I woke with a nostalgic feeling.. I laid there in bed thinking how the time was here … my sons move out day to move in to his dorm. I made my way to a quick shower feeling a bit foggy head from my medication for my UTI but pushed forward. Made my way out to take the dose and grab a cup of coffee. My son asked me if I would help him pack his clothes .. of course I said. We talked and listen to music as we went through his clothes. And yes we laughed it was nice. I became quiet and he said oh mom don’t be sad I’m not going to be that far away you can do a day trip and come have lunch with me. I guess it’s just the fact of seeing his things packed up and not hearing the back door shut and close continually .The house will be quiet. I guess that’s my dread… I was handling his leaving pretty good for awhile but now as I sit here look at everything piled in the living room ready to go I’m feeling a bit sad. Always a mother… I am so proud of him and I want him to reach for the stars because I know he is capable of that . He has such drive and I know it will take him on any path he chooses. I have one plus I have my car back (hahaha) silly how that is one of the things I’m looking forward to. On Monday I will spend the day out shopping with my daughter and get our Starbucks pumpkin lattes . That is out. That will be fun a break up the week . Life once again changes .. oh how I got too comfortable with him being home again after Basic. Well time to get some sleep or at least try. Not holding out too much hope for that. šŸ™‚this just some of his tags he will be taking the rest is in his room .


As long as last week was ,as short as this weekend is. It’s just hitting 7:30 and the sun has already disappeared below the trees and settled into the mountain well thats how it looks . Peepers no more . Do they stop making noise at a certain time of the season? And no wildlife as well . At least the humidity is slowly dissipating. It’s a bit more bearable . A new week will be beginning and plans are being made to fill it up . Monday will be spent eyewear shopping with my daughter who needs to get new glasses and wants my opinion. Maybe I can find a book or two while we are out and about. Then Wednesday my daughter and I will catch an afternoon movie. We want to see the new The lion King , my daughter loved it as a little girl . It looks really good . So looking forward to that. All fun things to do this week. Then the birthday weekend will arrive and I can’t wait for that to pass by … not for my son I love celebrating my kids birthdays it’s mine Id like to forget. So with that said my son is accumulating a good room full of items for his college dorm. Unbelievable he will be starting college in a month . National Guard drill will be starting up for him the first of August so he has that to do as well. Things will get busy soon for him and I less busy….. less busy worrying about him (hahaha) he will be tucked away in school. I’m really hoping he likes it. Time will tell. In the mean time I will enjoy both my kids while their home together . A rarity these days. It’s 8 now and it’s getting dark already . My son is out on his bike for a quick ride before it gets completely dark. Waiting to hear the roar of it’s engine soon pulling into the driveway. Oh how he loves that bike. Hubby will be going to bed in a half n hour ,4 in the morning comes quick . To early for me to settle so I’ll take advantage of the quietness and read some more of my book. Hoping I can get into it more. Not ready to give up on it yet. Well until then I guess I will get a couple of things done . Have a good night everyone!

And this week is done…

Ahhh…It’s Friday this week is over . car garage appointments done . My son has his bike back . That was interesting following him home after bringing him to grab his bike .It gave me the chance to see how well he handles it. Now I seem toĀ  breath a bit easier when I see himĀ  drive out of the driveway,Ā  he has a lot of confidence.Ā  It was raining a bit Thinking we would have to stop some where but we made it straight through. Now to relax and enjoy the air conditioners this weekend since their predicting temps reaching a 100 and over with humidity, a lot of warnings being posted how to stay cool. I can only speak for myself when I say I will stay in and enjoy reading my book . and watching movies. for the rest of my family whatever they decide to do cant stop them if they want to venture out in it. IMG_8972 (1)This the sky tonight It’s pretty ,everything outsideĀ  looks orange from it. It amazes me when this happens.

Good news we finally obtained some rain not a lot but a couple of good downpours that we neededĀ  . The grass everywhere you look is turning brown and everything is withered looking . Ms AbigailĀ  finally looks contentĀ  she has been very quiet this week. I think she doesn’t like the air on because she can’t enjoy sitting in the open IMG_8965

window .Ā  Sadly Miss Abigail will have to wait until the weekend is over before she sees an open window. It’s now night and the air outside has become even more humid and heavy feeling. Not good … well time to settle couldn’t sleep last night so I think I will try to get some sleep a bit earlier tonight. Good Night.



A piece of my heart..

As the sun continues its orientation the clouds replace its position in the evening sky making it bearable to sit in my Adirondack chair perched upon the front porch. The gentle breeze flows through with the water fountains ambient noise in the distance. Out in the lawn is my son and my heart, motionless, as he practices yoga poses after a long day of biking and running.  I sit and watch only to think if I could do this… but my body would regret it afterwards. Luckily, my body was at least capable of blessing me with both of my children. I believe this is what I am here for in this life, even though I wish to be unlike what I am now. Yet, I might have not been blessed with the family I have today as life is a mystery, if taken another path.  But I wouldn’t change it for what I have been gifted to this day. Now, as the light from the sun disappears over the horizon my son decides to head inside for the night, as I now should do the same finishing the blog. Goodnight everyone!

Being sensitive…

Being sensitive is that of a blessing or a curse . I know with my chronic illness it states I’m very sensitive physically yes but emotionally more. Not only have I been told by a doctor but by my family . I know it can get a bit much for them . ..But they bear with me . They ignore me humor me ( hahaha) yes this is a different kind of post today when I show the silliness of my sensitivity . If you read my posts you know how I love my Daytime shows yes … Soap’s I’ve been following a storyline on one of them General Hospital since winter now . It was just the saddest episode in the last two days A 17 yr old boy dies of a brain tumor and oh my was my heart breaking , I know they do this kind of thing all the time but it’s a soap ,they also have miracles at the last minute which I thought would happen but no they didn’t . My luck my son came home at the moment that the episode grew even more sad and intense and I of course teared up like a baby it was horrible …thankfully he humored me and just shook his head with a smirk on his face that says it all and that he’s so good at. Unfortunately as sensitive as I am I get very emotionally involved with my soapy’s , yes but also with movies and books as well . After the episode was over I went around finishing things around the house as he got ready to go to his second job as he was ready to leave , being silly I grabbed him in a bear hug as I am 4’11 and well he is about 5″10 and I said I need to hug you Ive had a dramatic day . He just stood their and I looked up at him and he just looked down at me and said are you done and laughed . I laughed as well and told him he was such a good sport . As he left I yelled I love ya he said love you too mother .What he puts up with .šŸ™‚ So are you overly sensitive?

Snow coming .. again..

I sit in the quietness of my house enjoying my coffee with Miss Abigail comfy in her chair my hubby and daughter both at work the temps in the 20 as the clouds are filling in …. At least the temps will go up a bit so I do not hear the cracking and snapping of the house . The photo I took yesterday being so cold the snow has iced over and made a shimmering glaze above the snow when the sun hit it . My son will be happy if this snow stays , messaging me close to his lights out time to say he maxed out the Physical training test thankfully is last one since he is suffering from a bad cold along with others there so he was feeling sore but he worked out because he was stiff …omg he doesn’t know down time he said he had to do fire guard so he said he was going to bed at 9 to get at least 3 hours of sleep to be ready at 1 till 2 then would go back to bed at 2 till 4 oh what a lousy night.. I’m sure he will be tired tonight . He said he would text but I would rather him rest. I’m hoping my daughter gets home ahead of the storm their predicting around 5 and she drives home for 5:30 so it shouldn’t be too bad and she doesn’t have far to drive.. thankfully .she is anticipating a relaxing night at home with Miss Abigail . Which I know Miss Abigail will enjoy . I think I’ll make a meatloaf for supper. And then settle in with my hubby and watch our shows and read. . I guess it’s time to do somethings around here before they get home šŸ™‚


Well this Saturday seem to fly by.. it’s hard to believe it’s 7 in the evening. My hubby and I slept in a bit. Then we enjoyed our coffee and and breakfast . A bit later we headed out the door to get some food shopping done and the food my husband needs to fast with starting on Sunday for his colonoscopy on Monday… it was a nice ride the sun was shining and thankfully shopping was quick and easy ..then we headed for our after shopping coffee treat .. lol always can enjoy a coffee. šŸ™‚ Arrived home with a ice coffee for my daughter , if my daughter is home and any of us get coffee we alway bring her a coffee home as well . She was happy to have one and enjoyed while she got ready for work. Worked a later shift today. Around 4 this afternoon my hubby watching tv while laying on the couch and I reading blogs plus my friend texting me off and on so I’m so focused on the two tasks…. my cell phone lights up with my sons face staring at me . I answered … he answers with a hey I’m on my way home I’ll be home in an hour. I’m like WHAT!! I swear my heart skipped a beat … my hubby looking at me puzzled , then my son says well in a week in a half at this time I will be heading home . I then realize ,came out of my dream that he was released sooner .. he chuckled then said in a sincere tone …that sounded nice to say ” I’ll be home in an hour” and I told him in deed it did. I guess I showed him how much I miss him and how ready I am for him to be back. We chatted for a bit until he let me go then I received a text of a photo of him in a CPR class . I swear he has a twin . There looked to be two of my son lol. He thought that was funny when I told him. An hour later he sent me a photo of a pizza and soda with the caption , Goood I just laughed I told my hubby well he’s happy he had a pizza delivered to the base . This only happens on weekends and in the AIT training. So he was happy. . Now my hubby and I are relaxing I’m thinking of reading while he is enjoying a documentary ,