A quiet Friday Night…

It’s a quiet house tonight  both kids are out with thier friends , it’s just me and my hubby settled in our bed watching  The Mystery  of  Bigfoot  yes I am serious this is what we are watching my husband loves this stuff we always joke that there is one in our woods when we hear loud noises when we are sitting outside at nightūüôā Miss Abigail has slept all day so she will be roaming through the house looking for my daughter who is out for the night so we are babysitting the kitty. It’s a nice cool night out perfect sleeping weather . …if Miss Abigail let’s  us . Happy to be setttling  in  bed earlier with my hubby it’s well needed, it’s been a long couple of weeks  . School  starts Wed so it will be nice to get back into some kind of routine ..normalcy for whatever normal is anymore . Will take it day to day and I hope for some calmer nights  my son has had enough late nights and my husband and I have  had enough late nights wondering where he is even though we try not to worry we cannot help  such things just part of being a parent. Well for now going to enjoy the quietness and watch this mystery with my husband .  Goodnight everyone.


Where is this summer going ?  Why does it feel like it’s leaving us so fast…well not the temps but the date the nights getting darker a bit earlier each night. In 3 weeks my son starts is Senior yr of Highschool and Cross Country practices and this year will either fly by or creep , a lot to do this yr to get him ready for college next yr ….okay I have to slow down here  , one step one day at a time like I told my anxious Son who has many things going around in his head . Also it’s unbelievable that my daughter will be 22 yrs old this month where is this time gone by as well . I  am just so overwhelmed  with this as each day goes by , and now that we are getting near the end of summer  vacation and I usually feel like I’m ready to get back to the norm and routine but honestly I do not know what that is anymore …my daughter may live here but she does what she needs to do and has her friends work,..  life . My son does not need me to wake up early and get him off to school he is not a morning person so he has his own routine . So I get up grab a cup of coffee turn on the news  and enjoy my coffee untill my daughter gets up  and have a cup with her chat a bit before she starts her day and then I do my things . Which is not as much I have more leisure time . Yes another thing to adapt to.  As I write this it’s 8:30?at night and it already pitch black out . Seems way to early for this.  Yes indeed.

Right or wrong?

In my post last night I had mentioned I had a conversation with my son. and I had said it didn’t go as well as planned well I have decided my son is a teenager and definitely does not¬† or is in defiance, does not have a clue about life okay yes he is 16 maybe very social has a lot of drive… focus but maturity not. Okay yes we have all been 16 and we lived in our own worlds¬† and we thought life was so great and fun and we thought we knew everything and our parents we looked at them like they where aliens ….well that was the¬† look I did¬† towards my son. Nothing I said clicked nothing I said was right ,he contradicted himself through out the conversation. I was¬† dumbfounded and knew our talk was going in circles and I didn’t know who was chasing who. I stopped talking just let it go and he went in his room . I pondered the thought over and over in my head the one thing he said that kept slapping me in the face was I qoute¬† “You ask so much of me” “your always telling me to get a better job”¬† it’s always about money I need to concentrate on school¬† and sports ,okay one his father and I only ask for respect when he walks into the house and good grades . and yes we want him to do good with his sports and get into a good college so he can run for them and he is so good at it but its hard to take him after he gets so tired he¬† is exhausting after because he is ugly that I cannot take.who doesn’t want that and we only say things about his job because he his always complaining about money and his father and I feel he wants to hang out with his friends every night and eat out¬† in which case he contradicted himself when he said we do not do that as much now and I only need enough money for gas. yeah okay that’s why when this weeks Spring vacation is here he will be going out and why should we have to pay for that when we pay for everything else and he is able to work. hmm is he thinking of other parents…what is it with these kids and their drama they do not have a clue about life I know my son does not. where did we go wrong or his this just the teenage hormones and friends talking ? so I think as much as I do not want to it’s time to¬† back of¬† and let him eat his words and fail a bit. This is going to be very painful to watch.

Life.. teenagers ..changes it’s enough to make a parent crazy. I know all have been through it and survive but my day we worked for what we wanted we asked for nothing and we got it we where grateful .this generation just seems so arrogant and my Son tries to make it be that it¬† is me …oh no it is not and I am going to show him. wow that was a rant..hahaha okay guess I needed to get that out . Sorry Everyone. Just been a crazy ride on this new journey of being a teenager .Yes have an adult daughter but never went through any of this with her but they are 5yrs apart and so different from one another. Does anyone have any advice to give ? would love some.

Shake it up a bit….

You will see my quiet rainy day at home doing house work and setting up dinner got shaken up a bit well some housework did get done kitchen’s clean and dinner is in crock pot cooking away, the clouds and rain gave away¬† into a beautiful sunny day and my daughter decided on lunch out so why not . .off to Panera’s we went .¬† I had their cup of¬† cheddar and broccoli soup and grilled cheese simple but¬† delicious and my daughter had there chicken caesar¬† salad and mac and cheese one of my other favorites¬† as well. I must say it was extremely busy¬† but so worth the wait. and as we ate we enjoyed a nice conversation we are good at that we can talk forever and about anything yeah¬† our conversations can get pretty crazy some times hahaha¬†¬† no one would understand ..then that was that,¬† we can never leave town without¬† finishing our outing¬† with a Starbucks coffee or latte so we both got the¬† Caramel Brulee¬† latte one of their November flavors absolutely amazing! so creamy and comforting a must try if your a coffee lover . It’s nice to shake things up a bit even if it is as simple as this and now my Son will be home from his school field trip and my husband from work and supper will be ready my daughter is now off to work. Have a good night everyone!


As I sat outside on my porch swing¬† and enjoyed my morning coffee. I am amazed at how every Spring and summer seem to feel just a little bit more different.let me elaborate,it’s just when the kids were little and Spring and summer¬† arrived I felt renewed alive…time to pull out all the outdoor items and set the yard up for endless summer days and fun.So this meant kiddie pools and tiny tyke picnic table and swinging and looking for fireflies. then once again life stepped in like it should and I held on tighter. ūüôā so school yrs began and that came with friends camp outs in the back yard movie nights with friends slip and slides then eating watermelon and seeing who could spit the seeds the farthest remember those days ? then the back yard got smaller to them and the endless days at the public town pool was the new place so as the kids swam and ate treats from the snack bars and played kickball on the premises then back in the pool us parents sat by the pool and absorbed the sun and socialized with one another.life once again slowed down life was great Then the train of life rolled again and middle school was here and the pool was no longer the happening place then the summer jobs and and more friends and you know the rest. they grew up. even though my son is 16 he still needs me and my daughter go out to lunch together and shop and have beautiful long talks ..but its so much more different my sons¬† world is his¬† friends and running with them and the occasional loud sound of his music¬† that rocks my house but not enough of those moments more looking at my phone checking for him to tell me he needs to be picked up or that he is sleeping over I believe I look at my phone more then his baby blue eyes. I know how it is suppose to be and I thought I was ready I did everything a mom does and I let go a bit like I should but no one tells you how hard it can be.it’s just a lot more quieter. yes I¬† believe I am going through the mommy blues hahaha I do still¬† take out the kiddie pool for my pups hahaha he loves his pool so I guess some things do not change hahaha.

Memories….(80’s my time)

I was laying in bed and thinking back to my era I grew up in ..80’s when life seemed less complicated the digital world wasn’t ruling our lives we studied¬† shorthand and typing in school. we had sewing class cooking babysitting electives .¬† at night on the weekends we looked forward to Delilah request love songs on the radio to someone . Delilah still does this but it’s not the same¬† When would be in class and we had a moment ot not for ourselves¬† we would write notes to our friends then pass them to the friend in the hallway between class and they would write back during their class such things we looked forward to. I had this one friend she was one of my besties and we took the note writing¬† a little farther , it was my friends idea to write in a notebook¬† and we could scribble and design it any away we wanted to and she named it do not mind my language but it was called BullshI**t Book 1 yes that is what it was called we would write any thing we wanted how things were going..our crushes.. our feelings just anything from serious to silliness subjects. we would each have the book for 3 days and just write draw pictures etc . it was such a fun Idea at the time that we ended up with a 2nd book. I think we did this for a yr until it started to get known and everyone wanted to read it and it was then just hard keeping it between us I laugh now because when I think back we thought this was such a big thing and problem..you know the whole drama thing so we decided ok lets stop so my friend burned them in her fireplace and that was that and it stayed our thing and private today nothing is private and that is so scary to me in this digital social media world. I m glad I had the opportunity to enjoy my teenage yrs before all the texting FB snapchat was discovered I wish my kids could have experienced the simple parts of the 80’s era being a teenager now is so much harder and complicated and I would not want to be a teenager at this time, so much more drama, dangers tempting our kids …much more peer pressure. and it’s really hard to be your own individual in a world that people feel they should or have to follow or you do not fit in . You really have to have tough skin to be your own person.