Here we go again ..

Never expect the weather to stay the same in New England. Just the day before I open windows to let the fresh air in . This morning as I enjoy my breakfast and holding my hot coffee cup enjoying the warmth of it in my hands because now I’m cold ( hahaha) not complaining just surprised after running the air for weeks to cool the house off . I happen to look at the temps and I can see why it’s cool. The leaves are turning here and there I do not think it will be a vibrant foliage this yr. tell that to the traffic that has backed up in the past weeks to check out this

My daughter is back from the beach she had a good time but said it was nice to be home. We chatted while she did her laundry then she was off out with her boyfriend . My son I have no idea what time he came home last night . After watch the finale of America’s got talent . I read my book it was getting to 11:30 and I knew I need to put it down and get some sleep or I would be up all night.the book has been dragging but now I’m down to the last three chapters and it’s picked up so much I did it want to stop reading. … that was the way Stephen Kings book was . Happy I fell asleep quick once again to wake to seeing my sons car keys on the table and his shoes by the door evidence he was home (hahaha) two weeks left here and he will be in Missouri for Basic Training. Now time is flying. We are so proud of him and he is ready . Waiting ..wondering when he will be home or what he’s doing will be an adjustment . I think I may get more sleep knowing he is on a base not running here and there . It will be quiet my kitchen door will not be opening closing constantly. Yesss I will miss him so much but happy he is doing what he wants.. well time to finish my coffee and start my day .


This afternoon while in town I notice how the leaves are changing I kind of feel like those leaves, changing myself …. I see the kids on the playground as I drive home and see them running laughing and it’s beautiful so young and free where did the time go … doesn’t seem like it was that long ago I was sitting on the ground with other parents chatting while all our kids played on the playground when School let out . How we would have to finally tell the kids it was time to head home . So we could settle in for the evening with supper , homework , baths and then a little time for some TV before bed. Now my day pretty much is all mine . After things around the house needs to be done , somethings never change . I’m slowly trying to let go of this strange guilt I hold over myself with all this free time to enjoy my soaps a bit more read a bit more chat with friends all day (hahaha) I do not know why I feel guilty doing nothing a bit more except for what I enjoy . My daughter thinks I’m too hard on myself . That I’ve earned this time since there is really no routine I need to follow anymore. I believe she’s right . I guess I’ve always have had been busy and now no so much until I find somethings to do .

They’re back!

Sitting our on my deck earlier and next think I know my feathered friends are back! It’s been a couple of days if not seeing them , with all the noise my neighbor is doing in his woods I’m sure have kept them away…. the noise is is getting a bit much for us as well . Sadly he is cutting down many trees we cannot figure if he’s clearing a path to build more on or just bored …it’s just wrong if he’s killing trees out of boredom .🙄 I’m happy that some of our feather friends came back. Hopefully the rest will follow , love seeing them. For now I have moved on to the back deck to rid myself of some of the neighbors chaotic noise.

Letting my swing sway me into a peaceful mode. Taking in what nature I do hear the birds singing and the random noise of acorns dropping in our woods. Such a Fall kind of noise. 🙂 I haven’t had much coffee out so my daughter is bringing me home an spiced pumpkin ice coffee when she gets out soon. Pumpkin sounds so good defiantly cannot day no to that.i guess back to my peaceful swinging before it’s time to get a couple more things done around here.

Days getting shorter..

The days are getting shorter , the sun is settling earlier everyday by 8 it’s dark , schools around here will be starting up in a couple of weeks kids will be going back to College or just starting their first yr… in less then 2months my son will be leaving for Army Nation Guard Basic Training for 6 months and then who knows after that college or full time Army time will tell. My new chapter has begun with the fact that now both my kids are adults and no getting ready for back to school shopping etc , it will seem very strange , I’m sure it will especially for him. Happy I have my stack of books (hahaha) to keep my mind occupied. I’ve also been thinking a lot about starting a prayer journal .. been reading about them and how to begin , I’ve meant to by a journal but have not found one that feels right to me if that makes sense? I do know I will have no problem filling it , it’s just getting started I want it to be right , even though there’s no wrong or right in how you start one . So still looking and reading up in it . Well time to read a bit of my book then get some sleep . Good night.

And so a new school yr begins …

So in less then a week my son will be starting his Senior yr of Highschool ….and more change comes with it like there hasn’t been enough changes this summer😒 so our schools are lacking kids our numbers are low so sports gets effected by this badly plus a lot of the kids are not into sports now…sadly My son  is lacking boys for Cross Country running and he is the only Highschool student the rest which are only three other boys are 7th graders so newbies so really no team persay .. so he checked out the football practice today and the football team wants him badly but I don’t know how much his heart is into it, he played back in elementary and middle school one yr  then got into running and that became his passion. I know I am sad because I love watching him run cross country and I do not want him to get hurt in football because he has winter indoor track and spring that he loves . So he is a bit disappointed because he was hoping to have one last yr of Fall running but what can you do when there is just not enough kids. One more thing for him to adapt to. I’m amazed how this school year is already upon us this summer went by so fast. and a sad one as well. Today I notice on my deck some fallen leaves that have already changed and when I’m sitting on my swing I can hear the acorns falling in my woods already. So even the season is moving forward soon the apple orchards will be ready for people to pick apples.  And I will make my Swedish apple pie so delicious ,  a very sweet tasting pie. I will post it when I make one. But for now I will embrace the last week of summer vacation and move forward when it’s time and whatever my son chooses for a sport I will embrace that as well. Right now I’m laying in my bed writing this with my husbsnd sleeping away but the house is filled with the sound of laughter from my daughter and her friend in the other end of the house ..such a beautiful sound.🙂

Rainy lazy day, what to do….write?

Ughh…. nothing like rain in November okay I do like it better then snow but it’s makes for a long quiet lazy day…sadly things still needed  to be done so laundry is done house is clean and dinner is cooking all the while I look at my pups nice and comfy sleeping away and would  I love to be doing that as well  . what a life  🙂 So here I sit tapping away on the computer and waiting for time to go by until this wet quiet dreary day is filled with the sound of my family home doing there thing and the dog barking happily because  my son is home playing with him . Just for the record I am not complaining just stating a fact 🙂 some days are just what they are and am not a complainer , I try not to be but winter is not my favorite season . what is  your favorite season let me know give me some feed back would love to hear.