Christmas Day is here..

Hi everyone ! I hope all of you have had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed this beautiful day with your love ones .. Yes been missing in action here . It’s been a different Fall , winter and holidays this year . A lot of changes and endings and then new beginnings . Happy my son has made it through Basic Training and was able to be here for Christmas . We had a beautiful Christmas . Happy to be all together so now we have about 8 more days until he heads back for his AIT he will be away for two months back in Missouri with that being said we are spending as much time with him in between his friends fighting to as well. so I will not be posting regularly for a bit but will be on and off until his block leave is over so my friends yes I call you my friends not just my followers be patient with me . While I enjoy my family .


Coffee Time.

By now you must have realize my daughter and I love our coffee and love spending time going to get coffee and enjoy our coffee with good conversations and a lot of laughs. So this week instead of driving forty minutes to Starbucks …which my daughter and I love . We decided to go local very local like minutes away from our house so I’m sure or maybe not thinking why drive forty mins when you can drive only several minutes for coffee? I’ll answer anyways , because our local coffee is very expensive but then when you really come down to it , for a forty minute drive using up gas for a dollar less specialty coffee it’s worth paying that dollar more coffee at the local and using less gas unless there is other places we need to go . Their holiday coffees we found out are delicious and use more natural ingredients . My daughter and I ordered a Peppermint Mocha hot coffee with chocolate flavor cream on top and then they drizzled chocolate syrup over it and sprinkled pieces of candy cane over it . It was so delicious! And the coffee shop is so cozy . The bakery goods are delicious and many of but the coffee alone is just enough for us. Will defiantly be going back .