It’s a warm Friday night the peepers are out I can just about hear them over the fans that are trying to do their jobs but it’s okay if not . I’m awake even though my hubby is fast asleep . I believe he did too much in the heat today . He had today off so it gives him a long weekend but sadly he is not one to take it easy . Yes the yard looks beautiful but it was just way to hot to fast to do all what he did. Tomorrow is my sons track and field meet he made it into the championships if he wins his races or at least makes it into the final 3 I believe he will move on to States . So it’s an early morning for him he needs to meet the team bus by 7 when they leave the events start at 10 so I’m sure my hubby will be leaving soon after him. I will not be going ,too long of a day for myself , my hip would not like the bleacher and then the standing for hours on end . My son is good about it he understands and knows my heart will be there with him ❤️ I’m so proud of him and I wished him good luck before he went to bed early tonight You never talk to him or try to before a race …hahaha he’s not a chatty morning person anyways ..unlike his mom . He never could understand how I can chat at any time of day. My daughter knows I can . So I will clean up the house , run some errands and then take sometime and relax with my book or just write, of course wait for messages from my hubby letting me know how my son is doing . So tomorrow will tell if his track season moves on one more week or not . This is surly going to be a sad moment when this season is over. I know he will run after graduating he will have to for boot camp in Oct and for now weekends throughout the summer for Army National Guards. But that I’m taking one day at a time . Need to get through Graduation .. so yes one step at a time . Well my eyes are getting heavy and I want to say my prayers before I fall asleep … so good night everyone 🙂

Snow day tomorrow?

It’s 10:00 Thursday night laying here checking my phone every to seconds well not that often but often enough hoping they will cancel school tomorrow now so we don’t have to get that horrible 5 o’clock telephone call telling us it’s closed , it’s only a 3 hr day then Christmas vacation begins .theres a storm coming in snow and freezing rain right at the time of the morning commute through out the whole day . My son is in bed been sleeping since 8 couldn’t sleep last night and it would just be nice to know now then he can stay sleeping and get the rest he needs . Crazy this waiting I do yes a mom to the core 🙂 I’m hoping sleep takes over soon so I’m not checking constantly . Many schools have cancelled. Oh the things I can think about . At least I’m cozy in bed Miss Abigail is in bed with my hubby and I as my daughter is out with her boyfriend so she is cozy with us , love that the kitty does this . Well here I go check my phone one last time before I fall asleep .No they haven’t cancelled well phone call there may be … okay sweet dream every one Good Night.

Photo Thursday…



I missed my Photo Monday so I have decide today to post this because This Photo of my daughters Cat Miss Abigail was too adorable to resist. she had an active playful morning so this is how I found her. Nice and cozy and sleepy. Wish I could sleep as good as her , Enjoy everyone I hope she makes you smile.

Rainy lazy day, what to do….write?

Ughh…. nothing like rain in November okay I do like it better then snow but it’s makes for a long quiet lazy day…sadly things still needed  to be done so laundry is done house is clean and dinner is cooking all the while I look at my pups nice and comfy sleeping away and would  I love to be doing that as well  . what a life  🙂 So here I sit tapping away on the computer and waiting for time to go by until this wet quiet dreary day is filled with the sound of my family home doing there thing and the dog barking happily because  my son is home playing with him . Just for the record I am not complaining just stating a fact 🙂 some days are just what they are and am not a complainer , I try not to be but winter is not my favorite season . what is  your favorite season let me know give me some feed back would love to hear.