So Proud!

I woke after a very restless night of waking up every hour … my son had to be up for 4:00 this morning to be ready to leave the house by 5 … so I was so worried he would sleep through the alarm that my my mind must of been having me react this way . When the hr I woke up and it was 4 I was on my phone texting him are you up ? when I did not get an answer back .I was nudging my husband to get up and check ..he looked at me half asleep not too happy with waking him and puzzled how I was awake . Oh if he only knew how my night was. Today was the day the Army National Guard Sargent picked him up for his physical exam the last thing to do to make it in was to pass that…and he made it in. So my day was spent keeping myself as busy as possible with cell phone and home phone in hands reach. Let’s say a lot of praying inside and outside as I dodged the sun not knowing if it wanted to come out blazing or hide behind the clouds . When it was tolerable it was spent out side with my book and phones in hand and I looking up to the sky and praying he would be okay and in good shape to join. When 3:00 in the afternoon arrived I prayed even harder that no news was good news. At 4 he arrived home and my son and the Sargent got out of the vehicle and greeted me. Anxiously I waited to hear the news. The Sargent said to me well we have good news and bad I’m like oh no …okay? He said good news he passed and has been sworn in . I just gasped with joy because I knew how much he wanted this ,my son has always wanted this and it’s a good start to a college and army career .. so I said what’s the bad news ? He said well it was a very long day for one .. just waiting around for everything to process and instead of the end of June shipping out for boot camp for 6 months it’s October then back for Christmas for two weeks and then gone till April . So weekend trainings two weekends a month through the summer to stay in shape . We could work with this. So my son is thinking summer classes until boot camp is over them start up in the fall for the rest of his college so it will be college and National Guards on weekends 8 yrs well 4 college 8 National Guards and who knows maybe full time serving after ..knowing my son I may not be surprised. I just know we are so proud of him. He wants to serve so much I thank God for getting him through this day .. I think I prayed all day to get myself through.

Now it’s night time and my son is settled in bed . I would think he would be tired after getting up early and all he had to do plus made it to a part of his track practice . HIs championship meets start tomorrow under the Lights so another long day with School and meets Well time to settle myself and pray one more time with a big thank you. 🙂 good night!


Monday Track Meet.

It was once again a brutally cold Track Meet.Amazed by these kids who can run in this cold , some of the kids just kept on walking , pacing , stretching to keep warm and not stiffen up before their race. The boys did such a great job . The strength and endurance is such a-remarkable thing. My son did exceptionally well we where tied and he won it for their team winning the relay he ran so hard so fast with everything he had in him . Everyone was cheering him on including me that I think I yelled so loud I may not have a voice tomorrow hahaha after he passed the finish line everyone came up to him and his coach hugged him I think it almost look like my son was going to cry so shaken with emotions of everyone shaking his hands hugging him that it brought tears to my eyes . I know it’s just a race…. but to him it’s everything .. all his hard work , his loyalty to the sport his team, his friends and to his coach . Running is his passion well one of many but it’s at the top of the list. It’s night now and supper was a late one he came home a bit after us and ate , showered and yes was exhausted he is in bed and I’m hoping is asleep . I’m still warming up I have my electric blanket on low . To get the chill out of my bones . So hoping for Friday’s Meet to be warmer. Well the fan is on humming away . As soon as my daughter arrives which should be soon I will say my nightly prayers and get get some sleep as well.

Prom shopping..

my Son and I and his Aunt ventured out for the day to look for a tux for my sons senior prom. Love when my son dresses up , as the saying goes he cleans up well. He basically knew what he was looking for but sadly they didn’t have the blue he wanted for the jacket so he went for a navy kind of blue which when he puts it all together with the vest shirt tie shoes it looked really sharp. So that took a bit of time with him changing mind because he was doubting what he thought would look good but it all worked out . When he dresses up like this it always shell shocks me because I’m so amazed of what a young man he has become. Where did the time go ? The years seem like a blur …. I’m so proud of him. It puts a tear in my eye. I know I’m such a sap 🙂 always a mom…. after we grabbed a late lunch we chatted and laughed the three of us as we enjoyed the food. Then took the long way home chatting and laughing some more.

My hubby stayed home and caught up with lawn work he’s been wanting to do . My daughter was invited with her Grandmother to go on a day bus trip to a casino so that was a fun experience for her . Sometime my hubby and I will go with her. . Now it’s night time and the fan is already humming away love that fan only way everyone sleeps in this house ,we have one running , both my kids have one running with not needing it to cool the room off it’s not in the window at the moment but leaning against a wall in each of our rooms for the sound . Yes all winter long as well. How many of you use a fan or some kind of noise maker to fall asleep to? it’s very dark tonight so no moon shining in. Back to work and school and a track meet which I will go and watch. So they guys are already sleeping and my daughter made it back earlier enough from the trip so she is with her boyfriend now. and I think it’s time that I settle . My eyes are feeling heavy with sleep. So I will say my prayers and get some sleep . Good night everyone.

Track Meet Afternoon…

  • After a somewhat sleepless night suffering from a bad headache .. I woke to the sound of Miss Abigail scratching at the bed . I guess it was time to drag myself into the shower and then to the kitchen for my coffee and seeing my son just as tired as I was sitting at the table eating breakfast. Knowing that he wasn’t going to be up for talking I went to catch the news . A little while later he appeared in the living room to say by and see me later at his meet. The start of the meet started off sunny and warm then by the end of it it was so cold and cloudy ,this is how it’s been since the Meets began this season… they did well they won , my son did well for being tired . My hubby and I arrived home around 7 tonight so a long meet 3:3o to 6:30 so I made a quick simple supper and we ate in the living room to catch the nightly news my son arrived home after the bus brought their team back to the school …tired sore and hungry he made his special diet and showered then headed to bed my hubby and I watched our favorite Tuesday night show and try to warm up … unbelievable trying to warm up at the end of April. Our windows are open a bit for fresh air ..the peepers are out but not as loud tonight. So a quiet night out there. The clouds are coming in making it even darker tonight as well Rain in tomorrow’s forecast for tomorrow amazed that it will be Wednesday already , this week is going by fast. Well my eyes are getting heavy and time for my nightly prayers and then sleep .Good night everyone .

Oh Mother Nature!

It’s Saturday started off warm sunny birds where singing it was so beautiful slept with the window open all night falling to sleep to the sound of peepers . It felt like Spring had finally arrived .. hmm I guess Mother Nature didn’t think so as the day went on the winds started to blow the birds stopped singing and the temperatures started falling and did they fall ..its now evening we went from 70 yesterday to 30’s right now and freezing rain coming in and predicted for Sunday as well . My son went hiking with his track team on one of the many big mountains in our area this afternoon curious to hear how cold it was on top when he arrives home. Feels like winter is back for the moment. The peepers are defiantly not peeping tonight😂 poor Miss Abigail was loving the windows open and laying in the window sills now their closed and she is roaming around the house going room to room.. she’s not liking it as well. Soon I keep saying Spring will come and stay .

The weather is as changeable as everything else lately …starting or adjusting to all the new changes and I’m haven’t even begun to feel the changes . Less then a month my son will graduate high school and I will then feel the change more then ever . Give me strength 🙄

Track Meet❤️

This afternoon was my Sons 1st Track and Field meet of the season and his last year of high school Meets so it’s bittersweet.. the day started off with snow showers but we held hope that it would not amount to anything and would stop by 3:30 , happily it did but it was brutally cold and I do not know how these kids did it running in the cold temps tend to stiffen your muscles up they kept their warm clothes on as they did their warm ups then stripped down to their uniforms of tank tops and shorts happy he had an Under armour sport shirt on to keep at least his arms warm . As us parents and family sat on the bleachers or standing by the events watching we where bundled like it was the middle of the winter … 😭he ran 3 races the 200 , 400 4×4 relay and did the shock put he did well winning his races and his friends winning their races coming in 1st place they won their 1st meet . A great start to the season . After it was over you could see the team on the ground stretching because the cold was stiffening them up . So proud of my son and his team they have been training hard. All the kids where amazing! Now my hubby and I are under the electric blanket still warming up finished our favorite Tuesday show and now watching baseball as for my son he is out with his friends celebrating getting food …oh to be young . My daughter is warmed up as well and now out with her boyfriend .so quiet night well as I just wrote this my son has arrived home and is walking a bit slow ,stiff and tired and is off to collapse into his bed . I guess the adrenaline wore off …. he could be lame tomorrow. I know I will be my hip and legs do not do well with the cold but I couldn’t miss his 1st day of his last yr , thankfully it was a Home meet so it was an easy walk and tomorrow I can rest my legs . Just needed to be there for him. ❤️

Sunday Night

The day started with dragging my butt out of bed with a struggle after a night of endless dreams I couldn’t even remember when I woke up. I walked tiredly to the shower and then out to the kitchen for a cup of coffee hoping to wake me up and help my mood to get ready to do food shopping that desperately needed to be done and there was no way holding it off for another day. Hubby and I finished that chore and then the rest of the day was quiet puts some laundry in and watched endless episodes of the show Roseanne …. yes the show is coming back for 9 episodes since ending in 1998 . I had it playing as I went around the house decluttering. My son laid around all day hydrating himself after yesterday’s Pentathlon and 1st week of track and field practice his body needed some down time . Hubby went to help a friend and my daughter had to work so it was just my son and I and Miss Abigail who spent the day roaming around the house. The day went by quietly to a beautiful sunset ending the day bringing it into the evening. Now just settled chatting with my daughter for a bit before she goes to settle down in her place hubby’s already settled in bed as well as my son so I will be there shortly as well. 🙂