I woke with a nostalgic feeling.. I laid there in bed thinking how the time was here … my sons move out day to move in to his dorm. I made my way to a quick shower feeling a bit foggy head from my medication for my UTI but pushed forward. Made my way out to take the dose and grab a cup of coffee. My son asked me if I would help him pack his clothes .. of course I said. We talked and listen to music as we went through his clothes. And yes we laughed it was nice. I became quiet and he said oh mom don’t be sad I’m not going to be that far away you can do a day trip and come have lunch with me. I guess it’s just the fact of seeing his things packed up and not hearing the back door shut and close continually .The house will be quiet. I guess that’s my dread… I was handling his leaving pretty good for awhile but now as I sit here look at everything piled in the living room ready to go I’m feeling a bit sad. Always a mother… I am so proud of him and I want him to reach for the stars because I know he is capable of that . He has such drive and I know it will take him on any path he chooses. I have one plus I have my car back (hahaha) silly how that is one of the things I’m looking forward to. On Monday I will spend the day out shopping with my daughter and get our Starbucks pumpkin lattes . That is out. That will be fun a break up the week . Life once again changes .. oh how I got too comfortable with him being home again after Basic. Well time to get some sleep or at least try. Not holding out too much hope for that. 🙂this just some of his tags he will be taking the rest is in his room .

Long week of nothings..

It’s Friday … been a long week of nothings. The weather doing its back and forth to warm to cold , to sun to rain to cloudy, and for myself feel good one min then next not.. oh this allergy season is going to be a long one… any who the weekend is soon here , its Friday evening both kids at work , hubby and and I watching the news as the rain falls on this cold dreary evening as well. Miss Abigail is roaming the quiet house . Last night my daughter and I stayed up chatting in the living room after 10 at night while my hubby went to get some sleep. Yes not late but the latest her and I have stayed up chatting in awhile . I only need moments to make me happy but we spent more then moments chatting so even better. My son came home around that time from work and in his tired non talkative mood.. so we let him be while he enjoyed the plate of food I saved for him . My daughter kept saying she heard a loud noise like a vehicle in the driveway none of us expecting anyone . I looked out and good thing because the interior light was on in the car. I told my daughter I was going out to shut it off , she went to the door with me that’s when we were heard the sound more clearly… the rumbling sound of a train out in the distance . I went out shut the light off and just stood there looking up at the sky …the sky was blanketed in stars . What a sight. . Shining down upon me i just admired it . In the distance towards the swamp I could hear the peepers . I just stood there a bit longer breathing in the cool fresh air absorbing the moment. Not wanting to go in to just absorb the night energy . … Until I heard my daughter yell out the door “mom are you still out there ?” Then yes the moment ended (hahaha) I told her yes and said I was coming . Once in I looked at my kitchen and smiled I haven’t really took notice to what my kitchen looked and felt like to come home or into after at night since we painted it red ,and moved things around , and now put in a breakfast bar and soon stools . Need to finish .. a second coat of paint in hallway is needed . It was a cozy homey ..nice feeling. And then soon we will start with the outside and repaint decks and put our furniture out . At least our solar lights are out and around our little pond and flower gardens . Those are beautiful to see illuminating the outside. But until then when the weather decides to cooperate will be outside. Enjoying the stars .


it’s a bit before noon just finishing a cup of coffee on the deck listening to the sound of our fountain peaceful…. slowly getting a move on to a task that I really do not need to do but want to , my son left early this morning for his first weekend of summer training for the Army National Guards he will be back some time after The Weekend is over. My daughter is heading to work so it’s just the hubby and I he’s doing yard as usual loves it and hasn’t had time lately since the weekends have been so busy or it’s been raining. The task I need to do his tackle the back spare room that is come to be a laundry/junk room. I started it but now my son has dumped all his school things in there books notebooks folders sport bags track shoes things he doesn’t need anymore … ughh why I tell everyone just throw things out. Ok so they do they throw but into the junk room … well I guess enough coffee and stalling looks like it will be a good night to sit out under the stars looking forward to that later🙂


Friday night started with sitting outside relaxing with the hubby’s the peepers where out and vocal the stars and bats above , yes two bats getting their nightly meal flying above us . They can get pretty close it makes you flinch . Well I do hahaha as we where sitting outside I thought I saw lightening off in the distance. So we kept an eye out and we notice the skies began to get darker by the minute and the stars disappeared and the bats must have sensed a storm they where no longer in sight ,we went inside and soon enough the wind picked up the rain came pouring down and Miss Abigail ran under our bed. We went from humid temps to cooler air and it feels so good. Now we are settled in bed both kids out with friends and hubby and I are ready for some sleep. So time to say goodnight and say my prayers . And let the sound of the rain relax.

Good Morning!

Good Morning ! Just 3 days ago it was brutally cold in the 40″s and electric blanket was on. As of yesterday and this morning the temps are in the 70″s and it’s a bit humid.. this tree of mine has bloomed within these two days unbelievable , it’s a bit straggly it needs a trim and to fill in just a bit more . The grass is still needing to green up more . My tulips are beginning to bloom as well , Spring is here!

If you read my last post I wrote how I was wide awake at 10! well that turned into looking at the clock at 1:30 and frustrated .. the house hadn’t cooled down so it was warm . I finally gave up got out of bed and went into our spare room that over looks our front yard . I sat there looking out the window the stars where out, the moon lit up the yard and peepers where as awake as I . In the distant I heard the trains whistle and a dog barking from the near by farm. The house was quiet but the outside was not . It was serene . I let my mind absorb the outside noise and clear my thinking mind for a while it was beautiful,,, especially when I’m such a thinker. After I went back to bed and finally drifted off to sleep.


video /Photo should. Turn around when you click on arrow I loaded sideways ? this was earlier this evening when the sun was setting , the sky looks like it was on fire . The temps are and still are in the 70″s as 10:00 approaches . The peepers are still just as loud as in my video . I am wide awake . I should of sat outside but everyone else has settled in and sometimes sitting out by myself is creepy …. yes I’m a scaredy cat as they say 🙂 I’m always hearing something in the woods. So I’m settled in bed with the fan blasting for air it’s hot in the house. The weekend will be back to the normal temps for this time of yr the 60″s and my hubby won’t have work so he can sit outside with me

. Love looking at the stars and the planets. It’s so peaceful looking. Up and hoping you spot a falling star. My son will not sit out and just look at the sky he has been this way since he was a child .I think the sky gives him a feeling of the unknown . It makes him uncomfortable . He will only sit out for bonfires and fireworks where he is focusing on them. My daughter can sit out for hours just looking at the sky or listening to see what she can hear .my hubby and her love to see eyes staring back at us from the woods …hahaha yeah it’s true usually a fox or a coyote ( the boys) their eyes reflecting off the solar lights that surround our fountain in the flowerbed. I’m so wide awake hmm this could make for along night. I never sleep well in the summer and nights are usually my favorite time of the summer . Strange perhaps but it’s true I feel more awake it’s a bit cooler and it’s just peaceful. Yes makes for rough morning but you can win them all 🙂 tomorrow their predicting thunderstorms this will be nice I love thunderstorms . My hubby does not . If there at night my son will just sleep through them . My daughter and I will sit in the living room a bit by the widow a watch the lightening . Yes a sky thing again . Well the time is ticking away and I should say my nighttime prayers while I’m awake sometimes they help me fall asleep saying them because it relaxes me . So goodnight everyone.❤️

Ahh Friday…

Aww it’s Friday , can’t complain  wasn’t a bad week actually very pleasant. Monday was a holiday so we let the rain come down and skipped having a cookout and went out to eat . then it was My Son’s Track banquet which started off pretty scary as they where predicting severe thunderstorms we where driving right into it with my semi new white yes white car getting hit by quarter size hail.. we let my son drive because it was at the coaches new house he knew the way and I let my husband sit up in front to help him just in case well as  I was having a major freak out sorry can’t think of another way to explain what I was feeling or doing as the hail just shattered  down on my car and I’m trying to block  my ears and mind of what my car  would look like after My son pulled off the road to a logging road under  a tree to protect it a bit the wind was blowing so bad and it was so dark the scene  was like out of a movie. luckily the storm passed and car was fine covered in leaves and dirt but that was do able . So we got to the banquet safely and it was fun and sad at the same time seeing the seniors say goodbye we will miss those runners especially  my son ..Then Thursday night my daughter and I sat out on our deck under the star’s and enjoyed the peepers as well . Tonight ..Friday it’s a chilly one and my husband has to work on Saturday  and my son will be at the mountain bike park early practicing for his  down hill race on Sunday which  is scaring excuse my language but it’s scaring the hell out of me I will be there to watch and will be holding my breath till he is safely down that mountain ..but for now settled in on this Friday night  under our covers watching television. Watching repeat of America’s Got Talent  showing it for people  who missed the 1st night so enjoying that again.  Well everyone have a good night.