Monday Photo !

Miss Abigail over the weekend was being my shadow following me all over the house and then she found herself on my lap while I was coloring .all this was just so strange because she is not a cat that his very affectionate she loves to be spoken to but cuddly no… so this was a surprise.when she did this .


Embarrassing Morning🙄

I slept in just a bit and finally pulled myself out of bed  heard people laughing in the kitchen dishes clanging so showered the night before  Ifreshened up ,brushed  my tenth tosseled my  curly mess of hair and figured ahh I’m presentable enough  so I go bobbing out to the kitchen in my comfy BAGGy night shirt thank god will know why I emphasized  baggy hahaha and to add night  shirt has written on it coffee saves everything  and leggings  .  To find that it’s not my daughter and her friend but three boys…….ahhhh !!! My son and his two friends they look at me one friend who is always here is like hi Kim but the other friend looks as uncomfortable as I felt omg if I could of just push a back button I would not have walked out like that, so I grab a cup of coffee and walk into the living room ,my son comes in gives me his big smile knowing how embarrassed I am says in a whisper your fine  and says bye heading back to school now …ugh Senior yr means senior privileges so when he has a free block they can leave for it so they  decided to raid my kitchen …. so now enjoying my coffee in my big baggy night shirt🙄

Photo Monday…


Good Morning ! so this is a different photo I would usually put up:) but for some reason I thought this was kind of neat ….yes its a wine cork but I just love the detail of the foot on it . I’ve never saw such a cool design on a wine cork hahaha so I thought this deserved a photo . I think the wine brand is Bare foot or the name of it …my daughter had it she heard it was good .She loves trying certain wines I liked the cork hahahah I know silly but like I said it does not take much to make me laugh or find interesting..  so this my photo for photo Monday.

Photo Monday !!!

20160411_152705-1-1(1)            I know  everyone knows Starbucks you either love it or hate it. The reason I chose this as my photo for my Monday Photo is it will always be a memorable moment …. My daughter is the one who usually drives to the drive-up at our local Starbucks and does the ordering and sometimes she messes up when saying the coffee names and I always say oh no big deal well today I was  driving and we are waiting for out turn to order and it dawned on me that I was going to be the one ordering I was like oh know switch and she said no it will look awkward its fine you know no big deal so she played my words back…. so there I sat reciting to myself how to order and it was a mouthful she was trying not to laugh and I was getting nervous… it becomes our turn and she says oh look the camera my face dropped she starts laughing and I’m telling her to stop but I am laughing and the lady comes on and I start to order my daughter is trying to stop laughing..and I am trying to order but couldn’t stop laughing and I went silent to try to collect myself but it was not  happening to fast .. oh my a time I was having finally I got enough out the worker figured what I was asking for and she started laughing a bit. then we get to the window she knew it was us and starts laughing and I told her it was my daughters fault and we where so sorry. she laughed said it was fine and it happens and was happy we where having so much fun. hahahah oh my I never do that . I am so thank full she was so nice and understanding. but what a moment I  will always remember this moment as simple and silly it was.