Long day of nothing..

It’s midnight so I’m posting late and very short … it was a beautiful relaxing weekend . Saturday spent with our family at their house enjoying good food , drinks and card games. And a lot of laughs. Sunday was a day of hanging around the house .. lazy is good. So that’s how it was spent . It’s Monday and a day of nothing . Except an enjoyable ride to Starbucks with my daughter then a quiet evening chatting away with her while hubby slept after work .. not felling that great. My son had a class he took tonight two hours away so staying with a friend in his college dorm that is near by so he didn’t have to travel home at 10 tonight . Yes so I should be sleeping. I think the full moon is keeping me awake …But time to try . Hope everyone had a great Monday. Goodnight. Oh and the sunset was so beautiful this evening had to post! Okay now going to bed🙂