where done we had been driven for two hours it was nice . I love the pictures I captured . We do not have all this snow where we live it’s been melting since the day it fell. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Coloring !

It’s Sunday night hubby and I are watching the Winter Olympics and I am Adult Coloring . My nerves feel on edge ..this change of life is not easy to deal with …women you know what IM talking about My mood swings are the worst . I feel sorry for my hubby hahaha I warned him 🙂 ahhh he has is moods so its all good . So we thought we settle in our bedroom and watch tv and I will color as well . House is quiet except for the on and off sound of little paws sounding like she is doing laps around the house Miss Abigail in her active moments. My page is coming along , this one is time consuming but not challenging which is what I usually like so it will be nice to finish this one up and start a more challenging page. .

Saturday Ride..

Today after all the errands where done my hubby and I took a ride first we grabbed a coffee …of course.. then off we went , it was a nice and relaxing drive . It doesn’t get anymore backroad country driving then this . I capture some photos for you to see a part of my world we call home. The Bridge you see is a one car lane , it’s a very beautiful iconic bridge ,people love taking a walk on this in the Spring Fall ..winter . The kids love taking selfies on here for graduation pic or just for fun , and yes It’s fun to drive across too .The back roads are so peaceful as well being in the 40’s we passed some walking.. Sadly it would of been nice with the sun out but the clouds where moving into bring us rain. Now it’s evening and the rain is here and my kids are still at work so a relaxing day and a quiet evening. I hope you enjoy my part of the world.🙂

Poems …

My daughter was reading this book that a friend let her borrow she’s been into these poems ,poetry stories and so she asked if I would like to read it before she gave It back to her friend, well I decided why not a little out of what I usually read but I’ll give it a try it is something different . I must say I really enjoyed it and liked some of the poems, I found myself even relating to some of them .I posted a couple of them that I thought was so fitting and true to my heart at the moment and what my blog has been about and that I’m trying to embrace in my blog.

Winter Ride..

imageimageimageOn Monday it was a holiday so my husband had it off and we decided to take a ride. The sun was shining but the temps where only 19  it was nice and warm in the car . We thought we would check out all the ice that everyone was talking about . The ice as you see was unbelievable, it’s so thick  it’s pretty how it flows down on the ledges of the side of the banks of the mountains . They look like beautiful sculptures . The mountain you see is the mountain my sons track team hiked up as well on the day off for practice , he’s hiked that plenty of times and never  it gets old. The younger new kids on the team loved it. So that was exciting to see where he hikes I had never seen it until that day it looks so amazing with bright blue sky above it . I must sa it was such a nice way to spend a cold winter day away from the house with my husband and what better way to end the ride but a stop at one of our favorite coffee places  for a white chocolate with a swirl of raspberry coffee  so good. ❤️





It’s Friday night still brutally cold out .this vacation has been a simple quiet one my son has worked all week so far except for the day before which ended  up  happily spent with a friend and shopping with his gift cards and getting what he wanted for his room. He came home tonight from work and sport practice and now is at a basketball game at his school with friends  I am proud of him he is doing so well with this job he loves it.. My daughter had today off thankfully so she could catch up on some well needed  rest and now is having a friend over.

On Chrisrmas I received this beautiful-adult colorimg book from my  beautiful daughter ,the pictures are amazing ! I’m starting it tonight so I’m so excited . These books have been such a  blessing to me  helps keep this thinking mind of mine in a good happy place especially when my kids are out and about.hahaha yes I can’t think or worry about things as much because I am concentrating on the picture.Time to get started.❤️image