Just hanging round!

imageI was walking down our hall and happen to look out one of the windows of our spare room and saw thisūüė≥ I’m like what is that ?I slowly got closer and there it was this silly squirrel just hanging around eating berries off the tree . Never saw such a thing ,pretty much his tail is holding him there. I had my daughter grab her phone and she slowly made it to the window to capture this .so the credits go to my daughter ¬†for the photo.I was afraid if I moved he would notice and move as well. They are every where I’m afraid when Spring comes we will be over run by squirrels . There popluation is growing. At least he’s a happy little guyūüôā


Snow Day 2

Here we are. a day in together ..going to be a long winter . The temps are only at 19 the wind is blowing the snow all over the place . I think Miss Abigail has the right idea she is nice and comfy on my bed. We are hoping the power stays on . .So for now the heat is up to keep the house warm . So many states are being effected by this storm and there is many delays and cancellations at the airport , my son’s girlfriend is suppose to be flying home from Scotland into Boston with her family today I do not believe that will happen if so I wish for a safe flight and drive home from the airport . The airport to where she lives our way is ¬†a two hour drive¬†but in this weather you would need to add an hour or more . Spring can not come fast enough.




May Day!

Screenshot_2017-05-01-19-30-45-1 I was reminded this afternoon with my daughter ¬†that it was May Day when¬† we took a ride ¬† into town this morning and saw the local Elementary¬†¬† kids with their teachers pushing a wagon filled with May Day baskets. May Day basket you ask well that was a basket or a cup designed with fresh beautiful spring flowers and notes or pictures…a celebration¬† of Spring. in other cultures theirs music bright color pole with ribbons that you dance around. .. a may pole , you ate cake. What I remember was making the¬† baskets¬† and going to neighborhood houses and giving a basket to an older or shut in person¬† and then random houses. I did it as a child as well as my kids I always thought it was a fun time my kids thought so too. It was nice to see the smiles on peoples faces when they found them at their doors.

Photo Monday…..

Hello today my photo Monday is my yard yes in the woods¬† …The photo to your left is my back Yard and the photo to the right is driving along my driveway to the front yard so yes a lot of woods. Slowly the scenery is greening up and starting to look like Spring . The temps is¬† a different story it feels¬† like the middle of June yes very warm as I write this I am on my deck sitting in the shade because the sun was a bit to warm for me and my laptop. Sadly the birds are not out as loud today which is strange .Last night we actually heard peepers and my daughter and I sat on the deck and looked at the stars for a bit . that was nice and relaxing a bit chilly .I think tonight will be warmer for that.well enjoy everyone as I catch some more sun before I get our supper going.


It’s a beautiful ¬†warm Spring Sunday ¬†Sitting outside absorbing in the Sun’s energy. The trees are budding ¬†the grass is awakening with green. Miss Abigail sits at the open window with her big green eyes taking in the sounds of the wild life and the fresh clean scentof the air. Yes Spring is here but one thing that is missing is you and that my faithful friend makes this all feels a bit off ¬†kilt. So another new thing to adapt to another new thing to except. I will close my eyes and listen to the ¬†breeze and feel it brush my face feel the warmth of the sun on my face and know you are not gone but all that ¬†all surrounds me you are the sun and the wind. …

Photo Monday!!!


Today I got my subie back and had a nice ride home in it with my daughter we stopped off at Starbucks for a coffee and it was so nice, it’s not very often we get out together lately with her busy with work ..friends ..boyfriend.. in which case it should be. ..but I miss our outing, when we arrived home she grabbed her car and went off with a friend and I sat on our deck absorbing in the warm beautiful sun as I felt the eyes of Miss Abigail the kitty eyeing me at the open window and catching some sun herself.

Sunday Bliss….

It’s Sunday evening the sun is setting and it’s¬† bit cooler now It got to almost 60 it was beautiful. My husband and I went out for lunch with some family then did our chore of weekly food shopping that part was so not enjoyable after dropped the groceries off and decided to go for a drive and finished it off with an ice coffee I had a butter pecan flavor so good my husband had just a regular one . It was nice though just taking a drive and relaxing away from the house and it actually felt like Spring today. Well must go time to think of supper hope everyone had a nice Sunday