Quiet times..

The wind is roaring once again. Even tho the sun is peeking out between the clouds it’s still cold and January ugh.. yes not my month. The house is clean no rumbling of the washing machine going . A quiet afternoon . That being said I helped myself to an afternoon cup of coffee and going to enjoy my day time shows . My letters are sent out especially one for my son. Hopefully it gets to him sooner then the last ones.

This new year I’m trying to make it as a time for more peace of mind .. letting go of my kids more as a disciplinary parent but a parent of two adult kid’s and being someone they can come to if they need advice and no judgement just letting them lead the life they choose . And I’m thinking this will make us even closer if that makes sense ? So Im going to try to relax my mind that can think way too much and let go of the status of what everyone else is doing not matter to me. I go onto Facebook and I’m seeing how this person and that person is doing this and that and then feel like I should be doing things also yes I know Facebook is so good for that. but sadly it’s not what I want to do . I want to spend more time doing things that put my mind at peace and do for me and my family, I feel like I need to stop being a people pleaser to those who really do not care . Let me just say this is going to be a very hard habit to break. But I Hope journaling ..blogging will help this. And to stop feeling guilty when I say no to something . It’s a funny thing my son has this trait of mine as well ,making everyone happy but then after realizes he made the wrong people happy then the ones he should of ,even tho he doesn’t need to make people happy but the point is he always looks back and feels the guilt creep up on him like I do. He’s young he has time to learn. I’ve been doing this too long and so now I’m deciding that it’s time for me to do this for myself. and that will make for a happier me and my family. Life’s funny they say our life is our own but why do we for the most part want or do or be what everyone is. A question I ask myself often. I am simple and I live simple I like to just spend time with my family my close friends , read, write , enjoy my coffee , shows adult coloring, long rides with my husband, making my house what I want, laughing over silly things,late night conversations with daughter . Goofing with my son. That’s what I want and need. So again why do I ask myself the question I just stated.?


No matter how old we get ,we are always learning . I must say I’m finding that even though my Son has graduated ..the drama with my sons friends parents…not all but most still can’t let go of the drama. I could blame social media but I can’t say it’s to blame … I have met some wonderful people and am happy to call them friends it’s just what you choose to do ,for instance Facebook I have many family members from out of State many local friends and many from a afar from other parts of the world that I love to connect with on Facebook , there’s just a few (locally ) that are a thorn in my side and make me want to shut my account down , these few act like we are still dealing with high school kids and have to get involved okay become nosey and start trouble … my son and I have always had a complicated relationship he never liked me to be that mom who was involved in every school activity , or his friends this was his world and I’m his mom not his friend now we get along much better since his graduation, do we have our moments oh yeah but we are both learning , but a few are so in their kids business it’s horrible , when I get on fb just to catch up with people I enjoy ,this one lady just has 20 questions of course about my son my life what she has what she’s doing what she’s getting I want to write in all upper case I DO NOT CARE! I know karma will bite me… but come on I do not need this . But I am learning , and letting it be okay to ignore change the subject when I get a message from her . So many people have said well just get off of Facebook , no I do not believe that is the answer well not for me. I’m learning just how I want to use it . If that was the case then I would drop every social media site … I love my Twitter all my soap fans are on there and we chat about our soap.I love my instagram because I can share special moment in pictures on it and see other parts of the world with my distant friends. I love my blogging because I can share my feeling my life and I have met some wonderful people that I also would like to call friends. So yes I’m learning how to now be on these sites with no more high school track pics .. no more coffee pics since I do not buy coffee out anymore. 😥 yes a learning experience and new chapter begin and please no drama🙂

Strange Morning…

Good Morning .. a strange one at that after a very light sleep.. you know those nights where your sleeping but you feel your not but then you actually wake up and your wide awake … that was my night . Then I wake up at 7 after whatever time I fell back to sleep to my son asking to see my phone hmm … he types on it then says ok here , I look at it and it’s an Instagram but a new one with only two photos it’s him he says I think I deleted my photos by accident last night and I lost a lot of followers with my photos I’m like oh no but to me something sounded strange about the whole thing .I didn’t tell him that because I do tend to over think things so I let it go ,a few minutes later I go to check mine and in the feed I see all or most part his photos and followers but it’s a weird name …word I don’t know what to call it jibber … I’m about to yell to him from my bed he comes in says take a pic of me and has this paper he’s holding I can’t say what it said but yes he was reporting it he was hacked .. stolen whatever you want to call it …. Why? He’s not happy. Who would be. Im ready to delete my social media except for this …. It’s getting bad , I think it’s time to get a good camera and start taking photos the old way or should say the way it should be. I’m tired of this a month ago my Facebook was hacked . I’m ready to call it quits sadly I have friends I love to connect with from afar .. on there other then that I would press that delete button so fast. The drama is getting to much to too . I hope my son has his photos saved.

I’m sitting and enjoying my coffee my son is now off to school , as I watch the weather channel because my phone did a weather warning alert..ughh another Nor”Eastern predicted our way for tomorrow into Thursday night and this time their predicting 12to 16 inched our way😥 so I’m thinking with the timing and if it gets as bad as they say no school tomorrow or Thursday. Hubby texted me to let me know he would be taking off Thursday from work to clean up or if we have power outages he can be around … thank god Crazy….actually something else that is crazy is I was catching up on the news this morning as well and they where reporting on a flight I don’t know where about didn’t catch it but they where in flight and this women had to be restrained because she was trying to get to the planes door to open it and yelling I am God over and over. Okay that’s scary poor women but the passengers what they had to deal with .. oh this world… so yes a very strange morning 😂 Miss Abigail is doing some odd things as well hiding at first this morning then I went into the kitchen to freshen up my coffee and she’s sleeping on my kitchen table ,well that didn’t happen long .. she knows better because when I went towards her to grab her off she ran. Can cats sense a storm coming? It’s been a morning… going to be a long day.


Today I realized that its been 4days  of not being on Facebook , yes I know wow what an accomplishment 🙂 actually for me it is so to speak. IM alway on Fb  or at least checking it out every morning…since I had an issue on it last week I took it off my phone things where posting on it that I didn’t do , my friends told me they where having the same issues so I changed the password and took it like I said of my phone. Now it’s on my IPad but my phone is always near by so I tend to go on it more there. I guess a blessing in diguise . This weekend I read more  did more adult coloring and on Friday night I was home by myself I watched two movies and actually enjoyed them without distractions. It was so nice . Today I got so much done and then went with my daughter to Starbucks for a coffee butterscotch flavor so good.  I must say it’s nice and I do not even feel like I’m missing anything . I do still have my Twitter on my phone but that doesn’t pull me in as much there’s really no drama on it . I just like to see what’s trending or   Catching up on the news on it , So yes defiantly keep that on. This tech world can really take over …if you let it. Will see how long I will last. But I know one thing I will keep it off my phone . IM liking that I’m getting back into the reading and coloring and my nose is not in my phone all the time 🙂 image

Society…what happened?

I am appalled by society …morals.. the path this generation is heading in no respect for life.. authority .Why I ask ? I do not like to write about what happens on T.V  the news but this one incident I have heard over and over because reporters and just people in general can’t understand the verdict on  the the Stanford rape case what happened 6 months that is it we all know there is something clearly wrong with this young man , ok so he is a star athlete oh so that exempts him from bad behavior and justice  bad enough he is going to miss his swimming meets well….lets see what about the poor young girl that he raped and had not a clue what happened yes she was drunk passed out but this had nothing to do with him,,,she had a right to drink yes too much but she didn’t break any  law. it scares me where the justice system is heading.this could be anyone of our daughters and yes our sons and if that was the case  I would be seriously upset but  wouldn’t have condoned it …My son is 15 soon to be 16 and is so against how some of the kids at his school how they party  every chance they get and go through girls like a new pair a shoes he doesn’t understand why these guys in his words can be such slimes.. and the girls just keep going back. I am  proud of my Son and thankful he has respect. My daughter was telling me about  a girl she works with  and the girl would love to hang out with my daughter and other girls after work but her boyfriend does not like or let’s her hang out with anyone she as anxiety and believes that its caused by her boyfriend because she takes medication for and it  doesn’t work she told my daughter her doctor thinks she would feel better if she leaves him sad thing is I do not believe she will she states to my daughter its not physical abuse but verbal .I believe abuse is abuse and she told my daughter she his hanging out with a girl after work by telling him she is working late now tell me she is not scared of him I told my daughter to stay out of it because if she could be in danger the girl whoever she hangs out with could possibly be too if and when he finds out. I feel bad for this young women but need to keep my daughter safe,  its sad that I have doubt that if she tried to break up with him it could get messy…it’s sad when my daughter had told me when he graduated this past month he did not want to walk or be in the ceremony because he just did not want to his school let him just pick up his diploma the next day.Sounds to me this young man doesn’t  like authority .What have we become . life as rules way past the years of parenting what are we to do.