Snow Day #3

Once again woke to this. Everyone’s home well ..was my son and his buddies love a challenge so they took my subie and up our Long road of a driveway in their pajama pants they went yes…. pajama pants yeah they do not care to the diner down the road for some breakfast. So much for being snowed in. Boys….. My daughter  is enjoying  coffee with her dad and I . My hubby ended up not working so he will take his time clearing the driveway.  Well I guess I will grab another cup of coffee and then do what needs to be done around here, not much it will be a laxed day .🙂




Full Moon

The past couple of nights has Miss Abigail pacing all over the house and being very vocal poor kitty all out of sorts . It also has myself and my daughter antsy and not Being able  to sleep. My Son is on a weird sleeping schedule as well and keeping him up playing an Xbox game online with one of his buddies I think they have a challenge going on . After little nap after school and practice …..luckly no homework I believe the first quarter is about to end soon and then exams so studying will be in order soon.. This school yr is going to fly by . Even my hubby is still up past his bedtime 🙂 Yes this Full Moon is doing a job on all of us . It’s still brutally cold out and expecting a snow storm Thursday their saying a possible Northeastern on the coast  hope it changes for their sakenot much our way as of right now but thT could always change. .  two hr  delay this morning for the schools due to the wind chill . This weather is so crazy Mother Nature is letting it snow  in Florida . and their having winter storm watches  ….why…… I guess she isn’t happy with us .  Tomorrow I think I will start a book I  bought months ago and then when that is finish I have a gift card to get more books so I can read this month away and color.  That of course will be after all my errands are done house is picked up….my soapy is watched yes I’m a soap addict 🙄Days Of Our Lives! Love it. The only drama I like to get dragged into 🙂  Well the house is a bit quieter now tv’s off my hubbys is sleeping Miss Abigail for the moment is sleeping my daughter is down in her place enjoying her book her kitty should be there , eventually she will wander down the only sound is the occasional laugh from my son soon he will be off to bed as I should be. So time to settle under these cozy warm blankets and get some sleep . Good Night Everyone.



I took this last night when the snow was starting to slow down and my hubby and son and his friend where outside cleaning up. The way the light shined on the tree branches made it actually look beautiful and tolerable hahaha . It’s Monday and it’s sunny out but the wind chill and the temps of 18 degrees its making it a very cold day so it’s an indoor day with Miss Abigail everyone else is back to work and School. Miss Abigail has the right idea she is curled up nice and cozy on the couch keeping warm and sleeping the day away. Oh to be a cat. Enjoy my photo everyone!❤️


Good Morning , a quiet morning, first Saturday I have had like this in awhile.. hubby’s hunting , kids are working . it’s just Miss Abigail and I watching the weather channel looking at the radar where this big historic snow storm is heading-sadly our way but actually isn”t going to be our way until tomorrow and seems like the amounts are dropping so happy about this but it can change ,at the moment it’s in New York looks very wet it’s melting quickly there so I hope it’s not to bad our way I do feel bad for the skiers but I just wouldn’t mind a calm winter . So is everyone ready for Christmas? I will kind of be after Monday going to do some shopping my kids now that their older Like gift cards so then they can pick out what they like which is fine with me. Same with my hubby he just wants gift cards at the nearest Home supply store . To get some tools …men.. 🙂all I want is some peace and my family to be happy healthy and safe oh and maybe a new adult coloring book or two since I’ve been into that so much lately.. I’m easy enough never really want much I’m happy with what I have and if I want something I can grab it. Hmm need to get Miss Abigail something too let’s see some new kitty toys treats hahaha she is easy as well I think she just wants a quiet calm warm day at home to sleep hahaha to be a cat this is how I found her on our couch under my Santa blanket I saw a bulge in the blanket lifted it up a bit to find her like this , a new cozy hideaway for her. Happy girl. okay I guess I should start this day and get some things done not much to do today just some food shopping and clean the kitchen from the breakfast chaos yes that is exactly what it is everyone making their own thing . So then after that will settle in with a movie and see what happens with this snow. Have a great day everyone.🙂


It’s Saturday night and my husband and I have settled in for the night ..Watching tv in our bed kids are off doing their thing so Miss Abigail my daughters cat has found her place on our bed for the night . So today was April fool’s day and my husband’s birthday so we ate supper out then had a cake have to have a  cake and candles  need to make a wish. The day was nice Ben though the weather was not 1st day of April and it’s snowing and cold Mother Natures April Fools joke…well not funny. Re at for green grass not white. So did anyone play April fool jokes ?