Night… noises

It’s a cool Monday night . Outside the sky is speckled in stars and the crescent moon bright enough to cast shadows along the edges of our woods. The frogs you can hear in the distance and firefly’s are out and about making it look magical as they light up the ground and the trees . Inside the house is quiet and dark as everyone including Miss Abigails is tucked away in their rooms for the night. I thought I would take advantage and cozy up on the couch and enjoy my next new book.

My mind changed quickly as I saw the front outside light turn on . It’s probably just an animal running through the yard… but no I couldn’t leave it at that , my imagination got the best of me. Earlier on Facebook there was a post that someone escaped from the jail around 2pm and they still hadn’t found him. To keep a look out. Now it’s about an hour and a half away from where he escaped and honestly I do not think he would come our way it would be too easy to get caught. But sadly my imagination wouldn’t let it go so I shut the light off checked the doors again . And ran down the hall to our bedroom ( hahaha) now I’ve tucked myself in bed . This is the girl who just received a stack of Stephen King books from my sister to read … hmm will see how that goes . Ridiculous … right? It’s been a strange day so why not top it off with a strange night. ..Spooking myself I really good at. 🙄

Strange happenings… 

So last night we all settled in early for bed early morning now that school is starting . I was laying there trying to get comfortable my allergies have been horrible so was sneezing a lot and my husband was snoring hahaha well all of a sudden he looks up and from our bed you can open the door to our hallway it’s a ranch style . Any how he is just staring down the hall and we have a night light plugged  into the hall wall so you can see pretty good , I ask him what’s wrong he says I thought I heard someone come through the kitchen door and shut it …I’m like no I’m awake saw nothing  and I have the fan in my ear  but I would think I could hear that .I told him maybe you dreamed it. He was like yeah it was just so real the sound. So we settle back down and about 5mins later yes I’m still awake .. I thought I heard someone walking down the hall and in the kitchen now at this point he kept the bedroom door open and I can see straight down and no one… my sons door was still close no one in the bathroom  door open light off yes some what of a  small house🙂 and basement door is closed so my daughter didn’t come up . So now I’m spooked I get under my blankets a bit more thinking my husband started this and now I’m imagining this. So now it’s about 11.30 at night and I m laying there and when anyone walks by the night light it sends like a pause of light into my room well what do you know….yes this happened and no one walked by… well after all that I talked myself into it being that our  minds playing are playing tricks on us  .(.it has been a long sad couple of weeks ), I  finally fell asleep . This morning my daughter wakes up and comes up and says who was walking around so much at I don’t know around 11 or 12 okay my face just dropped she was like no one was right? I’m like no ..hmmm … she was like okay I got a chill up my spine . Yes a crazy night of events and I believe in some things like spirites and so on but my husband not as easy well he comes home from work and looks at me and says last night was weird so he was still thinking about it. please can some one explain this …. what do you think ?  So spooked right now .