Always wondering…

So it’s 9:30 on a Thurs night and the storms have passed for the time being. Oh wait now it souns like a monsoon out there where did this rain come from… I’m laying  here in the dark on my phone  playing the game bubble pop and for the life of me can’t get past level 32, two days so far …why did I even think to start playing  this game . ūüôā It’s so addictting . So any how I’m laying her playing thinking of how we are  all settled in for once… hmm nope my son asks if he can drive into town and see his two best buddies hmm okay I could I should say no but well soon school will be here and he will be home  at night his friends will head back to college soon so I say yes … and said be back by curfew one of his buddies moms owns a fudge / candy ice cream store so they sit there after it’s close and eat ice cream and talk well what I’ve been told . Small town so if he is not telling the truth I will find our. Parenting is not an easy thing. In all the parenting books they do not warn you that there will be a lot of worry and wondering and that you become a detective as well. Yes the perk of being a parent . So I guess it’s more bubble pop untill my son gets home unless I fall asleep but that is rare when he is out I usually stay up . Well hope everyone has a goodnight you know what I’m doing.


Where is this summer going ?  Why does it feel like it’s leaving us so fast…well not the temps but the date the nights getting darker a bit earlier each night. In 3 weeks my son starts is Senior yr of Highschool and Cross Country practices and this year will either fly by or creep , a lot to do this yr to get him ready for college next yr ….okay I have to slow down here  , one step one day at a time like I told my anxious Son who has many things going around in his head . Also it’s unbelievable that my daughter will be 22 yrs old this month where is this time gone by as well . I  am just so overwhelmed  with this as each day goes by , and now that we are getting near the end of summer  vacation and I usually feel like I’m ready to get back to the norm and routine but honestly I do not know what that is anymore …my daughter may live here but she does what she needs to do and has her friends work,..  life . My son does not need me to wake up early and get him off to school he is not a morning person so he has his own routine . So I get up grab a cup of coffee turn on the news  and enjoy my coffee untill my daughter gets up  and have a cup with her chat a bit before she starts her day and then I do my things . Which is not as much I have more leisure time . Yes another thing to adapt to.  As I write this it’s 8:30?at night and it already pitch black out . Seems way to early for this.  Yes indeed.

Photo Monday ….

I’m late for posting my photo , it’s been a day of cleaning up after a long weekend of July Birthday celebrations for my son and I . Beautiful cakes and a beautiful sunset as well can’t beat that I wish I had taken a photo of the cake my daughter had gave me it had pink roses on it and was so yummy. We had a bonfire in our pit that went for two days and lots of chatting and laughter . Oh and the the adults and kids played cornhole ever heard of it ?a lot of fun and challenging. So I hope you enjoy our cakes my daughters Birthday is next . August and yes she will have a cake too …have to make  her Birthday wish blowing out the candles. 

Photo Monday….


This my Photo for Photo Monday! This is what my Son did this past weekend , Downhill Mountain Bike Racing . Very exciting but also very dangerous as well and I was a walking worry wreck….¬† yes I am a mother hahaha. On Saturday was signing¬† in getting his race number walking and then practicing riding the trail you would race down . That we did not have to stay for so I signed the permission slip and then went and did errands till my husband was home from work then we finished the rest of the errands together around the time my Son said he would be heading home an ambulance went by us then life flight flew over …..I looked at my husband and he knew what I was thinking “no it’s not him he is fine its probably not even going that way” I said okay went in the house kept busy then saw my son drive in happy to see him ,my husband joked and said oh your mom was worried and he told him what we saw and my son said they where there.. okay back to worrying¬† again. My son was scratched up on his leg said he did go down and did claim the trails where slick and he was a bit worried. So he went in cleaned up and took it easy the rest of the night and I think it was a long sleepless night for both of us.

Sunday Race Day: we got their he was nervous but excited and I felt the same way a lot of people their music playing¬† food cooking it was sunny for the most part of the day my daughter showed up¬† after work and he headed up on the lift with his bike. …and we waited lets say I held my breath when his number was announced and within minutes he came flying down , he did well very well for not doing it for two yrs he didn’t come in first or even close but was safe happy and satisfied with the time. I guess since he has become older and wiser he knows he is not invincible and things happen and that is what nerved him…good thing he is older more experienced and cautious . I am we all¬† are so proud of him. ….and now on to the next one oh yeah there is more.







Ahh Friday…

Aww it’s Friday , can’t complain ¬†wasn’t a bad week actually very pleasant. Monday was a holiday so we let the rain come down and skipped having a cookout and went out to eat . then it was My Son’s Track banquet which started off pretty scary as they where predicting severe thunderstorms we where driving right into it with my semi new white yes white car getting hit by quarter size hail.. we let my son drive because it was at the coaches new house he knew the way and I let my husband sit up in front to help him just in case well as¬† I was having a major freak out sorry can’t think of another way to explain what I was feeling or doing as the hail just shattered ¬†down on my car and I’m trying to block ¬†my ears and mind of what my car ¬†would look like after My son pulled off the road to a logging road under ¬†a tree to protect it a bit the wind was blowing so bad and it was so dark the scene ¬†was like out of a movie. luckily the storm passed and car was fine covered in leaves and dirt but that was do able . So we got to the banquet safely and it was fun and sad at the same time seeing the seniors say goodbye we will miss those runners especially ¬†my son ..Then Thursday night my daughter and I sat out on our deck under the star’s and enjoyed the peepers as well . Tonight ..Friday it’s a chilly one and my husband has to work on Saturday ¬†and my son will be at the mountain bike park early practicing for his ¬†down hill race on Sunday which ¬†is scaring excuse my language but it’s scaring the hell out of me I will be there to watch and will be holding my breath till he is safely down that mountain ..but for now settled in on this Friday night ¬†under our covers watching television. Watching repeat of America’s Got Talent ¬†showing it for people ¬†who missed the 1st night so enjoying that again. ¬†Well everyone have a good night.

Photo Monday!


On Sunday my Son had his Junior class Auction to raise money for their class for senior year I didn’t go because I really didn’t get the whole auction thing and I figure you should have a good amount of money . He was helping out . So I did some food shopping for his track meet …Gatorade and and snacks when I came home here sat this beautiful set of dishware a China set on our kitchen table, my husband said he bid for these thinking I would like them ….yes I do.. I love them , their so fragile and beautiful .My husband said he was proud looking when he walked in with them . I wanted to cry because there was so many things after I found out he could of tried for that he liked but did not. I went into his room and gave him the biggest hug and he smiled and I just did not want to let go ūüôā another beautiful moment.. so this is my photo Monday. ūüôā

So layed Back…

This week is my Sons Spring Vacation. It’s been a very different one. My Son goes to work then has an ¬†hr when he gets out of work to then get ready for track ¬†practice .then gets out of practice to galavant with his friends for a bit to feel like it’s a vacation. As for I it’s so layed back that it’s such an unfamiliar ¬†thing okay actually I shouldnt say that.. Im getting use to this change.He ¬†drives himself so I do my house duties then may take a ride and grab a coffee .I can my time and write. Change such a thing to get use to but not much of a choice you are given you just go with it.Tonight it’s chilly and raining so no star gazing ¬†My favorite Spring Summer past time so my hubby and I and Miss Abigail the kitty are settled in watching tv and I ¬†am adult coloring. All good. After s couple of days on the deck in the sun I need a break my face is a bit ¬†sunburned. ¬†Crazy weather Mother Nature is being moody I heard ¬†it is helping the tick population so start now and check your pet’s when they come inside and if you are hiking or in the woods working and your little ones are operating around in the high grass check them and yourself ‘ there predicting a bad season with them. Well in my area Alright everyone I’m going to enjoy my sons company for a bit now that he just arrived home before he goes out ¬†or goes to bed .