It’s 10:30 at night laying in bed enjoying my book . It feels good to finally settle and read . My comfort zone. The house is quiet everyone is home and settled in their rooms . The fan is all that echos through the house as I read. This was so needed . It stops my thinking wandering thoughts. In which case is always something I do. But for now I am focused on the story my book tells . And it’s comforting. I think another chapter or two then I will get some sleep. Good night everyone.

Flashback Thursday!!!

This  is a flashback personally from my photo’s . It’s a book I made for a school project  back in 6th grade we had to design  the  cover , come up with a story  do the illustrations with just a little help from the teacher . My story was about a lost or stray dog in the big city which I believe was NY and how a little boy found the dog and so on… I am shocked that I saved it all these yrs ,found it in my hope chest….the one I have remarked on in several post that will never get cleaned out. it’s funny what I saved ,if you noticed the years have taken its toll on it . my kids are creeped  out by it 😦  but I do wonder of all the things I saved why this? the illustrations are horrible I could not still cannot  draw whatsoever. when I think back to all the notebooks I had filled with poems thoughts stories  my diaries  that I wrote why not those…..It puzzles me why this crazy book .hmmm what was I thinking?  well the things we do …there must of been a reason God for bid I will ever know 🙂Screenshot_2016-03-18-08-53-25-1.png