Tonight is the night we set our clocks forward. I usually love when we do this time change it makes Spring seem so much closer and almost this new sense of newness but this yr I am not looking forward to it….it’s going to give me less sleep and more Screenshot_2016-03-12-21-26-13-1time to worry where my Son is which I am hoping I nipped in the butt after that last post I wrote how he  stayed out till after 10 on a school night and he wouldn’t answer is phone, we had a long talk and he has been better even though it’s only been about 3 days hahaha I hope it keeps up .  he will want to be out later now too..and it starts to get him into the summer mode so school homework will have to be pushed more …so fun. as I am writing this I’m looking back at what I have wrote and it has negativity written all over it.Sorry about that I notice my last post have been negative too., it’s just been a long sad complicated week I’m going to as of Monday be a little more positive. I am not a positive person but I can’t say I am a negative person either I know that sometimes negativity is what drives me to move forward if that makes sense? because if I think positive and it doesn’t go that way then I will be disappointed if I’m negative then it will either be a good thing and I have something to look forward to if not then nothing has changed…yes I am complicated hahaha but  I have lived this way for so long it’s a hard thing  to break. but I will try. I do need to say one more thing I will dislike about this time change the darker mornings I think we can all agree on that ,that is not enjoyable.Now that I wrote my negative thoughts 🙂 I hope everyone enjoys there night going to go and enjoy mine it’s a Saturday night and all of my family is actually home we may be doing all out own things but it’s nice we are all home for once on a Saturday night. have a good night everyone!


The Quietness….

I lay here in the warmth of my bed , darkness all around me except for a shadow of light from the moon above.  The sounds  of a trains whistle  in  the distance breaks the quietness  that  is comforting but almost unsettling…. The quietness comes back my eyes are feeling heavy soon sleep will be upon me . So I say my prayers to the heavens above thanking God for all the blessings he has given me…then I turn gently to my side trying to not awake my husband who is sleeping softly next to me, has I lay there. sleep takes over me and I fall gently to sleep…..

Snow Day!!

We officially had our first snow day in my world today . we woke up to a phone call at 5 in the morning informing us of no school, so decided to take advantage of it go back to sleep snuggled back under the blankets as my husband got up and got ready for work , okay the smell of coffee brewing had me temped to drag myself out from under those blankets but then I was not ready to look outside at the snow…still do not miss having a snow less winter. so I fell back to sleep . my pups got restless so it was time to let him out start the day ….funny thing snow day right?? I pull up the  shade  ready to see the ground covered in white….No nothing I was like wait was there really a snow day hahaha? well yes it was it didn’t start till 2, my son could of had school and he agreed too…so I took advantage of catching up on laundry that got neglected over the weekend due to running with my kids and husband shopping enjoying watching my son driving up and down our driveway  since are driveway is like a dead end road and seeing how happy he is knowing soon he will be driving …for me nervous not that I do not have faith in his driving I do just he is my baby …and I am a mom.so today was  catch  up day and my daughter took advantage   cleaning her place. My Son  took the day to relax and get some well needed sleep . Snow days are just not the same anymore so sad I remember tons of snow and my kids couldn’t wait to get out in it and slide build snowmen make snow angels till they couldn’t feel their fingers and toes then come in get dry and have hot chocolate with marshmallows in it put a movie in for my son as my daughter cozy up with a book. love the memories ….tomorrow my daughter and I will go to our favorite place for lunch Panera’s and then Starbucks for a coffee and sit back and enjoy…I miss those days when they were young but I like the new special moments and memories we are making now too.