Staying on routine …my routine.

After a day out running errands with my daughter on Monday. I came home to a tired hubby coming back from a run .My son just arriving home after being with a friend after his Dr.’s appointment . Not out very long which is unusual for him but this chest cold is a doozy and had him wanting his bed . Thankfully he was given an antibiotic and does a follow up appointment with the Dr. next week to make sure he doesn’t need another round of meds since he had this so long. I had a veggie lasagna I placed into the oven to bake . Then busied myself with things around the house while chatting with my hubby after coming out of the shower and settling in on the couch with his evening coffee. My daughter with her boyfriend , my son ate dinner with us and then went back to bed . By the time hubby and I cleaned up the kitchen we settled into bed. I pulled out the book I’ve been reading well been trying but couldn’t totally put my focus on . Last night I couldn’t put it down I read until after midnight and gave in to getting some sleep… book is almost finished! I woke to dishes banging around in the kitchen and the scent of eggs , oh so strange when you are so use to waking to a quiet house for months. I know .. I know .. do not get use to it. BUT I am enjoying the sound it’s made the house feel a bit alive again .. sadly I’m admitting it.

My son is feeling better well a bit but good enough to run to the market to get some food he wanted after checking in with his Sergeant this morning. My daughter is getting ready to now head to her Appointment hopefully they give her an antibiotic as well. The house is filled with the sound of the washing machine rumbling throughout the house and delicious scent of meatloaf cooking for dinner ..well I hope it’s delicious. And as the washer rumbles and the meatloaf cooks I am enjoying my favorite soap General Hospital . So hooked … yrs ago I use to watch it then stopped but now I’m back to enjoying it and loving the storylines. The house is clean . And hopefully tonight I will finish my book . And…. finish it earlier to get to bed at a decent time. For now I’m going to finish my show , finish the laundry and check on the meatloaf. Have a great day everyone .


Back to the grind..

After a very restful night even with the full moon lightening up our bedroom I was amazed when my hubby shut the TV and lights off around 9 (I usually go through blogs or play a game on my cell) I turned to my side and next thing I know it was 7 in the morning, the sun shining through . I laid in bed a bit longer going through my Twitter and Instagram then decided it was time to jump in the shower and get some coffee. Once my coffee was finished I started in with cleaning up the kitchen wiping things down I’ve been doing a lot more lately with all the sickness that is going around. Then throwing a load of laundry in ,opening the bedroom windows a crack to air out the house. Then it was spend an hour making phone calls that needed to be done while throwing chicken into the crockpot for supper. After that was all set it was time to head to the Post office and bank . Then headed home to switch the laundry over to the dryer. So you see back to the norm again hubby at work my daughter off with a friend … my son back to his early Army mornings and class . No texts during the day…after being use to them since his four day weekend. Hope he is feeling better.7 at night here 6 in Missouri and one text at 5 his way saying “Hi” so I’m thinking he’s back to bunk cleaning or he’s resting , I’m sure it will be less hearing from him since he’s down to 2 weeks 4 days until he flys home … no I’m not countingπŸ˜‚ will see if he texts my hubby and I . My daughter thankfully gave me a book to read since . The library walk way was icy and I didn’t dare try it ..and thinking the books I had ordered two weeks ago before I got sick ,that I had noticed on my library account have expired and I never could pickup most likely were sent back. No loss I love the book my daughter is letting me read .I loved the last book I read by this author Liane Moriarty plus it’s a very thick book I believe about 400 pages. My daughter started reading it likes it but said she wasn’t going to read it fast enough and thought I would read it faster so she would finish it after I’m done . Hmmm no pressure ( hahaha) will see how it goes. I believe she isn’t to worried . I guess it is time to start it but not before I read some blog posts . Supper is done and cleaned up not much on for TV shows so time to relax . Night!

Back to routine..

It’s Tues feels like a Monday ,3 day holiday weekend has come and gone. Now back to the routine, Hubby at work and my daughter too. My son back to his classes so back to getting A text after 6 in the evening off and on until 9. And I just made stuff shells that are baking as the washing machine is rumbling through out the house. I did some dusting. And my daughter is grabbing the things I needed at the store when she gets out of work . Thinking it wouldn’t be a great idea to risk slipping on some ice with my hip , since the temps are now in the 20’s but the ice is here and there. Tomorrow I will get to the post office and mail my sons book. Ready for Spring….πŸ™‚ but for now I will just enjoy my reading and adult coloring. I know I have plenty of books to get through. It’s going on 3 already I guess I kept busy today … stuff shells smell delicious. And the house is clean and warm can’t complain… plus the sun is shining . Miss Abigail has tucked herself away in one of the bedrooms where the sun is shining in more then the others feeling the suns warmth , I believe she will stay that way until the sun goes down. No coffee this afternoon or tea just yet. Water is a good thing (hahaha) too much coffee and a full moon hmm …doesn’t mix , sounds strange but true . Had too much caffeine then with the full moon ..Sleep was hard to come by last night. So drinking my water then after when it starts to feel a bit cooler in the house I will have a nice hot cup of decafe Tea. Time to check my shells and the washing machine has stopped. Have a good day everyone!


The snow is coming . The warmth in the house is a bit chillier soon need to turn the heat up … it’s been a day of I don’t know … nothing (hahaha) I really do not know what I’ve done with this day . It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I’ve find myself thinking where did the time go? Yes I did clean what needed to be done around the house and supper is ready to go . It’s the other things. I find myself at night reading, journaling and finding then that there is just not enough time to my day ….I’m trying to fit everything in it’s crazy that I’m trying to fit everything in ,in the evening. Then I wonder why I am up until after midnight. Need to find my balance. For now it’s time to think about preparing supper . Maybe being snowed in this weekend I can get into a routine of some sort to do all that I enjoy.


It’s Monday night relaxing under the covers keeping warm ,another cold night and a storm coming in . My other have sleeping away next to me . Went back to work today . Holidays over .. time to get back into routine . I woke to the sound of my phone binging away with messages first my son with a good morning at 8:00 then finding messages sent after going to bed . So got up dragged myself to the shower then to the kitchen for my coffee. Enjoyed with a friend of my daughters stopping by to surprise my sleeping daughter who after an hour woke from her slumber to hear her mother talking away and informing me that she thought I was Having a lengthy conversation with myself because she didn’t hear her friend. πŸ™„ I thanked her for thinking I had gone senile (hahaha) she so not a morning person. Anyways I left them to get my day started ..cleaned up the house a bit not much needed to be done but through some laundry in and set it for when I return home from a friend of mine. Spent the day at her house chatting away and picking up jewelry she sells that I had ordered . And before I knew it it was 5 in the afternoon . It’s funny when your with your best friend you can just talk for hours about anything and it never seems like enough time. But duty called so it was time to head home home start supper as my phone went off .. my son texting me. Taking full advantage of his phone until they take it away tomorrow when his army work class starts. We chatted tonight before his phone had to be turned off at 9 and I told him I would write him some letters . He stated he would write back . This is a bit different then Basic Training more freedom . He believes after two weeks of classes he will get his phone back for the remainder of the 6weeks. But I was happy he said to write . I love writing letters . So I am looking forward to it. Anyways supper came and gone and my daughter came home from being with her friend on her day off . And here we all sat in the house all on our phones while my son was texting us all separately . Oh technology . That was our night then my daughter went down to her place and my other half and I went and settled in our room . So I guess It wasn’t a bad Monday .. a good start to getting back into things . After Christmas was the hardest . Taking down the tree and decorations seem like a chore . Just getting back into normal supper meals after holiday meals and eating out the four of us spending time with my son before he left.etc seemed all so exhausting . So today felt better if that makes since. And now I’m going to call it a night and get some sleep . πŸ™‚

Resolutions ..

Well another year coming to an end.. this year went by quick. I’m ready it’s whatever .. I just want to get back to the norm hubby needs to go back to work he’s getting bored .. my son flys out Thurs and I believe he is ready too . I am and have loved having him home but it’s exhausting watching his comings and goings with his friends . He needs to get back into a routine. My daughter pretty much is back to her routine, working , boyfriend , friends. Same ol but it’s tolerable . So all I hear is resolutions .. hmm I do not make any.I do not believe in it . Yes a new year a new fresh start but I will say I will just do better saving money , having more me time and stop feeling like I have to fix everything or make people happy.. need to step back . So changes is what I’m calling it. I want to start journaling and writing more, so I’m thinking I will concentrate on this a bit more as well. so we will see . I think some wine is in order soon for me .

Quietness …

Quietness surrounds me and Miss Abigail this morning. Okay except for the humming of the washing machine .. nothing new. The skies are giving away to clouds coming in But the sun is getting through it’s nice having the windows open today . Ahh kitchen is even clean thankfully, everyone’s out and I can just be for awhile. Miss Abigail sleeping away in her chair. As I wait for the washer to finish thankfully a small load , I sit and enjoy my coffee and catch up on the morning news. Cannot believe it’s Wed already the week is flying by. I guess running around at the beginning of the week so much can do that . I keep saying I need to find a new routine but as I sit here I think , I have πŸ™„ I wake in the morning shower throw a load of wash in clean the kitchen up from the morning breakfast chaos in which case hasn’t been too bad lately then grab my coffee enjoy it while catching up on the morning news ..write in my blog and check out my blog friends posts . Then after start my errands if needed in town and so on . Not much when you are a stay at home mom with kids that now are adults and one living at home but in her own place downstairs and works has her friends ..boyfriend and on occasion we go out for coffee and chat . My son leaving next week for Basic for 6months . Leaves me with time to catch up with friends . Read blog , write, weekends spend with the hubby doing more things out , which usually lessens during the winter so it will be takeout and movie night at home . So I guess I found my routine . But why do I feel like something is missing or it’s not enough …. why has been my question since my son graduated in June . My need to take care of him is not needed. I’ve connected with old friends again gone out a bit more found the love of books again . Spending time with hubby has not change we are alway connected. Hmm just don’t know. See same questions I keep rolling around in my head. It’s not that I don’t feel content I do . Hmm anyone have an answer? Would love to hear it . πŸ™‚ let me know . For now it’s grab sm load out of washer .