Adult Coloring … mind relaxing.

Finally finished my page , not because it took awhile but because so many things keeping me from finishing it. Busy with appointments errands to run, writing letters to my son that I look forward to and love doing so much ❤️, then some nightly reading.. my library books hmm now I know why I was buying books ,the due back dates … ahh yes when you get a book from the library we need to share …. then there is all the amazing nightly tv shows this season. When there isn’t enough time in a day . It’s all good tho . Here is my coloring page . I think I like how it turned out. It was a fun one.


Feels like Fall again 🙄

Today it felt like Fall the air was fresh crisp and cool .. the sun was out but it was just perfect after finishing things around the house and pulling myself away from the news or I would get more disgusted then I already was .. what’s going on lately in politics is a bit too much . I do not talk politics on social media sites I follow or to anyone but my family my husband , kids , the rest of the family no. So not here on my blog as well …with that said it was a beautiful day my kids off doing their own thing so it was a quiet afternoon I took advantage of the nice weather and enjoyed sometime outside. . Tonight enjoying a hot cup of hot chocolate since it’s a cool night and I’m feeling cold . I enjoyed some adult coloring also while chatting with my husband since the night was as quiet as the afternoon was. Just Miss Abigail roaming around the house making noice. Now hubby is watching some football and I think iI will watch with him and my son who just happened to walk through the door and sat now .. I will take the moment when I can .good night everyone.

The Weekend..

The sun is shining , my daughter is headed to a concert with a friend for the night. My son at his last weekend army drill until he leaves in Oct. shopping is done , chili made and simmering in crockpot for supper ,washing machine humming in the back ground as alway (hahaha) house is clean so now eating some lunch and then I think I will sit outside on my swing and do some adult coloring . While hubby is working on his barn. Then a evening of chili and watch some football on the tv . .. maybe my son will join us after the drill and drive he will want to settle with us to be ready to do it all over again tomorrow. A nice simple weekend . Hope everyone enjoys their day🙂

My World..

It’s a cloudy Saturday ,storms will be arriving later this afternoon . Enjoying my coffee on our deck before they come . This is just some pics of what I call home, my world. Country ..simple living ,comfort, quiet, yes very peaceful. Even on a cloudy day. Everyday day we are visited by turkeys and their little ones also I believe two fox’s maybe three. Yes nature as well oh we can’t forget the many squirrels and birds that run around . On occasion we have our two does that appear for a bit. I haven’t seen a moose yet , my husband has

while he was here when we were building the house .

My son had told us while up at his girlfriends house this past week that is about 30 minutes away they decided to star gaze in this open field across from her house so they walked out there and my son could hear this huffing sound and it kept getting closer he told his girlfriend to walk back to the house don’t run just walk but go ..she didn’t hesitate did what he said , it was just getting dark so you could see a bit away in front of you he saw a moose he said it must of had calf’s around because it was not happy in its protecting mode staring right in our direction and regardless they love to make a run towards you. So he made loud noises and it backed away as he slowly walked away keeping his eyes on it . It did walk away and he made it back to her house she said what was it he told her a huge moose . He said you should of saw her eyes. He admitted it scared him because he knows how mean they can get So yes there are moose around as well🙂I guess I’m okay if I do not see I sit here there is a cool breeze that is picking up I’m thinking air conditioners could take a break and open windows up and let some fresh air in always look forward to windows open.

Country life…

It’s mid afternoon everything around the house is done , errands are done I gad to laugh to myself when I was driving into our driveway , when you explain to someone that’s never been out this way that our driveway looks like a old country road it really does and yes there is a house out beyond the trees and stretch of dirt you need to drive. Some people get so thrown off coming out here but once they are they remark how beautiful and open it is ,So I took a picture . I guess it was a good day for pictures because just as I unlocked the back door put everything down and proceeded to open our slider and our front door to let the fresh air in I saw the most beautiful sight .. well one of them out my many (hahaha) by the bird feeder eating with the birds was a beautiful Doe , I did my best to capture a decent photo of her without her hearing me . I didn’t realize until my son with his bad timing drove in , there was another Doe off to the edge of the woods that went running with her .

Some days it’s just too quiet and feels so out of touch living here . My son wants to get out of here even though this is such his element hiking running biking , fishing shall I go on or do you get the picture🙂 now my daughter I believe who loves her shopping ,restaurants Starbucks seems more to the liking of the city but one problem she has road rage (hahaha) well she could walk yes it’s a girl thing but she can be extreme with all the shopping and I believe it’s boring here to her. . Any how yes it’s quiet but at the same time it’s a blessing ..simple when you want to socialize then go into town . When you do not then this is the perfect place to sit out read a book , watch the stars at night even camp in our woods, yes privacy is really a nice thing plus it’s cooler our way then in the next Towns and cities . As I write this the clouds have moved in the wind is swaying the trees back and forth and the temps that are suppose to be going up seem to have gone down. . .. signs of a storm coming. That being said I guess it’s time to grab my book and go inside ,enjoy my pictures, 🙂


Dragged myself out of bed early after a bit of coffee .I headed into the shower hoping it would wake me up helped but about it then went back in the direction of my coffee cup ,chatted with an old friend on line waiting for the cable guy to show as I heard banging around in the kitchen ,my son rushing to make himself breakfast so he could meet his Sargent for his detail on the weekend , the cable guy arrived to update our Tv boxes ,I was so excited the boxes we have are dinosaurs….yes so we needed them to be updated . Im simple I do not ask for much. I figure they still work why change ..hmmm well I had no choice the company said no more these need to go so they came out did the update oh my let’s just say my son came back when the guy was showing me how to run the new boxes of course my favorite soap was on and I’m like oh darn Im missing it (hahaha) that slipped out of my mouth no taking it back. son just rolled his eyes ,the guy laughed at me a good way and said oh good okay watch he rewinded it . I was like a kid in a candy store well will say toy store I’m not much of a candy lover but you you get the the picture 🙂the guy just laughed and said doesn’t take much to make you happy ,my son mumbles no 🙄I can’t help it I’m simple . Can’t change now . So yes I was excited damn should of done this yrs ago . After that the guy left and I decided it was time to get things done around the house. Once that was done I figured it was actually a nice day out after all the rain we had so I decided to sit out on my swing and read . My hubby arrives Home sees that I’m outside says oh no cable guy ? I looked at him puzzled yes he was here, he’s like well I see your reading I thought you be watching tv . .. hmm well love it but why waste a nice day inside . He laughed and agreed . See if it was him that tv would be on .. he is not a reader …. well time to figure out something for supper..