This evening was spent writing some letters , Love my new stationary ! It’s amazing something so simple can bring such contentment . Loving that I can be back to writing handwritten letters to a few people including my son . When I first start I feel like I’m going to have a hard time coming up with things to write about but then the words just start to flow. Then I find myself at the end of the page . I’ve finally found a journal I’m purchasing . I cannot wait to start it . I think I will find a contentment in that also . Back in the day I had many journals that I filled the endless blank pages. I wish I had kept them .. sadly I have no Idea where they went when I had moved out of my family home in with my husband. It would of been fun to look back on . Well going to get off here it get to bed a bit earlier tonight. Goodnight everyone!


Shake it up a bit….

You will see my quiet rainy day at home doing house work and setting up dinner got shaken up a bit well some housework did get done kitchen’s clean and dinner is in crock pot cooking away, the clouds and rain gave away  into a beautiful sunny day and my daughter decided on lunch out so why not . .off to Panera’s we went .  I had their cup of  cheddar and broccoli soup and grilled cheese simple but  delicious and my daughter had there chicken caesar  salad and mac and cheese one of my other favorites  as well. I must say it was extremely busy  but so worth the wait. and as we ate we enjoyed a nice conversation we are good at that we can talk forever and about anything yeah  our conversations can get pretty crazy some times hahaha   no one would understand ..then that was that,  we can never leave town without  finishing our outing  with a Starbucks coffee or latte so we both got the  Caramel Brulee  latte one of their November flavors absolutely amazing! so creamy and comforting a must try if your a coffee lover . It’s nice to shake things up a bit even if it is as simple as this and now my Son will be home from his school field trip and my husband from work and supper will be ready my daughter is now off to work. Have a good night everyone!