Taking in the sun..

It’s a sunny warm day . Shall I add quiet into it? it’s always how it is..enjoying sometime on the deck taking in the beautiful sun. After the oddest thing this morning .. I’m still laughing about it. Telling my daughter about it as she enjoyed her morning coffee with me before she went to work .I had her Keeling over in laughter. Let me start with if you read my past posts I have stated, posted photos of the wild turkeys in my yard. Well this Spring there has.. is an abundance of them roaming throughout our woods, the front and back yard. Every morning sometimes in the after noon but for the most part morning and evening. Anyways so I came out of the shower wrapping myself in a towel and straight ahead of me there is a small window that faces the back of the house into the woods so no one is going to see me plus the screen is tinted so it makes it look just dark looking in ..well I look out and there looking in at a little distance has their neck stretched out and so I’m basically eye to eye with a turkey ๐Ÿ™„ now he can’t see me (hahaha) not worried but it’s the fact it’s staring straight at me . I think it heard the shower running. I just shook my head and called out to it …what are you looking at ? And the thing just walked away . My daughter as I’m telling her said well I wondered who you were talking to I did hear you say something and I knew it wasn’t me you were talking to because you never knew I was upstairs. What do you know as I’m sitting out here it’s 5:30 in the evening. Yes started writing this earlier when the sun was shining and it was warm but now the clouds are moving in blocking the sun a bit making it a little cool out . I’ve had to keep stopping to write this between phone calls , my son coming home asking me questions my daughter texting me, and then my hubby coming home talking as well . Not quiet any more. ๐Ÿ™‚ And as I’m sitting here the turkeys have made their way back into our yard taking their evening stroll through . And not caring that I’m sitting out here. Crazy birds.

Today it became Spring!

Woke to 60 and a bit humid after it’s been in the 40’s . A shock to the system. Sat out on the deck absorbing the beautiful weather . Had my book and my bottle of water ….but couldn’t focus on my book . The peepers were so loud I put my book down and closed my eyes and just relaxed and took in the warmth and the sounds around me. It was beautiful. Its a little before 8 at night and the sounds are amazing . The peepers are even louder and I believe I can hear the frog in our little homemade pond. That needs to be cleaned up from the winter. Miss Abigail is enjoying the windows open running from room to room looking listening to the outside. Ahh to only see what she can see out there. I will let you listen . This is taken from my bedroom window tonight. Enjoy.

Burr.. is it really Spring?

It’s 7:00 in the evening . And I’m COLD! When I woke the sun was shining nice and bright. So I got up had my coffee and breakfast and then quickly took care of what needed to be done around the house . Made my chop suey so I could finally settle and sit outside and read so I grabbed my book and water bottle and out onto the deck I went … settled into the chair and grabbed my book and noticed it wasn’t as warm as I thought and the weatherman had predicted. Then I noticed the clouds moved in and the sun disappeared … ughh .. it was cold and now even colder with no sun . So I grabbed my book and water bottle and headed back in. Now the house is freezing again and rain tomorrow and only in the 40’s so I may need to have the heat come on a bit or all windows end up shut . Wish Spring would get here . I know it will eventually … it’s just so frustrating after last weekend enjoying the warmth of the sun and enjoying the deck. Want that feeling again. But now..๐Ÿ˜‚ supper is done and covered up with a blanket . And ready to watch the show I recorded last night. I’m thinking a cup of tea sounds like a good idea too . Ok hope everyone has a good night๐Ÿ™‚

Another cold Spring day…

It’s another cold day, but warm enough to open the front door letting some sun in even though the clouds are over shadowing the most part of the sun. The house was quiet. .. As usual and cleaned up . Supper was easy and simple  hamburgers. Is what it was and now the kitchen is clean …well for now until my son comes home and cooks his food.  My hubby is relaxing on the couch with Miss Abigail above his head laying comfortably on the top of the couch .  The week is going by fast . Wednesday already. It’s looking like a rainy weekend tho.. I’m hoping Thurs and Fri will be nice to get out for a bit on the deck and catch some sun. Well I guess I will finish a few things then get some reading done. I feel like I’m just jiibbering . well a bit more today lol๐Ÿ˜‚


It’s Tuesday and the morning was a quiet calm one . I woke to the sound of birds since we had our bedroom window open a bit for fresh air during the night . I scrolled through my Twitter , Instagram account , email and horoscope then decided it was time to head for a shower. Love walking out to a clean house . Went to get my coffee and enjoyed it with a little conversation with my son who was up and heading to the gym . Tomorrow he has a job interview . I’m crossing my fingers for him. My daughter still was sleeping . So after he left , the house was quiet. I am now enjoying my daytime show while the sun is slowly coming around to the front of the house to shine in . I think opening the slider door to the screen was a bit early it’s a bit cool . But I’m just craving the feeling to open the house up . This is the sun shining through my living room window the evening before it the photos . I love how the rays of the sun appears. in the photograph beautiful .

As I was getting some lunch I noticed my turkeys are back it’s hard to see them their blending into the woods a bit. It’s another sight of Spring! Soon we will be hearing the boys ( coyotes) that’s what I called them when my pup was alive … he would go crazy when he heard them so I called them the boys and told him it would be okay . They come so close to the house at night running by our bedroom window always reminds me of the wolves running along the polar express train in the Polar Express movie . At night when we are sitting out looking at stars you can spot them in our woods their eyes catching the light from our solar lawn lights. It’s a bit creepy but beautiful ( hahaha) I know two word s you wouldn’t expect together. It is though. I guess it’s time to get something done around here . Have a great day everyone.

Rainy Friday..

Good morning! outside my window it’s showing another rainy day . Possibly snow coming in tonight … hopefully not much but it is New England we have seen snow in April. So not too surprised to hear snow is still in our forecast . It will be a semi quiet day . Bills need to be paid , the washing machine is rumbling as I enjoy my coffee ..but it is not I doing laundry it’s my son๐Ÿ™‚ Miss Abigail is still down with her sleeping mama . Not surprised she isn’t up here . I do not think she is happy with me after my hubby. brought her downstairs to my daughters couch since she kept going up on ours . Grr . Tonight will be a boring simple dinner . Fish with mashed potato’s seasoned with ranch so good and Brussel sprouts . Yes we love them (hahaha) I didn’t finish my book I will do that today. I was catching up and reading blogs last night then decided to get some sleep.

In another note my son was excepted to the three colleges he applied to . I must say I am surprised he picked the college he did . Not a bad college but a smaller one then the others still very nice but it’s shocking he didn’t pick his first choice the one he tried to get into after senior yr and didn’t.. so that’s when he went into the Army National Guard. He told me the reason he picked it was cheaper dorm wise . He wanted a good setting to focus on ROTC and his first choice has a lot of his old high school friends going there which he loves them but he wants to meet new people and being back with them would be a high school setting. all over again . I was amazed to hear this , he has grown up a lot since he came back from Basic. It’s just hard finding a job … well out of the Three one fell through so now down to two .. it’s hard finding a job around here . That’s one of the reason choosing the Army . Well the rain and has now turned to snow for a moment and now the sun is shining through the clouds in a dull light but still casting a sunlight shadow on the living room rug. Nice! luckily ground is warm so the sun melted it Ok I guess time to watch my show .. it’s taken walking away off and on to blog today. So it’s the afternoon .hope everyone has a good day . .

Delicious !

I had to share ! My daughter came home with two of these one for herself and one for me . Our local coffee house down the road put out their new Spring coffee drinks so she brought us home a cupcake latte mine is decaf this is so good. I have had no sugar today so I am enjoying it . It taste just like a cupcake. ๐Ÿ™‚welcome Spring hahaha !