Adult Coloring!

I Everyone after a busy Last Boosterday week for my senior with all the festivities the dressing up costumes School color day,  pep rally float making and then the football game and a very sore son , but feeling  ok  even if he wasn’t he wouldn’t stop going So anyways and last but least the Homecoming dance  on Saturday night . Happy all the kids had fun and stayed safe. Today was a relaxing whateverkind of  day after food shopping … finished my page and started a new one to relax so it was a nice day to sit outside do some adult coloring while enjoying the sun , here is the page I finished and then the page I have been working on.  Love coloring.


Friday Nights

It’s 11:00 at night after my Sons football games I’m so wide awake and hoarse now🙂 my husband as well it was so fun tonight I forgot how football games where … so going to miss this when him and his friends graduate . We all just cheered and the cool night air with the scent of French fries ifrom the snack bar just made it a perfect night and the fact that my sons  team won 26 to 8 .was even better. Plus he was in his glory when he made the 1st t touch down of the night . He wanted that bad I quote ! so proud we are of our boys. the boys of fall. If you like country Kenny Chesney has a song called the boys of fall and it’s about growing up playing football look it up it’s a great song and video, when my son played youth football they played it  at   the banquet with pics of our boys and it brought tears to my eyes and now when I hear it to this day it still does. Now it’s time for me to settle my son is home and showered and in bed so I think I will do the same . Good night every one.

Long weekend.. 

It’s Monday night settled in bed it’s such a dark night no moon to light up the room .. sadly this three day weekend went by too fast but doesn’t alway..What a simple calm weekend it was , Started off with a Friday night  football game under the lights  and my son played . He did amazing for someone who has not played since middle school . They didn’t win but they had fun and they played hard ..yes mom looked away a couple of times sorry couldn’t help  it . . Looking forward to this Friday . So the weather wasn’t the best , these three days rainy off and on and very humid, air conditioner is still running . Ready for son fall weather. Saturday night we had takeout  and then the kids left with friends for awhile and my hubby and I just read and watched tv with Miss Abigail by our side Thankfully the kids came home early so we settled in early it was a early morning my son with SAT’s  at 8 and my daughter for work at 8 and my husband putting the roof on his yes I say his new barn hahaha it started out as a  shed and turned into a barn everyone laughs and says is  this when your wife gets sick of you and kicks you out we laugh I tell them both the guys (my son) they laugh so yes we have a barn. So after that work my hubby was ready to relax good thing it rained the rest of the day. Then Sunday was food shopping day and a dump run then movie night at home with our daughter . Watched Gold with Matthew Maconoly so good a must see. Then now to the last day of our weekend and was  it a washout so we just took a ride and grabbed some coffee to enjoy on it . Must say even in the rain it was very pleasant love simple ..need simple this world is just too crazy and  it’s not looking like it will change  anytime  soon so simple it is for us safe way to be . I have aways prefer the simple path  doesn’t always work but for the most part  it does it’s just how you manage to do it.  Tomorrow will. be back to the norm,  hubby and daughter at work and son at school and practice  and I cleaning the house up from some neglected chores.  While Miss Abigail keeps me company 🙂 so for now off to bed hope everyone has a goodnight or day wherever you are in the this part of the globe🙂

Spartan Race .. son so proud.

In my last posts I stated that my son 17 years old was participating in The Spartan Race in Vermont on one of their highest mountains , it’s called Killington. My son and thousand run 32 mile which also includes 52 obstacles of sandbags on your back spearing , loading rocks in to pails and carrying them up the mountain climbing up roofs swimming across a pond and only stopping on your way to energize yourself with what you see in the photo .. which is placed at several parts on the routes . The race started at 6:30 Saturday morning and my son was still running and doing the obstacles at 6: 00 that evening my husband saw him twice with in those 12 hrs .  I stayed back and my husband kept me in form through text and phone  conversations  . At 9:00 that night they arrived home and he finished the race he finish in 62 place and a very sore dirty mess … it’s the day after and he is on the counch watching movies taking in a lot of liquids and not moving much every part of his body aches , I am sure everyone who participated feels this way well for the most part some . My son said the ones who train all year for this are probably in better shape today. As he was laying on the couch he was telling me a bit about it stating that it  was so mind blowing because at one moment your doing many obstacles and then there is several ours where your just hiking up the mountain to reach the top to proceed back down the  other side and more obstacles before reaching the finish line if you do he said a lot did not due to exhaustgen  or soreness  but he said in those hours moments your finding things to focus on because your mind is just thinking about anything random thoughts going through your head of what if I get hurt what I need to do this week he said he had to try to clear his mind and focus on one step at a time so mentally it’s challenging as well , he told us towards the end he was so tired he got this adrenaline rush to run to just get it over with and that is what got him to the finish line.We just sat and listened his take on this was amazing .  We are so proud of him . He loves a challenge and this was defiantly one .  May regret it a bit now but when he recovers he will be happy he did it that’s our boy ❤️

Busy Weekend ahead…

Woke up to a hot humid morning not very enjoyable after enjoying the past crisp cool mornings where a hot cup of a coffee tasted so good. I’m not one for the heat . At least  it will be a night of settling in a bit earlier when everyone gets home my hubby has a bad cold so to bed he will go and my son has a big Saturday ahead of himself that he needs to rest for . Him and my husband will be staying over two hrs away tomorrow  night in Vermont so my son can be ready for his Spartan race at 6 that Saturday  morning . 30 mile race of obstacles ….that’s my son. So after practice tonight he will be home  to eat and settle it will be a long day for both of them . I will stay back and  be with my daughter and her friend for a girls night. So that will be fun. Saturday my son and hubby should be back around midnight and Sunday will be my son resting and recovering , Now do you see why I worry 🙂 he just has such a drive he amazes me  but worries me this guy is always thinking of what next he can do … so wish him luck .

Good Morning!

Good Morning ! Just now having my coffee , put some laundry in and cleaned the kitchen up a bit of the breakfast dishes from the guys before work and school. Cool crisp air coming through the windows Fall mornings are here.  Happy to say that my Son and his cross country team won their first meet ! So happy for them especially being such a smaller team we where all worried about will see still a long season to go but what a great start. Nice mention in our Town paper this morning of them nice plus. Well going to finish enjoying my morning coffee and finish this laundry .. never done. 🙂

Beautiful Day for a run!

Today is the first day of my Sons last season of Cross Country Meets . It’s bittersweet because he lovesThe sport but not many on the team one more joined so that helps . I wish I could be there for it and him but it’s an away one he has my car ,hubby can’t get out in time. So my heart ❤️is with him and I hope he knows this . I will be at the next meet that will be at his school. I’m so proud of him he works so hard for all this and his stamina is unbelievable. I wish more kids felt this way ….the kids these days do not want to do much or care about much it’s a scary thing . This generation is I’m sorry a bit lazy or just want do not have the motivation to commit to not just sports but jobs anything well at least where we live. That’s why my heart breaks when my son puts 100 percent into all of this and then some any ways it’s a good day for a run I hope they do well I am thinking of him and his teammates .