Ahh relaxing night..

Good Morning! After a day of coming down from the graduation cloud .. my phone calmed down with friends texting me about the day . I was able to relax and read my book. My hubby was sleeping so no interruptions (hahaha) when we are relaxing and he is watching TV and I am reading he does this “look did you see that , wasn’t that funny” so I look over my book or at him and like hmm (hahahs) he hasn’t got the message yet that hmm means I don’t care I’m reading. He means well a habit always… so him sleeping was good , both kids where out so I was comfortable and read a chapter and then fell asleep 🙄 I woke with the book to my side the light on and noticing my son was home . looking at the clock it was 1 in the morning . I guess I needed sleep after all the late nights so moved my book , turned the light off and fell back to sleep . Woke to another cold rainy morning , coffee taste so good on this kind of day …well coffee taste good on any day. 🙂 watching the news my phone isn’t buzzing like it was yesterday everyone I’m thinking have calmed down now.

Today will be cleaning out my back spare room that has become a laundry /junk room .. I want to make it into a reading or just another place to go if you want some time to yourself , hoping to find a cheap desktop computer to put in there . But first it needs to be cleaned out . Coffee is almost finished I guess I will get this day going .