Sunday Night..

Settled in once again on a cold rainy night … happy the kids are home tired but home . Sons been sleeping on and off since he arrived home around 1 this afternoon . My daughter is tired but is up and watching the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics . Amazing how fast the time went . Today was a quiet mellow day .. and now back to routine , my sons vacation is sadly over he goes back to school on Monday . My daughter has Monday off but back to work Tuesday.. so the weekend was nice but happy everyone is back home . Happy our tv shows will return this week . . Could be looking at a major snow storm coming in by the end of the week but that’s days away so will see when it comes. For now going to enjoy the closing ceremony .🙂

More snow coming😥

More snow coming their predicting 6to 9 inches plus a mix of freezing rain . Schools are already cancelled for tomorrow , my son is at a friends house in town so he is closer to school because he still has track practice ,I know it’s Championships Friday but really they know what they need to do , he needs a break. My daughter will or I should say may be home because work will be slow so she is going in on Friday which would of been her day off. The photo I posted was this evenings sky it defiantly looks like a storm is coming ,I thought it was pretty so I captured it before it got dark. I love the evening skies . ..any chance I can get a photo I do . Well it’s getting late I guess I will settle and try to get some sleep early for a change . My daughter is down in her place with Miss Abigail for the night hubby’s sleeping away . So I will say my prayers and whisper a good night to my son hope he feels the vibe hahaha I could text him but you never know how he will feel about that if his mom is texting to say good night with his friends around😂 teenagers❤️

Snow ….No!

Hi Everyone I too this photo a couple days ago . You must know by now how I love my sunsets …. but now we will be possibly getting snow this weekend and I am so not looking forward to this. My relatives in Texas are so excited for it they haven’t seen it in years especially my cousins kids their seeing it for the first time and loving it ,sadly it’s short lived with the rareness of it but one never knows the way this yr is going anything is possible for them to see more . Now for us I am not wanting it as I get older I enjoy it less . Especially when you have kids driving in it . I’m hoping to change this a bit this winter especially with my son, last year he beat up his car driving in it and this yr he has a better car that I hope he treats better . My daughter I hope when she doesn’t have to work and it’s messy out will stay home and cuddle with her Miss Abigail . Well we will see if we get what they say . For now I will enjoy my photo of the beautiful warm sun 🙂