Snow Day again …..

A cold snowy day and my mood is as dreary as the weather… sadly it’s been a long week and going into a second one at that. Happy my daughter is feeling better , goes back to work tomorrow after being out sick for a week. My hubby is off and on feeling ill . So he’s been resting on the couch since he got home from work . Missing my son so much today , I think feeling the way I do it emphasis him being away so long.. chatting with him off and on tonight , he stated that a lot of people are sick on the base and who are sick have been for two weeks..ughh so he said he isn’t surprised I’m still not feeling 100 percent. It’s 8 at night and the snow is still coming down. I’m thinking my bed is calling to me soon where it’s warm . .. and hopefully my attitude changes as well . Sorry for not a very enlightening post . This winter is getting to me. I’m feeling a bit cabin fever. … sigh.. well I guess I will get comfortable and settle with my hubby. and I’m sure Miss Abigail who is in her favorite chair upstairs will most likely find her way into our room scratching at the bed and jumping on my hubby while he sleeps. .. will see .


Beautiful sight…

late this afternoon as we where all together eating supper as a family on this snow day . My son noticed a deer out our slider door so we all looked out and we found it to be three of them playing in our yard .. yes playing it looked like it watching them chase each other around our Apple trees and eat them hahahah my poor husband was upset about that part 🙂 but he got over quick enjoying them outside in our yard . Was a nice snow day actually all home together and having a meal together which has been long over due and the beautiful entertainment of our beautiful wildlife enjoying the snow . I can’t tell you how long we watched them it seem like forever then the wind picked up and the ran off into our woods to look for some shelter …. priceless❤️

Snow Day… Stopped counting.

imageIt’s the after noon the snow isn’t bad at the moment their saying as the day progresses into the evening and into tonight it will be at its worse. At this point it’s whatever… 🙄 My  hubby had to work , my son has happened to leave the house three times today lets see  the gym then came home to tell me he is going to the bank and post office before they close early ..okay so twice he’s left.  . My daughters home cleaning  her place and doing laundry …that poor machine is constantly running . As much as that poor back back door opens and closes, The house feels like a bomb hit it no matter what I do . That is the feeling I get when I know I’m done with winter and ready for Spring and to be outside on my deck enjoying the sun and the stars at night…a little wine next to a bonfire doesn’t sound too bad either 🙂

Today is today so the snow will do what it wants .. I have  a nice chicken cooking away for supper and  a lot for leftovers.  My son is resting finally and so happy  for him he did get a letter in the mail today okay not his first choice but one of the colleges he applied to and they said YES they want him … So we , he is getting somewhere , he likes the University that says yes but is waiting for first choice still . I’m excited for him it’s a good college  but it’s his choice I just want him to be happy and that being said he needs to be comfortable about his choice . As I write this the snow has become a bit heavier  the temps have dropped had to turn up the heat to get the chill out. hmm the night could be messy.  😥

More snow coming😥

More snow coming their predicting 6to 9 inches plus a mix of freezing rain . Schools are already cancelled for tomorrow , my son is at a friends house in town so he is closer to school because he still has track practice ,I know it’s Championships Friday but really they know what they need to do , he needs a break. My daughter will or I should say may be home because work will be slow so she is going in on Friday which would of been her day off. The photo I posted was this evenings sky it defiantly looks like a storm is coming ,I thought it was pretty so I captured it before it got dark. I love the evening skies . ..any chance I can get a photo I do . Well it’s getting late I guess I will settle and try to get some sleep early for a change . My daughter is down in her place with Miss Abigail for the night hubby’s sleeping away . So I will say my prayers and whisper a good night to my son hope he feels the vibe hahaha I could text him but you never know how he will feel about that if his mom is texting to say good night with his friends around😂 teenagers❤️

Just not the same…

.       Yes it was a snow day, but just not the same anymore…not snowed in life went on as usual.. work for my daughter, gym for my son and cleaning for myself  only thing  that was the  same ,my hubby was home so it was all business as usual No stuck at home together cuddled under blankets lounging around with hot chocolate and movies after sledding ,no snow angels or snowmen being made.or just even the cars being stuck in the driveway and all of us doing different things inside but at least all at home together. No cars made it out just fine and life didn’t stop for the day. I need to get use to this   These kind of days things have changed and I need to as well even though I do not go out on days like this with my hip but it’s about my mindset that needs to change and except this it’s the way it suppose to be. Im trying believe me but change is not one of the thingsI except easily . .  Tonight we are all home but it’s nigh hahaha a quieter night friends are gone home my son is finishing up homework my daughter is down In her place ,my hubby and I are settled under our covers watching our shows soon he will be snoring because he always falls asleep before me .okay somethings never change.🙂