Snow Day!

Miss Abigail enjoying the birds filling their bellies before the snow started coming down heavy. image

Snow day tomorrow?

It’s 10:00 Thursday night laying here checking my phone every to seconds well not that often but often enough hoping they will cancel school tomorrow now so we don’t have to get that horrible 5 o’clock telephone call telling us it’s closed , it’s only a 3 hr day then Christmas vacation begins .theres a storm coming in snow and freezing rain right at the time of the morning commute through out the whole day . My son is in bed been sleeping since 8 couldn’t sleep last night and it would just be nice to know now then he can stay sleeping and get the rest he needs . Crazy this waiting I do yes a mom to the core ūüôā I’m hoping sleep takes over soon so I’m not checking constantly . Many schools have cancelled. Oh the things I can think about . At least I’m cozy in bed Miss Abigail is in bed with my hubby and I as my daughter is out with her boyfriend so she is cozy with us , love that the kitty does this . Well here I go check my phone one last time before I fall asleep .No they haven’t cancelled well phone call there may be … okay sweet dream every one Good Night.

Photo Wednesday …from Monday

screenshot_2017-02-09-14-45-52-1         It’s  been a crazy first week with my Son getting his license and wondering okay worrying about his whereabouts …what is a mother to do . .then the crazy  snow storms that getting on here has been a challenge so my photo Monday is today . it’s my daughters kitty Miss Abigail I found her in one of our rooms while tidying things up around the house .This made me stop and just take her in enjoying looking at the poor doves trying to shelter themselves from the storm and the funny thing is they could see her and did not seem to mind.It makes you wonder what goes through cats minds ….I may have found her this way but photo credits to my daughter who captured this beautiful sight. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and my daughter as well.

Another day..

A rainy snowy cold day again school was cancelled , but thankfully just in case it was not going to be my son slept over a friends so¬† we wouldn’t have to worry about getting out of our driveway …..One of the downfalls of country living¬† for the¬† most part our driveways are basically a road and unfortunately we have a slight hill that my car loves so much. …not ūüôā so it was a quiet night with my son not home with his music playing as loud a as he can get it. I missed him but was happy he was safe and we wouldn’t have to deal with this weather.¬† Now just waiting for him to get home….thankfully my Daughter¬† had the day off so we stayed up a bit later last night and enjoyed some shows my husband went to bed …¬† so today was quiet day with my daughter doing things in her basement and so I did my things around the house and as I was I saw the most beautiful Cardinal at my feeder it¬† was so red. It was even better then seeing the sun at the moment . It really brighten this day up even if it was only for a moment.¬† I love when even on a dark day there is something that can brighten it up and make you smile.

Photo Monday .. Snow Day

Today was our first snow day of the school year. We spent it decorating our beautiful Christmas Tree my Son¬† picked out from the tree farm he working at this winter, all the employees get to pick out a free tree of their choice I must say he chose well it’s perfect. Our first real tree in 3 years . and as you can see in my second photo our snow day has ended in a beautiful sunny day as well as a breath taking blue sky. After a snow’s nice to see and now I am enjoying a nice hot cup of hot chocolate and enjoying the sun while its up.




Snow Day!!

We officially had our first snow day in my world today . we woke up to a phone call at 5 in the morning informing us of no school, so decided to take advantage of it go back to sleep snuggled back under the blankets as my husband got up and got ready for work , okay the smell of coffee brewing had me temped to drag myself out from under those blankets but then I was not ready to look outside at the snow…still do not miss having a snow less winter. so I fell back to sleep . my pups got restless so it was time to let him out start the day ….funny thing snow day right?? I pull up the¬† shade¬† ready to see the ground covered in white….No nothing I was like wait was there really a snow day hahaha? well yes it was it didn’t start till 2, my son could of had school and he agreed too…so I took advantage of catching up on laundry that got neglected over the weekend due to running with my kids and husband shopping enjoying watching my son driving up and down our driveway¬† since are driveway is like a dead end road and seeing how happy he is knowing soon he will be driving …for me nervous not that I do not have faith in his driving I do just he is my baby …and I am a today was¬† catch¬† up day and my daughter took advantage¬†¬† cleaning her place. My Son¬† took the day to relax and get some well needed sleep . Snow days are just not the same anymore so sad I remember tons of snow and my kids couldn’t wait to get out in it and slide build snowmen make snow angels till they couldn’t feel their fingers and toes then come in get dry and have hot chocolate with marshmallows in it put a movie in for my son as my daughter cozy up with a book. love the memories ….tomorrow my daughter and I will go to our favorite place for lunch Panera’s and then Starbucks for a coffee and sit back and enjoy…I miss those days when they were young but I like the new special moments and memories we are making now too.