Lazy rainy day ..

So earlier I posted about spending my rainy day in between things getting done around the house and finishing reading my book that I have been trying for days to do . Thought this rainy day would be the perfect time Well… let’s say that didn’t happen ๐Ÿ™‚ my son was home taking a break after his weekend training for Army National Guard then Monday taking a long run and workout in this heat …๐Ÿ™„ over doing it his body was begging for a break ,thankfully a rainy dark day to do just that , so he laid on the couch on his phone and we off and on chatted randomly about nothing specific . Then my daughter had a early shift so she was home around 3 and then my hubby was home and He settled in the bedroom with the air conditioner and I made a early supper . My kids and I watched the new Jumanji movie my daughter has the video they both had seen it but I hadn’t so we watched it. Lets say a long movie but so good ! What a funny, happy movie . The Rock and Jack Black never disappoints me. The rest of the cast were good too! I laughed so much. So reading was set aside again… after I post this I’m determined to finish my book tonight (hahahaha) well my plan. As we are settled in our room air still running rain still coming down .. and my son actually activated his Xbox membership to play online with a friend of his . So rare these days … okay time to read ๐Ÿ™‚


The day went by quietly for the most part . My son arrived home around 2 after work and we went to the garage for a tire for my subie if you read my last post you will understand why. It only took about twenty minutes and the good thing was they were able to fix the damaged tire . It cost $25.00 and a pink carnation I walked out with . Yes they give the lady customers a carnation.. good business technique I must say. then we came home and the rest of the day went back to quietness as my son left for a workout and my hubby arrived home only two hours ago long day at work.

We. are settled in bed now my hubby watching tv and I am reading. Well was until my phone buzzed to see I had a follow request on Instagram hmmm.. okay some random guy a happy guy not bad looking hahaha but okay sketchy because I’m private and there’s no mutual followers . (Spam )I believe so I deleted him. Showed my daughter she laughed and said that happens a lot to you . Yes indeed… anyways ..Really enjoying the book . I have a list of books I want to read so I’m happy to get through this one. The night is young so I’m going to get back to some reading. ๐Ÿ™‚


Laying here in the darkness … only the sound of the fan humming the peepers have gone quiet ,a storm must be coming in . There is no moonlight lighting up the bedroom. Miss Abigail has been antsy as well . So I lay here and hoping that I can fall asleep soon . Or my mind will start thinking …. was going to relax after my sons meet but there was food to make for my hubby and son. After they got home they lost the meet but their in 2nd place . My son won all his races so he is happy about that they did good for being undefeated this long to going against an undefeated team they did their bests. Then my daughter and her boyfriend came up from her place and wanted to chat, then texts from a friend who’s son is having a graduation party with my son wanting a list of what I had for plans . So went from relaxing straight to bed after .. Tomorrow is Prom so they’ll be pictures to take ,

The wind is picking up nothing like a thunderstorm at night . It’s a cozy feeling .my eyes are getting heavy ahh that’s good maybe I can get to sleep a bit earlier tonight. Everyone else has settled and sleeping I guess I should too. Well I will try to get my prayers in before I fall asleep ..last night I started saying them and fell asleep half way through. So will see how tonight goes. Good night everyone๐ŸŒ™

Occupying the mind..

I’m settled in bed my daughter lend me a book she was given for Christmas to read . She wasn’t sure if it was something she would like and has others to read . I’ve started it probably will not get to far into it tonight I m feeling like I could go to sleep at any moment. It’s good so far and will keep me busy being that it’s 460 pages long . I will keep you posted how I do with it and when I finish . It’s nice to have a book especially a thick one to get into . Well going to read a bit more then off to bed goodnight everyone.

Another Nor’Eastern….

This was the sky tonight … calm before the storm … so cliche I know but it’s true. Another storm is coming in and their predicting up to 16 inches ย our way coming into tomorrow till Thursday , sons school is already cancelled but a lot of Towns around us just ย are early dismissals ย which I’m thinking if it’s bad in the morning a lot will change to a close.. I’m happy where all home tonight usually my son would be sleeping over someone’s house but some of his friends as of right now have field trips they are going on till Fri , my son doesn’t but that’s fine with me๐Ÿ™‚ it keeps him home . He does want to take a run in the morning before it starts so I believe he’s getting up early to do so , always moving. Luckily my daughter has Wednesday off from work so she didn’t have to worry about getting out with this storm , that worked out, This winter has been one for the books. The Tv can’t keep up with all the early closing sand cancellations the list is long.

Now settled in bed finally…. Ours shows are over for the night , kitchen cleaned up for the night after late night cooking my kids where doing .. my son on his 2nd meal after the gym and my daughter worked late then made herself food, now the kitchen is closed hahaha and everyone’s in bed . It will be interesting to see what this storm brings . My hubby has to check in in the morning to see if he has to report for work. He took Thursday off to have the day to cleanup after the storm or if we loose power . Which I hope not. I guess we just take it has it comes.. and now I think I will get some sleep myself… goodnight everyone๐Ÿ™‚

Snow day tomorrow?

It’s 10:00 Thursday night laying here checking my phone every to seconds well not that often but often enough hoping they will cancel school tomorrow now so we don’t have to get that horrible 5 o’clock telephone call telling us it’s closed , it’s only a 3 hr day then Christmas vacation begins .theres a storm coming in snow and freezing rain right at the time of the morning commute through out the whole day . My son is in bed been sleeping since 8 couldn’t sleep last night and it would just be nice to know now then he can stay sleeping and get the rest he needs . Crazy this waiting I do yes a mom to the core ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m hoping sleep takes over soon so I’m not checking constantly . Many schools have cancelled. Oh the things I can think about . At least I’m cozy in bed Miss Abigail is in bed with my hubby and I as my daughter is out with her boyfriend so she is cozy with us , love that the kitty does this . Well here I go check my phone one last time before I fall asleep .No they haven’t cancelled well phone call there may be … okay sweet dream every one Good Night.

Relaxed ..

It’s a very wet night out it’s pouring and the temps have been rising all day 53 here in December …unbelievable , the warm temps are making it very foggy and mixed with the rain not good to be out driving, so thankfully we all are home tonight hubby and son sleeping already and my daughter and I awake . She is with her Miss Abigail downstairs in their place nice and cozy watching TV . I have just shut the tv off for the night and have been just laying here in my bed listening to the quietness and a bit of my hubby snoring ๐Ÿ™‚ but it’s comforting. I like moments like these to just relax and think of nothing and take in the moment of contentment If that makes sense. Well everyone have a good night my eyes are feeling heavy I think it’s time to drift off to sleep as well. Pleasant dreams my friends.