This weekend in photos!

This weekend we had a bit of wildlife in our yard. On Saturday evening coming home from enjoying dinner out we were greeted by the our fox and turkeys walking through the yard.  Then this Sunday evening looking out my kitchen window as you can see this was the scenery yes more turkeys. They have become very comfortable over the yrs on our land. We do not mind even Miss Abigail loves to see them. She may not look happy but she does enjoy them . She is just a bit grumpy with the rain that keeps coming down off and  on through out today. Can’t complain about country  living it’s relaxing , serene. I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend.IMG_8416


One night ago I was thinking about how my daughter and I would take a ride to get a coffee and then sit at a cemetery … yes a cemetery . Odd hmm ..not to us ,especially if we have love ones their. She has been busy with work and friends ,boyfriend , so I would take any moment with her and be happy with that . Thinking maybe that sitting in a cemetery was not something she was comfortable with anymore had crossed my mind as well. Then today she said let’s go grab a coffee I said okay and off we went chatting away as she drove. We grabbed our ice coffees and she said I think I will drive up to the cemetery it’s been so busy haven’t been up there yet this season ( my father in-law is at the one we went to. My mind was blown .. I couldn’t believe how I just thought about this. Sometimes we are so in tune with one another it scares the both of us … So as we drove in a couple pushing a baby carriage were walking around . The sun was out and it was warm . Two beautiful bushes in full bloom of pink flowers greeted us that sat around a sign of the name of the cemetery .The grass was luscious and green the birds were all around you could hear them . We parked and sat There in the car talking , laughing enjoying our coffee . Letting the sun warm down into the car warming us . All respectful this was . There is something about a cemetery whether you drive through , walk through, or just sit and talk ,and reflect and you will find no judgement , no argument , no rush, just stillness peacefulness , a serene feeling. A moment to shut out the world hear nothing but the birds the sound of feet of people passing by with a smile on their face . Feel a slight breeze on your neck or the warmth of the sun . As you sit and talked just as my daughter and I did . I really can’t say how long we sat their , we didn’t look at the time . It didn’t matter. 🙂

Quietness …

It’s been a serene kind of day … woke to a beautiful sunny morning enjoyed my coffee on the deck . Then went about doing what needed to be done. Same ol …. but today something felt different actually this whole week has felt different , usually I am occupied with what needs to be done with my son, schedules to be made things to get for him but this week since Graduation it’s been just what I needed to do for my hubby and I ,my son has taken care of his things and it feels like over night he has grown up even more go figure , he’s still 17 but I’m trying to stay out of his business ..long story .. let’s say no school drama on his end but mom got herself in a bit of a drama with one of his friends mom.. I should of known ..this lady has been a thorn in my side since the kids where in preschool together. Who would of thought I couldn’t have trusted her when she started gabbing and asking things about my son and I knowing what not to say still got me involved because she twisted things and her daughter screened shot her mother’s phone conversation…and my son saw it really why . Yes high school drama so I’m done .. my son would never touch my phone well even if he tried I’m smart ..called lock with a password and thumb print and other securities ,yes I am as private has my kids can be .. .. so now when she messages me and tries to ask things about my son even if she means well in which case I do not know and I ignore because sadly I really don’t know if she knows what her daughter did . Any how I am now out of that circle of his life shouldn’t have been in it to begin with . He knows I’m here if he needs me ..The days have been pretty quiet and for the most part it’s been nice . I’ve had time to connect with friends more , do projects that I love, I’m liking the change . It may change hahaha but at the moment it’s nice. Now if my husband would get on board it would be great .. everyday he comes home from work and asks so what are the kids doing ? hmm well let’s see their thing and when thier not home he questions when will they be here of course he puts that in my head and I’m the one who can’t sleep, thank god I’m a night person so I’m up for awhile but he’s sleeping good ,🙄 yeah change is not his thing , it isn’t for me as well but I tend to adjust to it better then him. Oh this is all going to be interesting ..

Evening Outside🌙

Monday evening was spent outside with my hubby him enjoying a beer and I with my book with some chatting between us and of course the sound of nature, couldn’t resist recording the sounds we heard around us , The sound of the evening was over flowing with peepers and you can hear a Cardinal also ,as we caught site of it . I put my book down and just enjoyed. With my hubby ,Such a beautiful sound.


Hi everyone , I think the last time I posted was hmm .. Fri thats a bit for me . Was a outside weekend and finishing some school things . The high school yrs is coming to an end , my son has been setting up his path for his new journey for after high school so a busy week but slowing down , if all works out in the next 2weeks what he plans for his path the chaos will calm down. He is off to pick his tux up with his friends I have not posted lately I have been enjoying a book . My wondering thinking mind has calmed down so I have been able to get back into a book. It’s been really serene, the last couple of days the weathers been perfect to sit out on the deck and read . Love reading outside . It’s one of those things you can just occupy your mind and soul. Nothing like the sound of birds chirping while you read.well time to get ready and settle so hubby and I can enjoy our favorite Tuesday night show.🙂


Good Morning has everyone enjoyed their coffee yet today? I did needed it could go for a second one but I will resist. it was a nice night last night settling ,my Son was home which was nice so I didnt have to worry about his whereabouts :)sadly he had a lot of homework I do not understand why they have to load these kids up with so much.. I hope Christmas vacation will give him  the time to relax rest up and have some fun . My daughter had to work late so my husband and I settled in as he read and I did some Adult coloring and finished my picture, wish it was brighter but  my camera dulled it…This is so relaxing and I enjoy this immensely . I finished it  just in time to watch Dolly Partons’s Christmas special , love this movie it was so beautiful, serene feeling you where left with after it was over  and and my daughter was  home in time to finish it with us so that was even better. Even though I’m a bit  tired this morning because It was on until 11:00 then my daughter and I talked for a bit it became a late night but at least we woke up to the sun.Beautiful! so I hope you enjoy  my coloring .  I am now going to get somethings done around this house of mine  have a great day may be back on later.


Photo Monday!!!


This past weekend my husband and I took a ride around our area and the photos are of my world .The 1st photo is of a unique little house that is sheltered by the woods, we have always called it The real life doll house ..and yes people do live there. The 2nd photo is the scenery that  we are able to enjoy everyday not to far from where we live a place you can go and just relax and think of good things. I hope you enjoy.20161112_13060720160530_1407011