Beautiful summer  kind of day. Enjoyed my coffee on the deck and then another cup with my daughter when She woke and then came in out of the sun we caught some news for the day . My son came home from his morning workout at the gym and the day just simply glided through my niece chatted with me through text and we ended up playing a question game she would ask me a question I would answer then I  asked her and so on it went for over an hour and a half my son did say this would happen well I must say it was interesting and a lot of fun it was interesting learning things about her that I would of never known  other wise. She loved her aunts answers as well , hahaha now it’s evening my kids went to grab some snacking food together and my husband and I just  came in from enjoying the stars ..mosquitoes are a bit to active tonight they must know the humidity is coming . So tv will  have to do.