As my hubby is enjoying the hockey game on tv I am looking at paint colors online . We want to repaint our kitchen and living room it’s been 13 yrs since we built our house and feeling like we need a change defiantly over due. As you see I’m the one looking as my hubby is watching the game …okay it’s not that he doesn’t care it’s just he is sick of me not liking his color and him not liking mine so he needed a break . It’s so hard . When we had first moved in it was actually not too much of a though what we wanted and the house was painted now . It just feels so overwhelming . The more I look the colors are starting to look all the same hahahaha . Earlier I thought we had it then one issue came up do we break up the color in the hallway that is connected , follows the kitchen color or now break it up …ughh . It’s a ranch so everything is so connected . I like the idea to break it up he doesn’t . So that has led him to stop thinking about it at the moment . Oh what to do …. sadly I’m not a hockey fan so that is not going to distract me ๐Ÿ™‚ well I guess I stop looking give it a break and see if it’s clearer tomorrow. Maybe .

Book read ? maybe since I’m settled under the covers with our electric blanket on ..yess it’s cold it was snowing an hour ago not sticking but snowing ,crazy middle of April. having to use my blanket . It will be used again tomorrow unless I can get close enough with my car to see the track , my son has a track meet tomorrow afternoon in a couple towns over . So if it’s cold it will not be fun sitting outside . Bad enough the kids stiffen up trying to run in their uniform in the cold. Once again my son is home settled in his bed watching a movie after getting home from practice. Such a record . Next week he will be back at school and then watch he will be out at night a bit more … hmm . I guess I will read for a bit Good night everyone.


Three day weekend rides!

Three day weekend rides are so relaxing. My hubby had a three day weekend also it’s the start of April vacation week for my son. The first photo was taken today (Monday )we woke to this hitting the windows it’s really not snow more like sleet and now it’s being washed away from the buckets of rain that has been coming down all day. The next photos are of our weekend ride before all the sleet arrived . We went on a back road and yes indeed a back road no guardrails to protect you if you veered off some parts along the river where pretty steep that I couldn’t take a photo of because I hate heights ๐Ÿ˜‚this river is called the Green river if you notice yes it’s Green color because of the clay in it , a lot of people find it refreshing in the summer if your daring’s so cold…it’s also a perfect river to fish in. It was a nice ride even though the temps where only in the 30’s but nice and warm in the truck. Spring is just not wanting to come.. now their saying we are looking at a cool Month of May …. oh I hope their wrong. My son was happy to be inside today after his hike /run with his track team well the ones who where daring enough to do so with the coach. Where they ended up standing in a foot of snow and extremely cold . Which sadly found out running /hiking up in a T-shirt and jogging pants.. he wasn’t lazy inside today tho just inside at the gym working out.. any how this weather is crazy but the ride was nice ..would like to see some flowers tho…. especially my roses would be a beautiful sight ๐Ÿ™‚

Track Meetโค๏ธ

This afternoon was my Sons 1st Track and Field meet of the season and his last year of high school Meets so it’s bittersweet.. the day started off with snow showers but we held hope that it would not amount to anything and would stop by 3:30 , happily it did but it was brutally cold and I do not know how these kids did it running in the cold temps tend to stiffen your muscles up they kept their warm clothes on as they did their warm ups then stripped down to their uniforms of tank tops and shorts happy he had an Under armour sport shirt on to keep at least his arms warm . As us parents and family sat on the bleachers or standing by the events watching we where bundled like it was the middle of the winter … ๐Ÿ˜ญhe ran 3 races the 200 , 400 4×4 relay and did the shock put he did well winning his races and his friends winning their races coming in 1st place they won their 1st meet . A great start to the season . After it was over you could see the team on the ground stretching because the cold was stiffening them up . So proud of my son and his team they have been training hard. All the kids where amazing! Now my hubby and I are under the electric blanket still warming up finished our favorite Tuesday show and now watching baseball as for my son he is out with his friends celebrating getting food …oh to be young . My daughter is warmed up as well and now out with her boyfriend .so quiet night well as I just wrote this my son has arrived home and is walking a bit slow ,stiff and tired and is off to collapse into his bed . I guess the adrenaline wore off …. he could be lame tomorrow. I know I will be my hip and legs do not do well with the cold but I couldn’t miss his 1st day of his last yr , thankfully it was a Home meet so it was an easy walk and tomorrow I can rest my legs . Just needed to be there for him. โค๏ธ


This is what our Friday afternoon became …yes snow April 6th ..crazy then by evening the sun came shining in and now it’s night and it raining and cool out. The kids are out so hubby and I are watching tv and chatting .. it was a day of decluttering the house as I watched my soapys yes have a 2nd one I’m getting into . Gives my mind a break from thinking about all the college things and it’s nice to take a break from it. My daughter was off today but was busy cleaning her place and doing laundry. . I’m finding that my Facebook days are limiting more and more everyday I just can’t take all the drama and that’s not because of the kids on it but adults … ๐Ÿ™„ I feel like I’m back in high school again and I just can’t.

I’m happy I reached out and chatted with a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile on the phone . Our kids grew up together she lives with her family in another town about an hr away if that . Her youngest is also graduating as well this yr so we talked about her daughter and my son . Then just talked about whatever , it was nice it’s hard when you get older and your friends are busy with their family things too so I will take what time I can get with my FRIENDS yes I’m emphasizing t hat because we are friends not just because our kids went to school with theirs because they didn’t . In this town I live in half the people are friends just because their kids are friends so sadly the parents form a clique even more if the kids are in the same sport together and sadly some of theses parents are not nice not trustworthy and the drama is crazy so when I’m on Facebook this is what I see and I like and need to stay out of it and my son likes it as well . This is his world I do not remember my parents in my friend world they had their own separate friends and so I could just be with my friends . Yes I do keep in touch with the parents my kids hung out for safety reasons but their not the people I would share private things with or it would be spread throughout this town ๐Ÿ™„ my hubby and I are private we are nice but we mind our own business . I must say everyday of your life your still learning something hahaha and I’m learning this new chapter one day at a time and trying to keep my sanity intact ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I will finish a show with my hubby , my son is home now and my daughter should be sometime soon . Good night everyone.

Itโ€™s gone ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s gone all the snow from this morning ..if you read my last post you would see how we woke to the ground covered I n snow. The sun came out and it melted away as fast as it came and then we had a beautiful sunset that sadly I didn’t catch in time. This weather is crazy . Now instead of worrying about if my sons meet will be cancelled because of snow now it’s thunderstorms and a lot of rain that could cancel it. . I guess we will see. Oh Mother Nature. Spring is coming eventually ๐Ÿ™‚

April Snow…

Good morning it’s April 2nd and we wake to this , the photo doesn’t show it but it’s still snowing a bit luckily it’s not staying on the roads but sadly my bare greening yard is now white again… oh Mother Nature why? Wednesday is my sons first track and field meet so hopefully this melts and we do not get anymore .

The weekend was nice I hope everyone had a nice Easter Now onwards to a new week and back to routine a bit, days of total routine have become instinct well for myself it’s just my usual what needs to be done if you know what I mean. .. The kids have their own routine . My time is becoming just my time more and more these days. Coffee taste good watching the morning news and the snow coming down .

Sunday Drive!

My hubby knew I was feeling under the weather but asked if I wanted to take a ride and see how much snow had accumulated I’n the towns around us . I said yes that would be relaxing so we went it was nice we chatted as we looked at all the snow that was out in the woods in those towns ,then we went further and by the time we where done we had been driven for two hours it was nice . I love the pictures I captured . We do not have all this snow where we live it’s been melting since the day it fell. I hope you enjoy the pictures.