It’s Thursday night Football . The Patriots are playing the Colts. I like football , do I understand every play no… should I know yes. 🙄living in a family that are football fanatics yes I should . As I watch it I’m adult coloring as well such a combination well My hubby and son are watching it and shouting at the plays. So that’s good they have each other. (Hahahaha)so I do not have to pay total attention to it, I just say something when the Patriots get a touchdown. Which they just did again! I enjoy the commercials they play in between the game there different ones when games are on . I know I’m such a girl. I guess Though I’m going to head into the bedroom and watch the show A million little things that I recorded last night and color . This show is really good it’s new this Fall it deals with adult suicide it’s pulls at your heart strings but at the same time it’s so informational and warm . Well back to my show and I hear the guys in the living room razzing with each other boys will be boys🙂