Thursday after the storm…

Good Morning !! This is what it looks like my way…we are buried in snow. A lot of schools closed today as well ,except for ours ughhh … my hubby is out plowing our driveway been out since 6 this morning . My daughter got out and is at work already had to be there for 8 This snow is getting a bit much and their talking more storms next week …can we just get through this son and his friend have only two classes after all this being that they had a 2hr delay , then their heading up to the ski resort to snowboard and ski .. nothing like fresh powder to ski and board through.. watching the news and enjoying my coffee as I look at this snow sadly I must admit it is beautiful .

Another Nor’Eastern….

This was the sky tonight … calm before the storm … so cliche I know but it’s true. Another storm is coming in and their predicting up to 16 inches  our way coming into tomorrow till Thursday , sons school is already cancelled but a lot of Towns around us just  are early dismissals  which I’m thinking if it’s bad in the morning a lot will change to a close.. I’m happy where all home tonight usually my son would be sleeping over someone’s house but some of his friends as of right now have field trips they are going on till Fri , my son doesn’t but that’s fine with me🙂 it keeps him home . He does want to take a run in the morning before it starts so I believe he’s getting up early to do so , always moving. Luckily my daughter has Wednesday off from work so she didn’t have to worry about getting out with this storm , that worked out, This winter has been one for the books. The Tv can’t keep up with all the early closing sand cancellations the list is long.

Now settled in bed finally…. Ours shows are over for the night , kitchen cleaned up for the night after late night cooking my kids where doing .. my son on his 2nd meal after the gym and my daughter worked late then made herself food, now the kitchen is closed hahaha and everyone’s in bed . It will be interesting to see what this storm brings . My hubby has to check in in the morning to see if he has to report for work. He took Thursday off to have the day to cleanup after the storm or if we loose power . Which I hope not. I guess we just take it has it comes.. and now I think I will get some sleep myself… goodnight everyone🙂


imageGood Morning ! The 1st day of March so unbelievable…. and a possible Nor”eastern on its way in … Better run to the grocery store !  Not this  lady  ,did my run yesterday 🙂 I figured the day before the advisories, the warnings would go   up on the TV ,beeped in on our phones I knew everyone would be out getting thier food you know ..eggs milk bread  oh believe me I’m not making fun I picked those extras up especially the bread and milk because if power goes out we can eat pb & j  we do have a generator but you can’t or we don’t run everything on it  Any how happy I ran the day before now to just wait and see what comes … House is quiet just Miss Abigail and I home..always the case . I’m  enjoying my coffee and news  and enjoying the sun we have right now.

Ahh Friday…

Aww it’s Friday , can’t complain  wasn’t a bad week actually very pleasant. Monday was a holiday so we let the rain come down and skipped having a cookout and went out to eat . then it was My Son’s Track banquet which started off pretty scary as they where predicting severe thunderstorms we where driving right into it with my semi new white yes white car getting hit by quarter size hail.. we let my son drive because it was at the coaches new house he knew the way and I let my husband sit up in front to help him just in case well as  I was having a major freak out sorry can’t think of another way to explain what I was feeling or doing as the hail just shattered  down on my car and I’m trying to block  my ears and mind of what my car  would look like after My son pulled off the road to a logging road under  a tree to protect it a bit the wind was blowing so bad and it was so dark the scene  was like out of a movie. luckily the storm passed and car was fine covered in leaves and dirt but that was do able . So we got to the banquet safely and it was fun and sad at the same time seeing the seniors say goodbye we will miss those runners especially  my son ..Then Thursday night my daughter and I sat out on our deck under the star’s and enjoyed the peepers as well . Tonight ..Friday it’s a chilly one and my husband has to work on Saturday  and my son will be at the mountain bike park early practicing for his  down hill race on Sunday which  is scaring excuse my language but it’s scaring the hell out of me I will be there to watch and will be holding my breath till he is safely down that mountain ..but for now settled in on this Friday night  under our covers watching television. Watching repeat of America’s Got Talent  showing it for people  who missed the 1st night so enjoying that again.  Well everyone have a good night.

The Storm….

After I posted my last post which I believe was Monday night , at 2 in the morning I woke suddenly to a pacing husband a non stop shaking whining dog I noticed why the time on the clock was  blinking telling me right then we had lost power for a moment ,Then I heard the wind I sat up and that is when my husband filled me in about the most creepiest powerful loudest wind I think I had ever heard….It sounded like a dozen freight trains coming our way and they where going to go right through our house it just wouldn’t stop it was constant whipping.  our windows rattled and my husband told me how our tree ‘s were literally bent over  so not good when your house is surround by trees so we sat and prayed that the wind would stop but it didn’t my daughter came up from her live in basement checking to see if we knew what was going on followed by her cat who looked as shook up as my dog. My Son slept right through it all he can sleep through anything,.I wish I could of that night. just as we were thanking  god  that the lights  only went out for a minute they went out again and never came back on until this morning ironically at 2 this morning which now is Wed… so at 3 that night my husband started up our generator happy to have it so we could at least keep the furnace and water pump and fridge going . which is more then some have unfortunately. we have been there so many times that we decided if we were going to live where we did we needed one, our section of town is always the last to get power back. so by the time that was set up it was 4 in the morning and my husband and daughter and son had to be up at 6 because they still had work and school…2hours if that of sleep not fun. I stayed home and kept an eye on the generator and animals that  just paced half the day . I would like to say a quiet day it was not all of you do know how loud a generator is if not okay it’s   very loud…. you can’t help but not hear it has been a very interesting tiring last couple of days. must say though the sunset this evening shining into my living room was beautiful .. here are some pics of the sunset oh!!  and the tree that split and fell over the entrance of our driveway which could of been a lot  worse.and the debris of trees cluttering the driveway also.