Good Morning!

Good Morning ! Just 3 days ago it was brutally cold in the 40″s and electric blanket was on. As of yesterday and this morning the temps are in the 70″s and it’s a bit humid.. this tree of mine has bloomed within these two days unbelievable , it’s a bit straggly it needs a trim and to fill in just a bit more . The grass is still needing to green up more . My tulips are beginning to bloom as well , Spring is here!

If you read my last post I wrote how I was wide awake at 10! well that turned into looking at the clock at 1:30 and frustrated .. the house hadn’t cooled down so it was warm . I finally gave up got out of bed and went into our spare room that over looks our front yard . I sat there looking out the window the stars where out, the moon lit up the yard and peepers where as awake as I . In the distant I heard the trains whistle and a dog barking from the near by farm. The house was quiet but the outside was not . It was serene . I let my mind absorb the outside noise and clear my thinking mind for a while it was beautiful,,, especially when I’m such a thinker. After I went back to bed and finally drifted off to sleep.


Rainy day..

it’s a Rainy Spring day , It wasn’t a lazy one Tho , cleaning up had to be done as usual , errands had to be run . Then I had time to do what I really wanted to do. I do like rainy days compared to snow days . I’m not wanting to complain but the warm weather brought allergies . So the rain helped to ease them for a day. Happy to see our wild turkeys are back doing their walk around our property . It’s so funny when your sitting out on your deck and they just walk by we do not even phase them . There was a moment last summer that I had remembered ,my daughter had just came home from work and was still sitting in her car .. most likely checking her messages on her phone because she was looking down I had walked out to the deck and I’m watching the turkeys surrounding her car just looking at her .. Hahahaha she hadn’t a clue until she looked up her expression said it all she spotted me on the deck and rolled her window down yelling help ….in a silly way . I couldn’t help but laugh well the turkeys hearing us ran giving her the room to open her door she ran herself up to our deck . They would not have hurt you I told her she did end up laughing and said well last thing you expect to be surrounded by is a bunch of turkeys in your driveway. True was all I could say but this is the country so expect to see anything at this. Point .

When we first moved in I had just came home from picking the kids up from school my son was in kindergarten my daughter 4th well he pointed straight ahead a little ways from our car sitting under a tree sat a bobcat as content as can be My sons eyes got so big he was like what is that I told him , my daughter thought it was pretty I told the kids to just go straight in to the house leave him be it will run away soon , my son was like no shaking his head staring at it ..hahaha I was like on the count of three will do it together so we did my son ran ran my daughter taking her time wanting to see it as long as she could before it ran off. Oh if only I had a phone back then . That was fun to see so yes can expect anything around here. Well time to clean up supper clutter before my son comes home from the gym to make his 2nd supper .,

Saturday Evening..

it’s unbelievable how it’s the weekend already , one more day and spring vacation Is over. My son did what I thought, if you read my recent posts … all vacation he was home every night and then after his Friday track meet he went out with friends and midnight came and I was like oh good he’s home before driving curfew ..then in walked my daughter hmm okay my oldest home before my youngest.. of course happy she was home safe but now where was my son, So I texted him please check in he replied back we are all together at a friends house I will be home . Okay well hmm when I thought . My daughter came up from her place and asked where is he did he check in ? told her yes . So we went in to the living room now both wide awake . As my hubby was sleeping away .. 12:40 hit and no son so I texted are you really at a friends ? He sends back a photo of them all sitting at his friends house that looked familiar and they where sitting around a board game so I told him just stay over it’s late .

My daughter and I stayed chatting in the dark yawning in between sentences πŸ™‚ but not wanting to stop because we where enjoying the moment to chat , it’s been awhile since we stayed up at all hours of the night chatting ..summer is coming this is when we seem to stay up and have these chats . The best moments. It hit a little after 2 and we both agreed it was time to get some sleep.

7:00 in the morning came quick the room was bright from the sun shinning in …tried to go back to sleep for a bit but my hubby and I gave up so we got up made some coffee and breakfast , showered and was out the door at 10 for food shopping . My son came home early morning and already was ready to leave for a run when we walked in the door . After he came back my son and I went and cleaned the car and took a ride and chatted it was all his idea so that was another moment that I have missed . I must say it was a nice. Simple weekend with moments that where as simple but lasting cherish moments . Having some time with both of my kids that are so hard to get now that their older I must say is priceless .

Oh Mother Nature!

It’s Saturday started off warm sunny birds where singing it was so beautiful slept with the window open all night falling to sleep to the sound of peepers . It felt like Spring had finally arrived .. hmm I guess Mother Nature didn’t think so as the day went on the winds started to blow the birds stopped singing and the temperatures started falling and did they fall ..its now evening we went from 70 yesterday to 30’s right now and freezing rain coming in and predicted for Sunday as well . My son went hiking with his track team on one of the many big mountains in our area this afternoon curious to hear how cold it was on top when he arrives home. Feels like winter is back for the moment. The peepers are defiantly not peeping tonightπŸ˜‚ poor Miss Abigail was loving the windows open and laying in the window sills now their closed and she is roaming around the house going room to room.. she’s not liking it as well. Soon I keep saying Spring will come and stay .

The weather is as changeable as everything else lately …starting or adjusting to all the new changes and I’m haven’t even begun to feel the changes . Less then a month my son will graduate high school and I will then feel the change more then ever . Give me strength πŸ™„


It’s Friday and a very warm one ,we hit 68 today it was nice to have it feel like Spring . Tonight it’s just my hubby and I kids are out my daughter with her boyfriend and my son had a date which I was happy to hear .I do not think it’s anything serious I just want him to be happy and move forward can’t wait for all the Prom thing to go by so overtly played ..any how the warm weather brought the peepers out so my hubby and I went out on the deck to listen . I recorded the night sounds hope the video works for all of you . This is what I’m hearing laying in bed with our windows wide open . It’s so nice . Love having the windows open at the moment. Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚


It’s Wednesday night , half way through the week. settled in bed watching my shows with my hubby the window is a bit open the day was beautiful sunny and warm it’s made for a warm night just right in temperature ,earlier I found Miss Abigail in my sons bedroom window because he has his wide open I could see why she was enjoying it so much even though it was dark you could still hear a bird the night traffic and the feel of the fresh air blow gently through. It was such a peaceful feeling bring back the care free days of summer . The moon is getting full the light from the moon has cast a shadow over our yard I’m sure Miss Abigail could see all across it . Looking for critters. Spring πŸ™‚

It had been a calm easy non drama no attitude no yelling no almost burning down the house okay you need to read my last posts for that …quiet easy going kind of day. ahhh really nice for a change. The last couple of weeks ..days have been chaotic can’t say what tomorrow will bring but at least today I had a break .. refueled so that was good. Now crossing my fingers we get through the rest of the week this calm.

Off kind of day …

what a day everything just feels off … is off.. I just do not know everything going wrong at home then you go to the store the only two items your son wants for food there is none but every other kind . Your gas tank in your car reads to bars and 80 miles I can drive it’s a subie so I put $10 in still says 80 and 2bars showing so my daughter and I are dumbfounded so where thinking did the guy actually have gas in that pump or is my car broke? Hmm… so we go to another gas tank I add 10 more and now it reads 260 okay now it’s working . The news isn’t any better so many bad things happening .. and no answers… just been a strange day and it’s only suppertime. I am ready to crawl under the covers hahaha. Sadly I usually would be jumping for joy being that it’s the 1st day of Spring but it doesn’t look it and it’s so cold out…I’m trying to fine a silver lining here somewhere maybe it will come tomorrow when I can sit back and reflect and laugh about it.πŸ™‚