Crazy time…

Summer is coming to an end Days are getting shorter. .there is all this talk of School and college shopping and leaving in the air. My son is..was running constantly for the last two weeks trying to fit in moments with friends that are going away for college, let’s just say he has been in a mood .. and it’s understandable so much changing no more going back to high school with all his friends ,I believe all their comfort zones are disappearing and now their all going separate ways and it’s really hitting them now . So my sons mood is not easy to deal with it’s like all of us are walking on egg shells around him. I’m also thinking he’s thinking about going away himself ..but not soon enough he has about a month and two weeks so I’m sure this is weighing on his mind. and he’s thinking and thinking I’m getting a bit anxious as well as my other half … trying not to focus on it but it’s hard not too . I guess we are all facing this change with him. It’s been nice to have my other half on vacation this week to get us use to spending more time together as husband and wife then mom and dad .. did that make since? What I’m trying to say is we are doing more together just the two of us . Yes we do have are moments where we do not know what to talk about because it’s been for awhile our talks usually had something to do about the kids, Today we went out to eat for lunch with my other half’s side and it was just so strange not really talking about our kids well just about how are they doing what are they up to since the relatives are from Florida . It’s just that the whole scene was out of my comfort zone .a lot to get use too. I’m trying to take this one step one day at a time. I’ll let you know how that goes. For now I think I will let my book take my mind off of things for a bit . Good night everyone.

Photo Monday!

Good Morning , nothing like a sunset. I took this  over the weekend ..Saturday the sun was setting quickly  noticing how the house was getting a bit darker and it was kind of depressing seeing the sun set so soon I decided to  check on supper that was cooking , while I walk by my hubby who fell asleep on the couch watching T.V. and therei it was ! Amazing how bright and beautiful it was good thing I captured it because seconds later it was gone .

Time Change…

Hi Everyone ! It’s 3:30 in the afternoon in my part of the world and the sun is slowly setting ,by 6 this evening it will be completely dark . So enjoying myself in one of my favorite spots where the sun brightens and warms the room . A bit chilly out I guess Fall is upon us now. Been a productive Saturday declutterung each room in the house while bringing out the winter throws for the living room furniture a little extra help in keeping us warm while we relax in the dark early chilly evenings since the days will be even shorter after the time change tonight. I have my books that I’m looking fiorward  to reading and of course my adult coloring  books as well. My husband is eagerly finishing off building the barn with the contractor and soon we can tear down the old one and finally get the yard furniture put away for the winter. Supper is cooking the house smells so good, Kids are at work so I am absorbing the sun before it settles for the night , Miss Abigail is enjoying it with me. This time change will give us an hour longer of sleep which is great and it will make for a lighter morning getting up for work and School. So hopefully that will help my Son wake up easier.  I guess I will sit back enjoy the sun until it’s time for supper .🙂

Days getting shorter…

At 7:20 tonight I realized the sun had set and it was getting dark out….so it begins shorter days , where has the summer gone … not that I’m unhappy to see it go it’s been a challenging and sad one. My son received his class schedule and all the paper work that needs to be signed and sent back to the school but sadly my mind is having a hard time getting back into the routine of another school yr so I think I will take a couple of days to take a breather from the have to’s I know my son is hahaha he slept the day away today but it was well needed. So I will give myself a break stop beating myself up that I’m not being wonder mom and take those two days one day at a time and reflect over this summer and learn from it then go from there. I must say it’s nice to see my son home and reading his book he needs to read for school. Then worrying where he is running around to with his buddies . Being his Senior yr I’m hoping there will be more nights like this then last yr when he had more free time which In his case is not always s good thing and was out. We will see if I have anything to do about it🙂


Where is this summer going ?  Why does it feel like it’s leaving us so fast…well not the temps but the date the nights getting darker a bit earlier each night. In 3 weeks my son starts is Senior yr of Highschool and Cross Country practices and this year will either fly by or creep , a lot to do this yr to get him ready for college next yr ….okay I have to slow down here  , one step one day at a time like I told my anxious Son who has many things going around in his head . Also it’s unbelievable that my daughter will be 22 yrs old this month where is this time gone by as well . I  am just so overwhelmed  with this as each day goes by , and now that we are getting near the end of summer  vacation and I usually feel like I’m ready to get back to the norm and routine but honestly I do not know what that is anymore …my daughter may live here but she does what she needs to do and has her friends work,..  life . My son does not need me to wake up early and get him off to school he is not a morning person so he has his own routine . So I get up grab a cup of coffee turn on the news  and enjoy my coffee untill my daughter gets up  and have a cup with her chat a bit before she starts her day and then I do my things . Which is not as much I have more leisure time . Yes another thing to adapt to.  As I write this it’s 8:30?at night and it already pitch black out . Seems way to early for this.  Yes indeed.

Adult Coloring ,more then just coloring.

Adult Coloring is so much more then just sitting there and coloring a page. To me it’s a stress reliever it stops me from  thinking, worrying over things I cannot control . I usually do more coloring when the days get colder and shorter.. during the day when my family is off at school and work and I have done what I need to do. I curl up in a comfy chair and a hot cup of of my favorite tea and just color away . It’s also great when your feeling under the weather and not much is on the television,  so it’s    not just a stress reliever but so enjoyable and helps time go by. I highly recommend it ,there is so many  great coloring books to choose from wildlife patterns to city living patterns flowers , shapes quotes I could just go on but you have the idea. so try it and enjoy.  Happy coloring.