Beautiful Mother’s Day weekend ❤️

It was such a beautiful weekend . Saturday we were in the70s and it was just a simple day enjoyed the outdoors spending time on the deck and chatting with my hubby while he did things around the yard. Then after he finished we went for a ride and treated ourselves to coffee. Went on the back country roads and just took in the leisurely day. After we arrived home to throw some pizzas in the oven for supper and relaxed on the couch watching tv. On Sunday woke to a cold rainy Mother’s Day. I dragged myself into the shower just as I heard my daughter shutting the door to head out for work . She had a long day at the floral shop . A bit later I got a text from her saying Happy Mother’s Day sorry she missed me but loved me and would see me later. I smiled as I headed out to the kitchen for coffee . My hubby told me she left me a card and she wanted me to open it. .. so I did very sweet and a Amazon gift card was also with it. I was telling her how I wanted to order some books there so this was perfect. My son woke and came out with a sappy face and said Happy Mother’s Day and said he still needed to grab me something he had worked late the night before and didn’t get a chance. I told him it was fine he then said go get ready I’ll take you out for breakfast . My hubby loved the idea and said yes let him do this . So the three of us finished getting ready and headed out . We went to a local orchard that has the cutest little restaurant . It was so nice and comfortable laid back. I do not like stuffy restaurants . I like to be comfortable and I love comfy food not fancy. So absolutely perfect I ordered blueberry pancakes and corn beef hash , my son said only order one pancake it’s huge it covers the whole plate it’s so filling . Well he was right oh my I couldn’t finish it. And a plateful of hash and endless refills of coffee. So there we sat stuffing our faces (hahaha) and chatting and laughing. It was nice do not do this often with my son. After we took a ride as he drove . Then once home my son left for a run with a friend … how he did that after eating I do not know🙂My hubby and I headed over to his moms to give her the plant we got her and sat and enjoyed coffee with her for awhile . Once home still full from breakfast we ate light my son came home from running and settled in as my hubby and I did . My daughter came home with a big hug for me and said she hoped I enjoyed my day . Then we all relaxed . A very simple content day . Oh and my hubby also got me a plant as well my daughter helped him pick it out . I hope all you moms out there enjoyed your day!

Beautiful morning..

The Sun was so welcoming this morning after a cloudy day the day before . I couldn’t help myself to capture a picture on the way to school and yes my son was driving. It  was just so uplifting  It was well due needed the suns energy on me.. I have  been feeling so over whelmed lately with everything that has needed  to be done, paid etc…  that worrying as got the best of me which I do not like to let this  happen to often. I cannot wait for things to wined  down just a bit.I will   take it day by day or at least try to. I know there still is   the holidays to add in going to or try to take in stride  ….yes… do not get me wrong love the holidays I am just having a hard time getting into them  this year , much  .. much  harder when your kids are adults and teenagers so not the same …The magic of Santa is what I miss  the most especially this one memory  .  when  my kids where young. There Daycare use to give out these little packages of reindeer food which was oatmeal and other safe edible ingredients  if squirrels ate it  so Christmas eve before the kid’s would go to bed they would sprinkle it on the front yard  and Santa’s Reindeer would smell it and bring Santa to the house they did know after they did this they had to go to bed and they did hahaha   but it  was the look  their faces how they would light up as they sprinkled it well my son liked to throw it  🙂  my daughter was so dainty.. she would sprinkle it just so ..oh  how miss those moments.   I am happy we have those memories to look back on. I have now replaced it in which Is what we should  think more of is  counting our blessings , I always have but now it’s more meaningful when your kids are old enough to share this meaning with you,, happy they know what is important  there  also finding even though holidays are coming life is busy for them  and they still have their responsibilities  how life changes in  one blink. Where did all those years go?….hmm a question I ask myself at least once a day 🙂 So I am trying to just walk sometimes it’s a crawl  through this new journey of life but I do know somethings that  have  not changed  is still having  our schedule maybe a bit different  no more writing in kid play dates  to  or kid parties . now writing in  driving time for my son, exam fees due. Sport meets to be at.. work drop offs  yeah I think it’s a bit busier in a  different  way, and no more little kids running around the house with their friends but my son and daughters girlfriend  and boyfriend coming over  loud music banging through my sons wall my son and his friends coming and going through my front door my daughter  having a girls night with drinks and movies yes their 21 and her friends stay over good thing she has a furnished basement . but I  must admit I like the noise and there chaos 🙂 with all this newness comes a little more quiet nights home with just my husband and then that’s  when we find Some time  for a  ride and enjoy a coffee or grab takeout and settle in with a  good movie and enjoy one another’s company that time has changed more then ever we forget how it use to be just him and I so do not forget this a very important thing to remember when it comes to this for all of you new parents.  There  is  hope some things that do  not change 🙂 all though this I would not mind  is Laundry having to be done 😦  which my Son could do but mom does it better.hmmm good one on his part. lets not forget the rest of the housework ughhh …then dinners to  be made . yes  all the fun things. I must say I am happy today house work is done supper is ready to be made when time the comes and I actually enjoyed my coffee and news this morning I believe it was the sun yes going to hold on to that thought. and so now today is pretty much mine and my pups  yes my loyal friend. so I will wait for my favorite show  do some adult coloring and yes tweet love twitter… tomorrow will be another day oh yes …but today  It’s a me  day !!!

Self discovery…

It’s February  vacation for my Son this week. let’s see I think since it began Sunday was the longest Ive seen him. Ever since that day he has been at friends houses and sleepovers . …he is definitely  my teenager. It’s all good this February   vacation has been moments of peacefulness contentment , I know what I mean or should say  what I  feel just trying to get it out in words will be hard but I will try so bare with me.On Sunday Valentines Day was celebrated by an anniversary Mass for my husbands grandmother . I grew up catholic  went to church every Sunday . Then married into a religious family brought raised my kid’s catholic but ….then life got crazy it was harder getting everyone to Church, yes sounds like excuses okay yes maybe??I will not deny. So we stop attending but I never stopped believing I say my prayers every night I still try to  instill this in my kid’s my daughter is an adult so this is her decision but my son is my struggle and  I mean a struggle and okay I do struggle with getting there too but once there I am good. I get this serene feeling that comes  over me. so yes this past weekend was a struggle  I held to it with my husbands help to get  my Son there  with us and the rest of the family .Off we went and it was such luck or fate I don’t know what to call it. the priest of the church ended up not feeling well so we had a retired priest that fills in and it was the one that my Son made his  first communion with and it was my sons last  class  that he taught then he retired . he is very dear to my heart and my sons he was down to earth but strict when he needed to be  but I always felt calmness with him so it was wonderful when we saw him and he was so happy to see my son hadn’t seen him and years and I think it was good for my son too, it made church go  so much smoother, the next thing that just seemed to fall into  place was when they said the sermon it was just  how I have been feeling the Deacon spoke and he talked about life getting more complicated  and parenting in  this day and age especially having  teenagers and finding the patience to parent them in this world ..etc.etc. My son and I looked at each other and just smirked it’s another moment I will never  forget.

Then my in-laws had made reservations at a restaurant which was the restaurant my husband and I  had our wedding reception at , as of Feb 25 th which will be 21 yrs this yr. so that was exciting and strange because we have not been back since our wedding My daughter had to work so it have been even better if she was there to share this with both my kid’s  oh but don’t you worry we will go back the four of us. So the day I was dreading because we had not been to church in awhile was turning out to be a moments of times  past, moments of signs  yes I do believe in signs and they seem to be every where that day  so amazing  how that happens .so this was so rewarding and did make me miss attending church like I should … so I’m thinking since the last two yrs have been a time of change I am thinking I may just start going to church on my own for my 0wn  peace of mind.  so we will see  life is funny at times and no matter how old we get we are always learning something new. I am learning about the next chapter of my life of taking care of my family but in a whole different way no more bedtime stories no more setting clothes out for them no holding their little hands while crossing the street. but letting go and trusting them letting them learn to cross the roads they go on with God guiding them and keeping them safe .